Was she hurt?

Yes, she was

Who wouldn’t be?

Her husband slept with other ladies

He didn’t keep it a secret

He said as long as he didn’t marry her as a virgin, it was right to sleep with whosoever he desired

Sometimes she couldn’t even believe the stuff he said to her

It was as if she somehow must be judged for sleeping with someone else before marrying him

She used to wonder why he married her!

If virginity was such a big deal to him, why didn’t he marry a virgin?

She kept no secret from him when they met

She had learnt from many friends of hers that lying to a man you are virgin when you are not is just plain stupidity

Especially if you plan to marry such a man

If you claim you were a virgin without hymen, he might buy it

But in a relationship, things slip through at unguarded moments

Words were spoken, non-verbal codes were also decoded

She remembered a friend of hers whose boyfriend discovered she was cheating because of a statement she made in a very unguarded moment

Her boyfriend called her on the phone late in the night one day

When she picked the call, she said “So you too can call at such an odd hour”

Her boyfriend didn’t say anything

When she got back home from school, he called the relationship off

She was devastated

He had given her no clue whatsoever

When she probed further, he said he knew she cheated

She didn’t know how he knew and she didn’t want to lie and then find herself confronted by incontrovertible evidence

She admitted it and told him the fling she had was for a brief period and she had called it off

He said he knew it immediately she said “You too can call at such a odd hour”

If there is no ‘one’, there can never be a ‘too’ in a statement

Her friend’s boyfriend walked away

Even though she cried and begged

He didn’t forgive her

She learnt a great deal from that episode

She was at the time dating her secondary school heartthrob

Neither of them expected her boyfriend’s father to relocate abroad with his family

That was how she became a long-distance girlfriend

The long-distance thing lasted for only a few months

She was eventually forgotten

And she had to admit to herself that it was over

She met her husband three years later

They met at the reception of one of the telecommunications companies

A government policy prompted the company to disconnect many mobile lines

Her line was affected

She went to fill some forms to rectify the problem

He was seated right next to her

The crowd was teeming

She went with a novel to keep her company

He was determined a novel wouldn’t upstage him

He got her attention and they chatted for hours

Eventually they exchanged numbers

She had purposed in her heart before then that she would rather remain single than do another trial by error relationship

Body count may not matter to some

It mattered a lot to her

He proposed to her and she married him

The marriage was very good until she got pregnant and travelled abroad to deliver the baby

She spent a total of five months abroad

By the time she returned home, he had discovered the code to unlocking strange legs

At first, she thought it was a fleeting thing

Until he started taking pictures and shooting videos of himself with other girls and sending such to her in order to make her jealous

Whenever she protested, he would say “I didn’t marry you a virgin! If other men had taken exploratory trips down my own Jupiter, I have a right to take exploratory trips down other planets too!

She couldn’t understand it

It was so childish!

And yet he persisted!

She waited for him to get over his childish and petulant behavior

He didn’t!

One day she went to see her parents for the weekend and returned home to meet a lady in her flat

The lady had obviously spent the night on her matrimonial bed

As soon as she walked in

The lady jumped to her feet

Of course, the lady knew who she was

Her wedding picture was all over the wall

She didn’t say a word

She walked into her room and found her husband dressing

She shrugged it off

He started laughing

She couldn’t stomach it anymore

She walked into the kitchen, picked a broom, returned to the sitting room

The lady had relaxed after she walked in and didn’t see her coming

She pounced on the lady like a chimpanzee

The lady tried to run and collided with one of the stools in the sitting room

She fell down and hit her head clumsily against the centre table

She missed serious injury or death by a whisker

By the time her husband came out of the room

He met his girlfriend with a broken jaw

They had to get an ambulance to get the lady to the hospital

Her husband didn’t have time to be angry with her

He threatened her with bodily harm for what she did

She went to her children’s school that afternoon and took them to her parent’s house

She also went to his house and packed her load

Enough was enough!

She realized she could have ended up a murderess that day or at least get a manslaughter charge against her

All because she fell for the childish tantrum of her husband

She could have been sentenced to jail for a long time for reacting the way she did

She couldn’t risk ending up behind bars because she married a child!

It was time to call it quits!

When her husband got home, he didn’t see her

He called her phone over and over

She refused to pick

He came to her parent’s house the next day

He was sober and all apologetic

She told him she didn’t want the marriage again

He begged and pleaded

She stood her ground!

She had been verbally, psychologically and emotionally traumatized enough

She would rather be single and free than married and behind bars

Her husband thought she was bluffing at first

Her lawyer served him the divorce papers a month later

He panicked!

He didn’t know she would ever go that far

He tried to approach her and discuss the issue to no avail

Eventually she got another notice from the Alternative Resolution Department of the state

They talked about his visitation rights and alimony payments

He waited for all the lawyers to do their thing

He begged to spend five minutes alone with her

The crowd left

Jesus was left with Jairus daughter

He: I have become born again, I met Christ at a meeting I went to on the 3oth of November 2018. After the vigil, I spoke with the brother who ministered to us and I told him about our challenge and how I messed up. He said I should tell you all things have become new”

I am sorry. Please I will like you to know that all things have become new

She: Are you telling me you have become a born-again Christian for real?

He: I am equally filled with the Holy Spirit, during the meeting, the brother invited those who want to pray in the spirit to the altar and we all spoke in the Holy Ghost!

She: Hmm

He: I am not joking! I have been sending you some of the brother’s writings on your “Whatsapp”

She: I read them

He: I am sorry, love, please forgive me! Give us a chance

She: You know I don’t believe in that born-again crap, if you refuse to change yourself, no power can come from anywhere to change you

He: Please meet with him and see for yourself

She: Who?

He: The brother in Jeans and T-shirt

She: Wow! Ok


Sunday December 2, 2018

She met the brother in Jeans and T-shirt

They talked

She got baptized in the Holy Spirit

Then she gave her life to Christ

The next day she met with her husband

They went to see a movie together

They talked

They kissed

Like play, like play

She slept on her matrimonial bed

It was different

He was different

The next day, she moved back home with her children