Wishful Thinking

Wishful Thinking

Wishful thinking


The look was unmistakable

A lady putting herself out there

She kept looking at him

He felt her gaze deep within his core

Whenever he returned the look, she would hold the look for a few seconds and then look away

He would also avert his gaze

Until he felt the gaze on him again

He understood totally

The world was now a strange place

Ladies aggressively seek for husbands the way husbands used to seek for wives

Sometimes, just like the guys

The lady wasn’t really seeking for a husband

She just wanted to have sex and move on

A one-night thing!

The problem was the lady was wearing a red sleeveless blouse

He could see the outlines of her breasts from where he was seating

The sight was oddly very encouraging

She approached him eventually

She: Hi, my name is so and so, I am the manager of this restaurant is there anything I can help you with?

He: Hi, can I use your charger to charge my phone

She: Oh! That must be why you have not bothered to ask for my number

He: Why did you say that?

She: I saw you looking at me on and off for the last 30 minutes, I was convinced you were interested in saying hello but something was holding you back, that was why I decided to take the bull by the horn

He: Wow! All I saw was a beautiful woman! There is no law against ogling, is there?

She: Oh! Ogling? What is that?

He laughed

He: So, what is your name?

She told him her name

She was by no means a loose girl

She was 31 years old

She had never ever had a guy say hello to her

She had prayed

She had fasted

She had waited for donkey years

She told the Holy Spirit her intention for that week

She said: I will talk to potentials this week!

I will do it because I am tired of waiting endlessly to be found

I am not saying I will jump into anybody’s arms

All I am saying is, if I put myself out there, out of the shadows

Perhaps somebody will talk about me and someone else will listen

I am tired of being in the shadows

She forgot all about the conversation as soon as she got to work

There was so much to do

Until he walked into the restaurant

She just couldn’t keep her eyes off him

The funny thing was, he was the opposite of the specifications she had in mind

She had always desired a dark-skinned guy

Tall, extroverted, easy on the eyes and charming

Someone she can boast of and be proud of

But this guy…

She took his phone

She had a charger

She was on duty, so they couldn’t talk much

While charging his phone, she did the unthinkable

His phone was not locked

She scrolled through his contact

She looked for “My wife, wifey, babe, baby, love, BAE etc”

She couldn’t find anything relating to that

She inputted her phone number in his phone as “so and so, such and such restaurant” and saved it on his contact list

She rested

It seemed he was unattached

She couldn’t be sure but he wasn’t wearing a ring and he looked young enough

One hour later he left the restaurant

His phone was fully charged

She closed from work

She called him as soon as she got home

She picked

They talked for a while

They agreed to meet

She naturally wouldn’t have gone along with it

But she was bored and she had never been in the game

Whether it would hurt or make her whole eventually

She believed she should at least try!

They met at the mall

He was dressed to impress her

It turned her on

She knew how he dressed the day she met him in their restaurant

He was wearing a pair of carton colored trousers and a shirt

But on that “Date” he was wearing a pair of Chelsea boot, jeans white inner shirt and a black jacket

He looked like a groom

Or a soon to be groom

She was extremely impressed

Finally, at 31, a guy took the time to dress up to impress her!

He took her to an ice cream joint

They enjoyed the sensational trip together

He asked her about her previous relationships

She told him the truth

She had never had any notable relationship

She looked intently at his face as she spoke

She was used to a look of disbelief or horror from others whom she told the same truth

But not him

He seemed to assume it is normal for a 31 years old lady to remain a virgin, not out of will or self-discipline but due to circumstances!

That evening, he took her to his house

He didn’t ask if she would like to come with him

He looked at the time, it was 5pm and he said, please can you come with me to my crib?

Without giving her much time to say yes or no, he paid and they were on their way

They got to the crib

It was a new building

He told her he just rented it and was supposed to move in fully within the next week

She was impressed

He was a complete gentleman

He had a scrabble board in the house

They sat down and played together

By 7pm she told him she wanted to leave

They stood up to go

He walked directly towards her

With a look of “Don’t tell me no” on his face

She looked down!

She was nervous and uncomfortable looking right into his face with such a ferocious expectancy

He lifted her chin with his left hand and kissed her right on the lips

Oh God!

It was her first kiss ever

At the age of 31

With a guy she would most likely marry

The kiss lasted forever minus a few seconds

She was embarrassed that she took to kissing him like a duck on water

She returned the kiss shamelessly

He looked into her eyes and kissed her again

This time she knew he had played his penalty right into the net

Her knees and every cell in her body agreed with him

Her resistance and will deserted her

She just became a jelly

He noticed her total surrender

He pressed home his advantage

His hand unbuttoned her zipper at the back

She was wearing a body suit

She pulled it off

Unhooked her bra

And got to work


She was in uncharted territory

She was practically begging for it

She was also not willing to have it

But the sense talking in her head had become dumb and deaf

The senses tingled at his touch

It was just too good

Just too wonderful

She was naked before him


As if it was his right to have her so!

He tethered on her left nipple

She saw the heavens open directly

She saw angels ascending and descending

She saw the host of heaven singing Hallelujah

She was flabbergasted

Oh God!

He gave her head!

Who is this guy?

Why would he be torturing her like this?

She was at that point ready

Her day of sexual liberation had come

He inserted his finger into her

Her hymen pushed back

He paused

He: Are you a virgin?

She: Yes! I thought I told you so

He: Please wear your clothes, I am sorry

She: Please don’t apologize, I enjoyed every bit of it. I can’t lie!

He: I was told there were no virgin ladies in Lagos

She: Whoever told you that is a liar! There are many virgins in Lagos!

He: Well, I know for sure I am looking at one

She: So, what happens now? Are you going to dump me?

He: Why would you say something like that?

She: I am sorry. I don’t know what you were thinking?

He: How about you give me some credit for being responsible and think like “He wants to marry me”

She: If I think that, I would be working based on assumption. Assumptions hurt people!

He: I understand!

They continued to see each other every other weekend but he seldom unleashed the dragon again

Sometimes they would do some kissing and necking at the back seat of his car

She was the one who desired more

He was the one who exercised caution

He proposed soon afterwards

She said yes!

One year later they got married!

The marriage is 4 years strong and they have two children


Ps: the mad man of Gadarene saw Jesus and ran towards him looking for help

Jairus came looking for a touch of Jesus on his daughter

The woman with the issue of blood said “If I might touch the edge of his garment, I shall be made whole”

Sometimes we have this moment with the Holy Spirit when it seemed as if we were talking to the air

But then the Holy Spirit took that moment seriously and worked with it

A wish becomes a reality just like that

I pray for you! In 2019, your marital destiny shall be settled!

You will not be too preoccupied to notice the Holy Spirit at work

You will not insist on your own way or knowledge whenever he offers his best to you

Your home will be built on the solid rock