Pioneers and Saboteurs

Pioneers and Saboteurs

I went out organizing crusades and preaching from 
street to street because i felt something which i felt 
the whole world wants to hear.

I did street evangelism house to house knocking 
on doors.

I went out with some of my friends knocking on doors 
from house to house preaching the gospel from Day to 
Day. And we did this for many years

I went to hospitals to visit sick people to pray and 
minister to them.

I went to villages in remote areas to the forgotten 
people and stay there for days and preach through 
their streets and call them in the night time for 
crusades and preach to them.

I went in to different schools, many secondary 
schools and universities to young people to preach.

Sometimes we went to building sites to meet 
workers/Labourers during their break time when 
they sat down eating we 
sat with them and share the gospel.

Sometimes we were going nowhere, we just enter 
the taxi cab only to preach to those who were
 inside and we asked the driver to drop us along 
the road.

Extracted from a sermon title:"

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome DSc,DD.

Being Supernatural

The believer will not become supernatural one day... 
He is supernatural by nature. 
Neither does He become supernatural 
when supernatural events starts happening 
around him.
 He is supernatural before the events starts 
happening, as a matter of fact, it is the 
supernatural nature that causes supernatural 
Stop trying to become supernatural, 
you are supernatural 
already, live from that consciousness. 



Ears that never stop hearing about God's 
mighty power coupled with a mouth that
 never ceases to speak of it make for a life 
that enjoys a constant flow of the supernatural!


 The Lord is not near when you feel 
His presence and far when you don't feel 
His presence. 
He is ever with you, as a matter of fact 
He dwells in you- 
How much more closer can He get?. 
You have to go pass your senses, and 
believe He will never leave you, nor forsake you.
When your praying and it feels as 
though He is far, go pass your senses, 
consciously talk to 
Him, like you know He is there.
As you grow and progress in your walk 
with the Lord, you will need to learn how 
to walk by faith, 
and not your senses. 
He is with me,.whether i feel it or not. 
A time will come, when you have mastered 
the act of consciousness. 
Then you will always walk in His 
tangible presence...

Your prophecies are more powerful than your problems.(1 Tim 1:18) 

Shortly after her University education she got
 a word of prophecy not to go for her 
National youth 
service, she was told that she would be
 traveling out 
of the country to Europe on the bill of favor. 
The prophet went on to tell her that 
she was not to work for 
anything, the one who will take her there will 
come into the house and help her. 
She waited till she became 
a burden to everyone around her, including 
herself. Vital parts of her life was 
wasted away because of a strange prophecy.
Another was told to marry a man she 
met on social media, she was told that 
God sent him to her, and they both will 
be happy together in marriage. 
Few months after the wedding, he left 
the house for another woman without 
looking back. 
This is the fifth year, he is yet to return.
I lost a young lady recently who was 
sick, she needed blood transfusion, 
from all indications it was clear that 
we might lose her without it, but she 
insisted that her prophet asked her 
not to take it, she died few days later.
The office of a prophet/pastor is a 
delicate one, people believe virtually 
everything their prophets/pastor say, 
including the ones who are out to 
extort and lie.
Don't say "thus says the lord" when the 
Lord is clearly not speaking.
Don't assume God's voice when you are 
dealing with lives.
Dear believer, don't be deceived, God's 
primary way of leading a believer is 
through His spirit on your inside, 
His spirit guides your recreated human 
spirit mostly with the word of God that 
serves as light through dark situations.
Prophecy for a new testament Christian 
is for edification and comfort. 
It is so because prophecy MUST always 
confirm something that God is already 
doing on your inside.
Don't tie your life to the wrong word because 
you cannot seek God by yourself. 
Let God lead you, when words come for 
confirmation, glorify God in heaven!
Study to show yourself approved so you 
will not be deceived.
One wrong prophecy that is not judged 
properly can change the course of a man's 
life forever!
The testimony of Christ is the spirit 
of prophecy.
When you give wrong words to people, 
you are exposing the prophetic office 
to attack.
There are real prophecies and there are 
fakes, discern!
Many homes are in bondage today 
because of these strange fellows with 
strange messages of deceit.