Graves and Waves

Graves and Waves


When scarf-wearing as piety invaded churches
It was a revival
When TV sets were thrown away to make heaven
It was a revival
When every believer was going for deliverance
It was a revival
When Fall "down" and die became a mantra 
in several churches
It was a revival
When anointing oil was made the Holy Spirit
It was a revival
When motivational speaking was the sermon 
in many churches
It was a revival
When $ for blessing became the norm in 
many programs with invited ministers taking a 
huge toll on such donations
It was a revival
When folks started reading their bibles and 
asking questions
It's a rebellion, Nicolatians , Demas, Judas, 
Ananias and Saphira generation
Why are African elders/leaders afraid of questions ???
Why do they suddenly become offended when 
asked to account for what they do
It's a very bad omen and culture
To have it dominate a church purchased by Jesus' 
blood is terribly bad!
Jesus is Lord
Pastor Segun Onayinka


Sometime ago after teaching in a bible school, 
one of the students, a man who was well 
advanced in age made an 
observation that instructed me greatly and 
hasn't left me since. 
I had taught them the gospel and the character 
of God from scriptures and it all 
appeared strange and new to many of them, 
but this man made a regrettable admission. 
He said he had first heard these things 
in the 90s and he was very persuaded of them. 
But that over the years, he began hearing other 
contradictory things and it all began to slip away 
until he lost grip of those truths. 
And now, it's as though he has never heard those 
things before.
I put that observation in my bag and went home 
with it so it can serve as a constant reminder 
to me too...
that should I stop hearing and paying attention 
to these things that I have now 
known to be the truth, many years down the 
line, I would lose total grip
 of them and start upholding contradictory things.
The knowledge of truth is like that girl you are 
in love with who travels out and you guys no 
longer talk and relate with another. 
You will soon start slipping away and another 
girl will fill your heart. 
The rule is simple: persuasion feeds on attention!!
Paul in his letter to Timothy had to again remind 
him of the basic facts of the gospel...
it's to ensure that Timothy's grip on 
it is still very firm in the midst of a torrent of
 false teachings. 
You'd soon stop believing as true whatever 
you stop hearing.
The only way to stay steadfast is to keep hearing the truth. 
That's how to guarantee that decades from now, 
your persuasion would have only waxed stronger.
If you are going to school, relocating, getting a new job 
elsewhere, etc top of your priority list must be a gathering 
of believers where you can consistently hear the truth. 
It shows you are serious about your life.


That marvelous thing called praying in the Spirit
A vehicle of edification as well as an 
avenue of clearity
A tool for surmounting both seen and unseen
 obstacles and a channel of divine wisdom
Through it the gap between what we know and 
don't know is successfully bridged
Even circumstances that may not appear 
favourable are used to work out God's goodness
By it we stay victorious in thought and deed 
immovable in the father's will!

You see these phrases 
"I don't wanna offend anyone "
"..let's just leave things the way they are"..
In most cases (I'm not generalizing, I hope you saw "MOST")
it has successfully produced weak and hypocritical 
people who are scared of correcting their bro/sis for their 
wrongs or their way of living..
Some are even afraid to disagree with certain 
theories their friends uphold which aren't accurate..
So they just shine false teeth
This how falsehood and hypocrisy starts in friendship...
Truth and corrections are very essential in friendship..
Else, it all ends in "pretense" that doesn't last long..
I hope we know??
Please detach yourself from 'friends' who can't 
look you in the eye (not literally) and tell you the 
truth, correct you, or 
who has never even disagreed with you...
They're toxic!
and please!
Stop resisting truth and correction as well!
It's not every day one gets to see a friend who will 
be honest and sincere with you irrespective of how 
you may feel ...