The evening service was a blast

Though he expected more people to turn up

About 10 people came

Including the instrumentalists and the choir members

He was not discouraged

There was a time he was the only one in a church service

Several years before

He ministered to the Lord, by himself, through the Holy Spirit

Those days were awesome

Ten people was quite an improvement on that

As he began to teach the Bible study

He remembered what the Holy Spirit told him earlier in the day

“One of my children will come crying, tell him to cry no more”

He had assumed the message was for that evening service

All the faces he saw were aglow and happy

Nobody was crying

They finished the evening service

He went around greeting those who came for the meeting

They are the body of Christ

Born of ineffable love

The pastor walked over to him

He had some comments about the teaching

They chit-chatted for some minutes

The pastor spoke with the church administrator

The pastor spoke with the choir leader

He watched the pastor interacting with the church members

Usually he would have left the church as soon as they closed the service

He was always weary of traffic congestion

But not that evening

He just couldn’t get himself to leave

A few minutes later, the pastor bade him farewell and left

He waved at the pastor and sat down

He didn’t know why he was waiting

He just waited

After a few minutes he stood up

He got to the balcony at the entrance of the church and looked downstairs at the car park

He saw his car, he saw pastor’s car, he saw another car

He heard a patter of footsteps behind him

He turned back

It was the church administrator

“Whose car was that?” he asked the church administrator

The church administrator looked downstairs from the balcony

“Sir, I don’t really recognize that car”

The driver of the car must have been looking at them, he opened the car and shouted “Brother So and So, please come, I came here to see you”

He skipped down the stairs

He didn’t know the person but the person called him by name

When he got downstairs, he saw that the pastor was already in the man’s car

“Please sit at the back-sit sir, said the driver”

He got in the man’s car, the Air conditioning was on

The man’s iPhone had somehow been synced with the car’s stereo system

The pastor said “This is brother so and so, he was is one of our members but he had relocated to Ukraine before you joined us”

He said okay

They shook hands

The man: I know you would be wondering how I got to know your name. I had heard your name from a Nigerian lady who was schooling in Russia last month before I traveled home. When I got to Turkey, I met a friend who also mentioned your name and incidentally he mentioned this church. I told him I didn’t know you but the church he described was my parish in Nigeria. As soon as I arrived two weeks ago, I came to church and I was lucky to see you ministering. You laid hands on me that Sunday! You asked me what was wrong with me and I said I didn’t know yet but it seemed to be related to my kidney! And you prayed with me!

Well, I now know what is wrong with me and it had very little or nothing to do with my kidney!
I developed hypertension some months ago and I was being treated for it and being monitored by my doctor!

I think one of the side effects of the drugs he gave me damaged my bladder

I went for a CT scan today and I was diagnosed of cancer of the bladder

I had placed a call to my physician in Europe, I will be going under the knife in a week

I am afraid!

I have been having this dream persistently and it seemed it is coming to pass now

I don’t want to die”

He started sobbing

Pastor took over and started admonishing the brother

Pastor was seating at the passenger side beside the brother

The brother in Jeans and T-shirt was seated at the seat directly behind the brother

The brother in Jeans and T-shirt remembered what the Holy Spirit told him earlier in the day

He understood why he was told to tell one of God’s children to cry no more and why he felt very reluctant to leave the church!

Pastor told the brother he shouldn’t be afraid, God is in charge! He told the brother God will make the surgery a success and there would be no relapse whatsoever! He encouraged the brother to listen to the word of God and listen to godly soul lifting songs

Pastor prayed

The brother in Jeans and T-shirt prayed

The man asked for the phone number of the brother in Jeans and T-shirt

They exchanged numbers

They parted ways

As the brother in Jeans and T-shirt was driving home

He asked the Holy Spirit what to do

“I have laid hands and I have also prayed for this man but I am not convinced he had been made whole”

"What is going on sir?

What are we doing wrong?"

The Holy Spirit didn’t say a word

When he got home, he sat in his room

He wasn’t praying!

The day had been a long one, he needed to lie down a little

The Holy Spirit said “My word is medicine”

He jumped up and picked up his Bible

He searched until he got to Proverbs 4:20-22

He quickly wrote it down

He called the man

“Sir, are you at home? Have you settled down?”

“Yes” replied the man

“I will like us to read the scriptures together, please get your Bible sir, I will call you in five minutes”

The man called

They started reading the scriptures

They started from Proverbs 4:20-22 and moved to Isaiah 6:1-8, Ezekiel 1:4- End, Rev 4:1-11, Daniel 7:9-10, Isaiah 53, John 1:1-18, John 3:6-8, Mark 5:1-end

It took forty-eight minutes

He read aloud so that his ears could hear

The brother in Jeans and T-shirt told him to say “Father, in the name of Jesus, I come by the power of the Holy Ghost against this affliction, spiritually, physically and materially. I command the cancerous cells in my body to de-materialize, I command the every part of my body that had allowed this growth to reject it now and the cancer to be flushed out of my body in the name of Jesus! I command every damaged nerve, tendon, ligament, blood vessel, bone marrow, bone, organ in my body to be repaired now in Jesus name! I glorify the name of the Lord for this is done! We have come to the throne of Grace to obtain mercy and help! We have come to the river of life to drink and be made whole. My body is responding to the spirit of God in me and yielding its members for the ministration of the Holy Ghost. Thank you, Father. In Jesus name. Amen

They finished praying and rang off

The next evening at 9pm

The man called

They started reading the scriptures

They were supposed to read Psalm 29, Job 38,39,40,41,42, Mark 11, Psalm 121

They had read Psalm 29 and Job 38 and 42

The brother in Jeans and T-shirt suddenly stopped him and said ‘Let us pray”

Say “Father, in the name of Jesus, I have learnt from Job today to forgive everyone who offended me! I forgive wholeheartedly and totally anybody that I have any grudge against. I set them free. Thank you, Father for restoring me! In Jesus name I pray! Amen

Then the Holy spirit said “Tell him to read Psalm 20”

Psalm 20 was not part of the earlier list!

Brother in Jeans and T-shirt told him to read Psalm 20 aloud!

He did

Then the brother in Jeans and T-shirt said “Let me read the Psalm 20 and use it to pray for you”

He did

As soon as he finished reading

The power of the Holy spirit descended

They were about 7 kilometers from each other

They were on a phone call

The power was mighty

The brother started praying fervently, urgently

The brother in Jeans and T-shirt started praying fervently, urgently

Both of them were shouting ‘Thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus”


It was so powerful that they couldn’t continue reading the scriptures

Goosepimples took over the atmosphere

Divine electric shock was everywhere!

The word had become fire

They both knew what had happened!

He had been made whole!


The following night the brother called at 10pm

They read Psalm 136, 117, 100, 139, 42, 56,23,27, 37, 145 and 91

They prayed a prayer of thanksgiving!

One week later, the man got to his hospital in Europe

There was no trace of Hypertension

There was no trace of Cancer

The previous test result he mailed to the hospital was retrieved and studied against the current one

Something mysterious had happened

He had been healed completely!


The man called the brother in Jeans and T-shirt immediately, he said “even if the doctors had seen the cancer, he wouldn’t have gone ahead with the surgery! He knew he had been made whole! He knew it in his bones even before he went to the hospital!"

The man in Jeans and T-shirt asked the Holy Spirit why they had to go through that much prayer for the man to be healed

The Holy Spirit said: He had believed the doctor’s report and had resigned himself to having the surgery. He came to the church because he was afraid of dying. If it wasn’t life threatening, he wouldn’t have come to church! As he read the scriptures, his fear diminished, his doubt faded and his faith rose. That was the moment the spirit of God in him was able to work on his body and remove every trace of cancer and hypertension!

Some people will be like that!

I wanted you to learn how to minister the word for healing and building the faith of my children!


PS: The event happened in 2018

The man is still living free of cancer today

If you are reading this, don’t convince yourself you need to speak with somebody before you use the instruction above!

Get a hold of a Bible, read the scriptures aloud (Don’t study or begin to do comparative analysis), just read for your ears to hear you and pray.

Every strange growth, sickness, affliction, cells, strange objects in your body and the body of your loved ones will melt away! The sun of righteousness shall arise on your behalf with healing in his wings and make you whole in Jesus name!