Hook, Line and Sinker

Hook, Line and Sinker

The prophetic and human manipulation are usually close relatives

People like to make others do their will and will often assume the person they are talking to will not do what they want unless persuaded to do so by a higher authority

They may even believe what they want the person to do is what is best for him or her and in the name of “Good intention” will encourage the person to do what they believe is best by hiding under the guise of “God said”, “The Holy Spirit says”, “I had a dream” or “I got a message”

This is one of the reasons many churches disdain The Prophetic

The last election in Nigeria and even the one in the USA before it was littered with all sorts of unfulfilled prophesies

Many prophesied based on sentiments and the prevailing noise of the mob

They gained approval for a short while and trended while those who heard from God got shut down because they were not echoing the sentiment of the crowd

Remember Jeroboam and Ahab preparing for the battle of Ramoth Gilead and calling on prophets to prophesy?

Sometimes the lying spirit comes upon a prophet who has gotten carried away by the entrapments of fame, power and money

Balaam was such a man, so were Gehazi, the Old Prophet in 1 Kings 13, Hananiah in Jeremiah 28 and many others

That a man prophesied accurately yesterday does not mean he cannot speak by the flesh today while expecting you to believe him based on yesterday’s accuracy

The bread of The Presence must always be fresh Exodus 25:30, but many are selling stale and spoilt bread as fresh ones to the gullible

A believer must not disdain prophecy but must subject the spirit behind every word of prophecy to test to ascertain the veracity of such

It doesn't matter who recommended the prophet or what miracle he or she had done before, when such a person presumes to say to you, “This is the Word of the Lord” Listen with your ears but hear with your Spirit. If it is from the Lord you will know, for it will align with what you already have a nudging on and if it does not resonate, don’t hesitate to throw it away

People who are full of the Holy Ghost should beware of being led by prophets.

A true prophet of the New Testament’s primary goal is to bring people to Christ and get them filled with the Holy Spirit

It is the Holy Spirit in them that teaches and guides them into all truth and only through the Holy Spirit can the church test the motive, meaning and intention of any word of prophecy. As a key is to a map, so is the Holy Spirit to prophecy

Without the Holy Spirit you will find yourself a victim of the one who came to you claiming he or she has a message for you from the Lord.

A pastor in Ibadan told a couple God said they were meant for each other in marriage

They started the marriage process with his blessings but then another lady joined the church and told the pastor she is interested in the same brother

The Pastor then called the Brother and said God said he should end his courtship with the initial lady because she has a short lifespan and marry the new lady

That could never happen if the brother was filled with the Holy Spirit and could hear God for himself

The Brother came to me and I asked if he was filled with the Holy Spirit

He said their Pastor is the only one in their church who is filled with the Holy Spirit and He helps all of them see God’s plan and guides them into it!


If you are attending such a church, please leave immediately

Not only is such a practice unscriptural, it has rendered every member impotent and ignorant of the riches available to them as an inheritance in Christ

This so-called Pastor either does not know the gospel or intends to make a slave of believers out of his own insecurity.

In the Spirit of Prophecy, there is no “I” but the Lord. The Lord is the “I”!

The “I” lives in every believer and when the word of God comes to him or her the “I” confirms it or dismisses it. The Holy Spirit is the “I” in you.

So there is no reason for the enlightened to be wary of prophecy

Agabus told Paul not to go to Jerusalem, Paul went to Jerusalem

Everything Agabus said would happen, happened

Paul was guided by prophecy but he made his own choice

That you received a word of prophecy does not take away your free will

If someone came to you saying “God said this”, you can have a confirmation that it is true and still decide you won’t follow that instruction

It may come with consequences but it is still your decision to make

God does not impose his will on anyone and he will not scare anyone into obedience

If a prophet tells you, “Obey me” or face Such and such consequence”, he or she is not from the Lord

A prophet delivers a message that stirs faith, encouragement, hope, peace, righteousness and joy in the heart of God’s people

Even when he or she gives a warning, it is not a yoke; It is a bond of love that leads to correction and alignment of courses for all

There is no greater prophet than a believer full of the Holy Spirit

He or she does not need to run to an outside source for divine direction anymore, for Christ is dwelling in him or her richly

He or she must remain in fellowship, stir the gift of God within and pray fervently in the Holy Ghost consistently

Within a short time, God’s plan shall fully come to pass in his or her life effortlessly

Any believer seeking to live a mundane life, while looking for spiritual shortcuts to make it in life outside of the Holy Spirit will become a victim of vultures who claim to be prophets of God.

I have heard of many and had to deal with the victim of many of such charlatans

You cannot be deceived unless you open yourself to it

A sister was told to drop her bag and count 21 poles and then shout 21 Hallelujah right outside Teslim Balogun Stadium in broad daylight

She did it only to return to that spot and discover her belongings and shoes had been stolen by the prophet.

She fell for it out of ignorance

Such a prophet will see someone like me and run! He wouldn’t even be able to say a word because Christ is being formed in me daily and I am not ignorant of the deep things of the Spirit.

Peter asked us to grow in grace and in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus

Please Grow!

We have held the GSWMI Prophetic Service every Wednesday consistently for over two years now with thousands of mind-blowing testimonies

Many here won’t believe how much I hated prophets and prophecies as a young boy

I was their victim for many years as my mum took me to many for prayers because I was quite stubborn

All they said was, “Don’t go to your father’s house, witches want to kill you, your destiny is under siege, fast for three days and night, come to church and do seven days vigil, sow seed, give painfully…”

At a point, I got tired of it until I came to know the Lord for myself

I then understood why Paul said we should not despise prophecy

My life has been better by understanding forth-telling and foretelling in prophecy

I am a product of Prophecy, with my mouth I speak forth my glorious destiny in Christ daily