BIRD'S EYE VIEW ON Mission Fields of Pneuma World Outreach

BIRD'S EYE VIEW ON Mission Fields of Pneuma World Outreach



It was a most interesting and eye opening experience for me, visiting majorly, the Mission Fields of the  Uji Community in Benue State, and New Kwete in the Obanliku Local Government Area of Cross River State, and their environs.

One thing that strikes you as you arrive the terrain is the topography. Looming over you in full view, are the famous Obudu Mountains which immediately warns you of the rocky roads and paths leading to your actual destination, the small village communities with zero civilization, that is no transport services, no water, no markets, no schools, no electricity, and certainly no network ; no security (the people serve as security and defence for themselves, much like ancient times as we know it), no shops, you can pretty much say "no convenience' whatsoever. Pastor Lamide tells a story of how he was offered murky water in a bowl, on his first visit to the region. He, thinking it was for washing his feet, making to do just that, saw from the corner of his eye how his tour guide took the bowl in both hands and proceeded to drink it, with thanks too. He quickly adjusted and did same, swallowing hard the whole content, grateful he had not offended the people by deeming the water they drink unfit and washing his feet with it. That apparently would have upset them much and probably jeopardized the work he came to do.

The settlements in Uji for instance are unclustered. To access these areas, you'll have to hire a motor bike at exhorbitant rates, as neither cars nor bicycles can manoeuvre the rough topography; even for motor bikes, flat tyres are still a frequent occurrence to prepare for.

Hoping from these reports, to prepare the visitors to the region henceforth, to be better prepared, riding on other people's first hand experience. Hoping their own visits will be more effective, better targeted, and generally more strategic..... 

  • Uji School

Sitting with the church on 13 plots of land. 75 unschooled pupils in attendance(considering the staggering statistics of unschooled children in Nigeria. We now begin to understand where some of that data is coming from).

On same piece of land, a thatch roofed 50 sitter church has been built, recording a steady growth. Presently 30 regular members being discipled in christian living. No church st all within in the area save the Catholic church that has registered it's presence there, about 300metrea away. Most inhabitants are still idolaters. Hardly any visitors in the area, nor ecomic activity to bring them. They are all subsistent farmers. Those of them who export their produce, have to themselves transport them to neighbouring markets in order to sell them.

Thus their need for a mini community market also, to sit on the same 13 plot piece of land, as both the church, and the school.

Most of the village houses are built in thatch roofed mud brick huts.

To adopt the same style, as seen in a number of Indian community school projects whose areas use same building materials as Uji, in order to ensure sustainability, and minimum cost, the 50 sitter Church has been provided.

The mud brick round it is yet to be erected though, in readiness for the soon coming rains. Local drums have also been provided the church, to accompany their beautiful praise and worship in their local dialect.

A new drinking well (2nd in the entire village) has just been dug for the community by Pneuma World Outreach also, on the same 13 plot piece of land. Prior to now, their major source of drinking water has been the streams, and the only well available to them was scarcely enough to serve them.

The village is therefore overjoyed, awed even, to have this miracle happen for them in such a short time period. Serves a dual purpose to provide much needed water to  the community, church, and the School.

A thatch roof parsonage has also been built for the Church Pastor who presently doubles as the School Administrator, brought in from a neighbouring village.

The Pastor, Christopher is evidently gifted in Administration though not with any particular training in Education. He has a Secondary Education and a handful of cogent work experience, both in Church matters, and certain organizational concerns.

Other teachers for the school(3 presently and looking to employ more), are NCE trained.

The School has presently, one 50 seater aluminium roofed structure( not thatch) where the children all sit to receive their clssses for now. The plan is to wall it round using mud bricks, in time for the coming rains.

Aside this structure, is a 10 seater thatch roof beside it, that serves as another classroom, yet to be walled round also, before the rains.

Matters Arising;

Due to hunger, not having eaten breakfast since their parents traditionally leave for the farms before dawn, the pupils are usually dismissed complaining of hunger, at 12:30pm.This isn't good enough.

We therefore propose;

That a scheme be started where the children can get 1 or 2 simple meals of cornmeal porridge at least, each day just so they can be made to stay longer in school.

Also we propose for the school, a playground made out of locally available resources, international models of which we have seen in poor Indian regions with similar topography.

This playground alongside the football pitch, will serve both for necessary physical education, and as a Reward incentive for coming to school and 'staying' through till the proposed 3pm closing hours.

This way, pupils will learn effetively, in an environment they love and are proud to be part of.

Not to speak of the effect on other unschooled children who may want to join their peers in enrolling at the School.

We also propose building more classrooms in the mud hut style, each with room enough to sit 20 pupils.

Something akin to what we have in the picture following, but wider;

  • The Ministers' Trainings at New Kwete

Pastor Lamide, pioneer and Director of Pneuma World Outreach, trained Missionaries and rural Pastors in Doctrine and Conduct  for 2 days. It was most enlightening and insightful even for me as a first time visitor to the Mission fields.

They were taught to be bold in presenting the gospel, and not feel themselves inferior to any pastor anywhere; the gospel is one and the same, empowers and saves one as the other, if you only believe and apply it for yourself.

Rich curriculum that evidently has taken time and experience to put together.


~ He totally disabused their minds of "the Missionary complex" as though the Missionary was sworn to a sacrifice of penury and lack of excellence.

All promises in the Bible are for everyone, everywhere; salvation, prosperity, healing, deliverance, everything.

And with that same boldness, they are to disciple the members of their churche; to be proud of their calling and hold it in high regard; a labourer is worthy of his wages and the Lord Himself, will remunerate good diligence and service.


~ One aspect I found interesting is the boldness with which the Ministers and church elders have been taught to administer Healing to their ailing church members.

They are made to understand that some of these things are basic for the church and only come by standing on the word and declaring it in faith and understanding.

The ministers are expected to replicate whatever they are taught, for the equipping of their churches. Selah!

I witnessed one woman praying healing over another woman's painful shoulder blades, and right before our eyes, the pain in both shoulders left her(with some insistent back and forth). What a humbling sight. In an instant, one ordinary looking woman was turned into a seeming spiritual giant as she stood in authority to administer healing to her fellow woman.

Glory to God!

  • New Kwette School

New Kwete is yet another region not quite as harsh as Uji in terms of topography being a little milder than that of Uji. The settlements here are also more clustered than those in Uji.

The Community has a 100 seater, zinc roofed(not thatch) mud Community Hall. Which was given to Pneuma World Outreach to use as Church as we are to contribute to the building by flooring it, and providing benches( same building where the Training meetings were held this last time).

The building will also serve as school in the interim , while preparations are being made to provide land for the actual school site.

Recommendations are for the Uji plan to be replicated exactly, in the New Kwete community. However, classes must begin immediately as the community eagerly awaits. NCE trained teachers also are on the ready to commence teaching.

The community apparently, has been desirous of a School a long time now. This therefore explains their excitement at the prospect of a Community School they can call their own.

  • Adult Education Projects

Another Project that seems to be thriving in the area considering that most adults in the area do not even have as little as a Primary Education, and are in dire need of it.

Pneuma World Outreach currently runs 3 adult education classes at New Ikwette, Kigol, Obudu Ranch and Akasa Belige. All of the Becheve People Group.

My recommendation is that we look into it further as a means to add further value. However, if we are to provide trained Missionary Teachers for the region, doctrinal teaching must be part of the Curriculum offered, as imbedded discipleship.

If on the other hand, other natives are to teach, then doctrinal classes would have to be left for the church alone to handle until we can source actual Missionary Teachers.


  • School Curriculum/Scheme of Work

The State's Curriculum is presently in use at the Uji School as monies have been forwarded to purchase copies of the Scheme of Work for the Teachers to work with.

I will recommend that Default Lesson Notes be prepared to help foster excellent, qualitative teaching and teacher evaluation, as well as ease probable mobility of teachers.

I intend to help with this ( being myself an Education graduate and Consultant).

In addition, is our proposed classes in Bible doctrine, which we intend to infuse into the Curriculum after it's been prepared. It will contain the major tenets of Faith along with Moral Instruction and Character Building.

I will be working alongside my husband, to prepare this, and submit it in time.



Finally, I must say it was a most humbling experience for me, visiting these Mission Fields and seeing the Love of Jesus in action.

These regions have been neglected simply becaiae they're very remote, no social amenities( you cant even buy a sachet of paracetamol), no shops, and hardly any government presence. Though worrisome, we can only say, "let's do our part", now that we are 'here', and make Jesus proud.

How far these projects can go within and without these communities, in the hearts of souls, in the showing of Love our Jesus way, to say the least, can only be imagined.

The villages are in awe of such wondrous, selfless Love. What truly would Jesus do?

After having myself visited these Mission Fields, having had such a rich experience of the Trainings and the Tours  together, I would sincerely recommend that more Christians begin to see the need to also visit the Mission Fields themselves for the sheer experience, partaking of in the beauty of our Lord's heart's cry, reaching out to every tongue and tribe.

The vineyard is plenty, and many more communities far and near are beckoning for help. For some, it's a "come and help us" Macedonian call and for some others, its total virgin land for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

And "go" we must.

Hallelujah!! Hallelujah!!!

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