Her undoing always came in form of a dream

At first she embraced her dreams

She would proudly tell anybody who cared to listen how accurate her dreams were

Ever since she was in primary school

Whenever her family members were up for a big disappointment

She was always the first to see it in a dream and the first to break the news to the family

She was the one who saw the motor accident that kept their eldest sister in the hospital for over a year

She was the one who saw their Father’s sack months before it happened

She was the one who saw one of their uncles being kidnapped

She was the one who saw one of their neighbour’s children being bitten by a snake

She was the one who saw that their cousin impregnated a girl and the girl died in the process of terminating the pregnancy

She wore her gift of dreaming like a badge of honour

When she failed her MBBS examination while in 300 Level

She saw her failure plainly about three months before she wrote the examination

One day her immediate younger brother told her bluntly

“Nothing good comes out of your dreams

Please don’t you dare dream about me or anybody for that matter in this family!"

She didn’t understand where the venom came from

She had a dream about him being involved in an accident

He was about to leave for school to write his examinations

She rushed to his room to caution him against travelling

She was so sure of what she saw

He wouldn’t survive if he travelled

He didn’t even allow her to say the words

As soon as he saw the panicked look on her face

He shut her down!

She didn’t believe it

She had over the years proven that her dreams were always dead on!

Many of her family members took her dreams very seriously

Even her younger brother used to take her dreams as gospel

What had come over him?

She ran to their mother

“Mummy, Mummy, mummy!”

She told her mother what she saw

Her mother panicked and ran down the stairs to her brother’s room

Her brother just laughed

Her brother told their mother in her presence that her dreams were demonic and not from God

Though he didn’t use the words, he practically called her a witch!

She couldn’t believe it

For how long had her own brother been harbouring such a deep level of resentment against her!

Her brother told his mother that he had become born again and now knew the truth

With his own mouth he had been empowered to redeem all days and not live under the bondage of any necromancer or dream caster

“I am leaving for school in an hour Mum, I will call you two hours later to announce that I have arrived in school safely, I will write my examinations without any incident and return home in three weeks for my break. I assure you Mum, I am no longer a slave to demonic dreams!”

She stopped protesting that very minute

“Her good intentions had practically been turned to evil, it would be stated clearly in the annals of history that she tried to deliver him from untimely death!”

Her brother left for school

She waited in vain for the news of his death or of any accident for that matter!

He called in two hours as he said and wrote his examinations without any hitch!

She didn’t believe it

She was 23 years old and had been having prophetic dreams since she was seven years old

Her brother was the first person ever to defy her dreams successfully

When her brother returned home after the break, she went to meet him

She wanted to know how he did it!

She had fallen victim of her own dreams so many times

Whenever she wanted to achieve anything of value

Her worst fear was her dream

It was her dream that had prevented her from having a relationship

She had a dream when she was 19 that she had a boyfriend and he died on her 21st birthday

Though she had some guys hovering around trying to befriend her at the time

She feared she would practically be issuing a death sentence on anybody she decided to go out with

When she clocked 21 and gained admission into the university to study medicine

She dreamt that she failed her MBBS examination because she was distracted over a boyfriend

She refrained from having a relationship because of the dream and yet she failed the examination

She wanted to be free!

Like her brother

When she told her brother what she wanted, he told her about his friend on campus

A Christian brother who understood the gospel and walked in the light of its reality everyday

Her brother said the brother in Jeans and T-Shirt can help her

She eagerly waited for the following Sunday to arrive

They went to see the brother in Jeans and T-shirt

He met with them after service and listened to her

He told her to stand up

He lifted his hands to the heavens

He prayed in the Holy Ghost

He laid his hands on her head

Something happened immediately!

She heard the sound of a roller shutter in her ears

It caused her so much discomfort!

She screamed!

Her ears suddenly became very hot!

She started scratching them

Then he blew some air into her ears

She fell backwards into the arms of an usher!

Few minutes later she was fine

He told her to sit down and explained to her about dreams and their sources

Not all dreams are from the Holy Spirit!

“Are you Born Again?” He asked her

She shook her head

“Your dreams are definitely not from God!”

She couldn’t believe it

Her dreams were so accurate and she was not a witch!

The brother in Jeans and T-shirt: You have a gift. Your human spirit has the ability to see into the future and predict certain events but your dreams can easily be manipulated by the evil one because you are not in the light!

Everywhere but the light was his territory!

She understood what he was saying, she didn’t know how but her antagonistic attitude towards him which she had abhorred from home suddenly softened

She: I will like to become Born Again now

The Brother in Jeans and T-Shirt told her about Jesus and the completed works of Christ on the cross, he told her about sin and its ultimate defeat on the cross, he told her about the life believers all over the world have access to through the resurrection power of Jesus!

She screamed in excitement!


She can actually become like Jesus in this world!


She concfessed Jesus as her Lord and savior and became a believer

The brother in jeans and T-shirt told her dreams are suggestions of realities!

“It is not a must for every dream to come true! Believers have a right to accept the reality that tallies with their faith! If you dream an impending disaster, a believer has the power to say No! to such a dream and change it with the words of his mouth! A believer has been endowed with the right to choose which reality he or she wanted through the Holy Spirit and walk with it without fear of any repercussion”

She: Sir, are you saying dreams are irrelevant to the reality of every believer!

Brother in Jeans and T-shirt: Yes! A believer can say No! to any dream or prophecy and he or she can also say yes! No believer can be boxed into a corner by a dream or prophecy!

Life and death are in the power of the tongue of every believer!

Just as God framed the world by the word of His power, every believer have a right to frame their realities by the word of the power of God in their mouth!

For a believer there is nothing like fate! Every believer writes his or her own fate and destiny by the word of his or her mouth!

She was shocked!


The brother in Jeans and T-shirt asked her if she would like to be filled with the Holy Spirit, she said yes!

Brother in Jeans and T-shirt: The moment you gave your life to Christ, you were filled with the Holy Spirit! Your covenant right as a Child of God became yours by default. Speaking in tongues is easier than most believers who don’t speak in tongues claim it to be!

He told her to stand up and looked into her eyes!

He said “Speak in tongues now!”

She looked at him and suddenly started speaking in tongues!

She didn’t believe it!

Within minutes she was crying!

The language of heaven gushed out of her

Glory be to God!

She went home that day full of joy!

She couldn’t explain it but she felt light, happy and euphoric!

For almost a year after that day, she slept restfully without having any dream!

When she told the brother in Jeans and T-shirt about the lack of a dream, he asked her if she would like to start dreaming again! She said yes and he told her to speak to the Holy Spirit about it

She did

Days after she spoke to the Holy Spirit she started dreaming again but her dreams were no longer ominous!

She started having glorious dreams!

Once in a while she would have a bad dream! But she had learnt to wake up, laugh such a dream off and sleep again as if she never had any dream!

Sometimes, if the dream was very frightening, she would wake up, pray and ask the Holy Spirit to bring her the best alternative to the dream and sure enough the Holy Spirit would do so

Everything turned around

She was no longer bound by the realities of her dreams

She spoke her realities into being by the word of God in her mouth

She passed her MBBS the following year, and became a doctor at the age of 28

She got married two years later

All her negative dreams faded away

She established her life realities by the word of God in her mouth!


PS: This event happened in 2008

She is married with two children

Her husband is also a medical doctor

They live in Asaba, Delta State