Who I am in Christ

Growing up, the way heaven/rapture

and hell was preached to me did

numbers on me. There were days

when after hearing such a sermon,

I'd just be crying knowing that

I had little or no chance of making

heaven. There were days that

I would pray and tell God to

quickly kill me so I would make

heaven. I would pray this way

'Lord, please kill me now

that I'm still young,

now that I'm still Holy, kill me

now so I would make heaven.

I doubt that I would make heaven

should rapture take place during

my adulthood'

I would pray this kinda prayer

crying so seriously.


Other times I would say 'God,

why didn't you give me the option

of choosing whether to remain in

heaven or come to this earth?

Why did you send me here

knowing I may not

even make it back to heaven'