Vox pop

Dear Brother Gbenga, thank you for

the huge gift you gave my wife for

her 50th birthday yesterday sir.

God bless you. As you know,

work has not been too stable

and I make barely enough to feed

the family. My children are in the

university and that has been a huge burden for me. I am trusting God to continue to help and I pray you will continue to be strengthened to

support us as you have always done.


My main reason for writing this to

you is my wife. As you know,

she is a fantastic woman and a

wonderful wife and mother but

she is not the biological mother

of my children. The only thing

she asked of me yesterday was

that I make her a mother and

take away her shame of barrenness.

I am writing you to solicit your

support in making this desire of

my wife a reality sir.


She said she will be able to

do the IVF procedure with

about five million Naira budget

Can you pls support us with

this fund sir? I am 57 years old

and this woman has never asked

for anything in the twenty-two years

that she has been with me since

the death of my first wife.

I really want to do this for her.

Thank you sir for always

being a pillar of support






PS: Is this request reasonable?

If Yes, why?

If No, why not?