Nigerian “angry” youths should please have a meeting and find a more constructive way to vent their anger.

I am happy you got PVCs and kept the energy going with marches and sensitizations but I ask that you please reconsider infringing on the rights of other Nigerians in the name of being angry. You must do better than the ones that were ahead of you.

Some of you quote the antics of the current government eight years ago and claim you are only paying the agitators at the time back in their own coin; you can do better than they did.

The ideology of if they go low, we will go lower is not good for any society.  We are not to become more evil in order to defeat evil. We are to defeat evil with good.

According to the Bible, defeating evil with good is not as difficult as we think it is. A better Nigeria cannot be laid on a foundation of anger, lawlessness and infringement on the right of others. Remember that the evil you justify today will ensnare you tomorrow.

I was crying like this on Twitter a few months ago when the youths were said to have staged one protest; only a few listened. Till tomorrow, claims and counter claims are still being made with all sorts of convoluted lies being told by both sides. Learn from that.

We must esteem others better than ourselves, especially those of us who belong to the Christian faith. Nigeria is not eternal life; we have a right to make it better but our true kingdom is not of this world.

While we are here, we will conduct ourselves as ambassadors of Christ by registering to vote, voting and making sure our votes count.

We will not attack others for their beliefs, religions and choice of candidate or even for pretending to be what they are not.

We will not take law into our hands or act like children of the Night; we will conduct ourselves in a manner worthy of the Lord always and as we do this, we will prosper and continue to be in good health in Jesus’ name. Amen.