So, I got a message from an elderly pastor's wife who was worried that her husband was depressed.

He had been sick for a while and had been placed on bed rest. Suddenly, early this morning, the madam called me to say her husband had taken a turn for the worse.

I had seen her earlier messages while I was in the UK but somehow forgot to attend to it. It was 1AM at the time.

I went into the Garden, and found myself standing before this man and his wife in their bedroom. Guess what? Both of them saw me. The wife fainted or was slain in the spirit immediately.

The husband however opened his eyes and began to smile. I began to speak in tongues as I laid my hand on him; then I took his hand and lifted him to his feet.

I led him to his sitting room and prepared Corn Flakes for him, He ate while I prayed.

When he was done, his eyes got bright and he told me something he did years ago that he was afraid to share with his wife, yet didn't want to go to his grave with.

He said he was scared it would break his wife's heart and make her sick or die if he told her that he fathered the child of her younger sister who is a single mother.

The lady had a baby at 32 and that was his child. He said the sex was consensual and so was the conception. He wasn't born again at the time this happened and his mother-in-law went to talk to an oracle about his wife's younger sister's marital destiny. It was the oracle that said the girl would never get married or have a child because she was the reincarnation of a family member who died childless, etcetera.

His mother-in-law asked for a solution, and the oracle said if the lady has an older or younger sister who is married, only the husband of that married one could impregnate her and it must be by mutual consent and agreement.

Thus, the mother-in-law, now late, called him and explained to him in tears that she needed his help.

His sister-in-law also told him she had made arrangements to relocate and she would sort herself out after conception.

He agreed. The sex rendezvous lasted for a year. She got pregnant and travelled to the UK. This was 22 years ago. The baby is now a grown man in the UK army, doing quite well. He hasn’t seen or met with him and his mother physically over the course of this time.

His own children had also grown up and gotten married but this secret was eating him up He didn't know what to do. Then he fell ill and the sickness refused to go away. He was always tired and was getting thinner and thinner day by day.

Doctors couldn't diagnose whatever it was that was the problem and he was just tired. That was at the point he was placed on bed rest and the doctor started whispering to the wife that it might be the end.

I hugged him and told him he was forgiven. I went to where his wife was and laid my hand on her head as I prayed. Then I came out of the vision.

A few minutes ago, I got a call from the pastor. He told me everything just as he did in the vision and how I intervened.

He said, "My only son, thank you for healing my home and my body. My wife somehow woke up knowing the truth. I don't know how you did it but she knows it and said God told her not to make any issue of it with me, that I had been forgiven. We have made arrangements to meet the boy and his mother next month.  God bless you, my son. I saw you in a vision, it was so real; as if you were here...Or were you here?”



PS: This is a supernatural experience, for my fellow members of the saints in light. So, no comment is allowed. Just read and if you don't get it, leave it.