For most of my life I had tremendous anger, 
bitterness, resentment and I’m sure a touch of 
hatred for my father.
Long story short - about 1 1/2 years ago, 
one simple question freed me from all of that - 
that question was “did your father 
ever call you son?” As I heard the question it 
seemed like my entire life 
with him was flashed in front of me and every 
single time he had called me 
son I remembered.
Something incredibly powerful happened .. 
I instantly realized that this man - the only man - 
found value in me to 
call me son. Immediately, 
all of the anger, malice, 
bitterness, unforgiveness, hatred and 
every negative thought and 
feeling went away. An incredible love-filled
 its place as I finally realized that 
whatever his issues were in life - he had no
 issue calling me his son - he had 
always and only called me his son
 (never did he call me his wife’s boy or 
his step son)
Although this post is a short version I still 
tear up when I think of him and how 
he saw value in me.. 
oh and one more amazing thing happened .. 
all of the angry memories started fading away 
which to my surprise opened room for so many 
loving memories I had with 
him to take the place of the bad ones.
For much as you can, I encourage you,
 I implore to completely let go of the anger malice, 
bitterness or any negative 
feelings you may have towards someone else.
It helps us so much to do this if we are able 
to focus on any good that we remember
 about them.. and if perhaps 
we can’t do that - then try to focus on the 
thought that somewhere in that 
person there is good.
I really love my dad.. and I wish he were here for 
me to tell him that, I would embrace him, 
kiss him and cry on his shoulder 
like a 5 year old little boy.. 
I wouldn’t care if he 
was still drunk or high or 
whatever.. I’d want him to know that I appreciate 
that he found value in me 
and finally I can see the value in him. - (Anonymous Contrributor)

From Above!

They both attend the same church, she fell in 
love with him! He fell in love with her! 
They started talking about getting married!
Their parents were also of the same church. 
He took her home and introduced her to his parents! 
They were warm and welcoming. 
He was very happy
Later that night, his parents called him 
into their room!
"You cannot marry that girl" they said
"Why" he asked
"She is Igbo" they said
It didn't make any sense!
He told them so!
They unleashed mayhem!
"She has bewitched you"
"Igbo women are all about the money"
"You dare not''
When she got home, her parents got on her case
"See, this your play with this Yoruba boy needs 
to end! They are traitors to the cause of the 
Igbo people, betrayers, Judases! 
You will get no blessing from us if you insist 
on marrying him!
We don't want to be associated with them!
In the church!
Parents who claimed to have known the 
Lord for over 20 years, citizens of the Zion 
above! Still hung up on tribe 
and petty sentiments!
The reality of the new life is not in them
It had always been a sham
Mere religion!
It was all about the flesh
All about self!
The couple came to me and I told them 
what to do!
We wrote out clearly what it means to be a 
Christian from the Bible
We asked for a meeting with their 
church pastor
We sat down
Both families spoke
Politely and falsely
They denied it was because of tribe
Both claimed they prayed
And God told them the marriage would 
not work
Their children were crestfallen
We had prepared a defence against 
tribal sentiment
But they were foxes and invoked the popular 
"God said" caveat
So I looked at them and said "My name is GSW, 
I am a spiritual mentor to your children
I taught them how to walk in the supernatural 
and I also walk in the supernatural
According to the book of Jeremiah, anyone 
who says "God said" in front of a Prophet of 
God to contradict the true 
prophet and subvert the will of God will die 
within a year (Jeremiah 28)
I am a Prophet of God and so are your 
Should I pronounce that this judgment
be activated here?
That anyone who didn't hear from God among 
us but has so claimed should be judged as 
Prophet Hananiah was judged?!"
Pin drop silence!
I sat down and smiled
"Pastor please give us a date for this citizens 
of Zion to start their marriage counseling 
The pastor did
Both parents kept silent
Somehow they accepted the verdict
The marriage happened
God prospered the new home
The couple acted as Ambassadors of 
Christ indeed
Six years and three children later
The Father of the groom clocked 70
He talked about his life and his Christian walk
Then he talked about that day and How 
glad he was that a 33 year old brother in 
Jeans and T-shirt intervened and 
opened their eyes to their bias!
He was grateful
In Zion there is no tribe!
We all belong to Christ.
I have heard many young Christians say
 "My parents will kill me if I bring a spouse from 
another tribe home as my intended"
Such a statement betrays the ignorance of 
the parents about who a Christian is!
We are from ABOVE

This event happened in 2013 (Ejigb0, Lagos)