The Nigerian political space

The Nigerian political space is unhealthy, especially on Twitter. It's like having

to discuss further mathematics with

a three months old baby who is only interested in sucking his fingers and making all sorts of noise just for

the fun of it. I have always loved

healthy arguments but if presenting

a point of view will mean inviting

packs of unwise wolves to hound

and snap at me, I don't think

it is worth it. Foolishness should be allowed to rule itself as long as

the wise can afford to preserve

himself or herself from the consequences of the decisions of a foolish mob.


First off, I was invited to speak

on a Twitter space. I honored the

invitation. I got this question

"Why has Yemi Osibajo not

resigned from Aso Rock if he

really wants to wash himself clean of Buhari's government"

I replied by taking the audience

to the Bible.

God is the one in charge of

governments and the moment he is not with a leader, he or she will begin

to make foolish decisions.

For this reason and for the sake

of the people, God will quickly raise another man to mitigate the effect

of the expected foolish decisions being made by the godless leader.

Nebuchadnezzar was an example

He wanted to kill all his wise men,

Daniel was raised to mitigate the

effect of that foolish decision.

Belshazzar was another example, he decided to use temple items to feast before idols and Daniel was raised to counter that decision!

Saul was another example, As soon

as the spirit of God departed from him, David was raised and thrown into the Palace. As long as David was in the Palace, he countered the foolish decisions of Saul and even became the target of Saul's foolishness.

When David eventually left the Palace, Saul went mad.

He killed the priests of Nob,

He killed the Gibeonites,

He sent the army after David several times, he even wanted to kill Samuel

but when he got to Samuel's house

He was overtaken by the Spirit of prophecy and began to prophesy.

The consequences were dire

famine which led to the death of many Israelites, Philistines was able to gather and declare war again. The voice of God ceased from the priests, Prophets and people to the King until he had

to consult a witch which led to

his death.


On the surface, Osinbajo might be your scapegoat but spiritually he

is where he should be!

And you must see beyond the natural especially if you're a Believer who understands the role wrong counsel

play in governments.

(Ahitophel and Hushai at the court of Absalom are examples)

Without the right counsels, what we call bad now would have been worse.

After my answer, I got this question...

Who are you voting for in the next election

I said "Due to the nature of

my calling I am not voting"

Then they came for me,

saying neutrality is not an option

and I cannot tell them to vote

while I am not setting the same example.


They are like babies who wanted

you to say "Turkey" and when you

refuse to say it, they begin to weep

and make a fuss.

Who I vote for is my personal

decision, isn't it?

Why would I come and make

an open declaration of my choice?

In a game of options, there is

no way my choice won't

Offend or influence some.

It is therefore my business alone.

I got invited to another space

They said the topic is about

"The church and politics"

I knew they were lying so I didn't join

Then they began to bombard me

with calls even after they had

been online for over an hour!

I decided to join and I discovered

they were advocating for one candidate

on the space. Waxing lyrical about

a man they have raised as an

emergency messiah simply because

they felt any other choice would do

but the established ones

I was asked to give a response

I said "What happens when your candidate becomes the president and he sends a budget to the senate but the senate refuses to pass it or they pad it

and insist without their added figures

the budget won't pass.

Since He doesn't have the majority in either the Senate or House of Reps,

what sort of a crippled president

would that be?


Nigerian democracy doesn't encourage

the popularity of one man but expects

that one man to carry the party on his shoulder and deliver a reasonable

number of votes in 2/3 of the states

in the nation

I only stated facts.

They unleashed their dogs on me.

"This Gbenga, is stylishly campaigning for PPP or APD. He is foolish for

saying what he said.

He should be stoned if our candidate gets there first and we will then storm the senate if they don't do his will."

You'd wonder who exchanged their brains for sawdust!

I decided it is better not to

engage them again. Since they come

from the age of agitation and not of

reason. It is either their way or no way.

You cannot disagree with them without provoking them to tears and violence.

What then is the point of reasoning together when your mind's made up

and you cannot be convinced you're

wrong even when it is obvious

that you are.


I have been 20 before, I understand

how idealistic those in that generation

can be. The cure for it was reading

but this generation are social media junkies. They feed off Twitter and Instagram looking for who to

drag, hail, or get entertained by.

We have raised literate but uneducated folks who seem to think their will and wisdom is the cure to all ills.

When I saw the way they hounded

a man of God who was only trying

to show them that entrenching their convictions is better than shouting

on Twitter. I realized I was right.

All they wanted was for everyone

to agree with them.

If you dare not, they would come

for you, Forgetting that we all

can't see things the same way.

I have the right to my opinion just

as you have a right to your opinion.

If I'd change my opinion on

anything, it must be because

you're offering a superior argument

and not calling me names or insulting me.


I thank my God I am not a pastor,

so if you insult me I can reply you

in kind and then block you.

Many won't do that because they are pastors and a certain level of decorum

is expected of them.

If you insult my Father,

I will not vote for your candidate

even if I like him. This is a

fact many of these barkers are

not getting. They will end up

isolating their candidate based on their riotous behavior. Nobody wants people who behave like them to have power!

If they can shut you down when your opinion differs and they are lacking

any real power, guess what they

will do when they can lock you up

or send killers to chop your head

under the guise of treason or whatever!

Being measured and reasonable is wisdom. Canceling people wins you

no election

That is a fact.


Finally, I saw the most popular General Overseer in Nigeria saying "All he owes politicians is prayer and not his vote"

The comments under the short message was funny. Many were cursing him

for not "endorsing" their candidate.

Perhaps we should invest in

thinking caps for this generation.

A generation that prides itself in

stoning men who are forever greater

and better than their fathers!

Perhaps we should let them

have their way and pretend they

have won just so that we can

stop them from plunging headlong

into the lagoon!



• • •