Birthing Wonders

Birthing Wonders

A day before the Night of Glory of 

September 2020, tagged Shabach, 

I saw a vision 

In that Vision, I saw myself and PSSBC 

students on a staircase ascending into 

the clouds 

I had the vision at about 5:30 nam 

in the morning 

It was the last thing I saw before I 

was roused from sleep

I had no doubt in my mind about my 

positioning in Christ. 

I am boldly and confidently seated 

with Him in heavenly places. 

My position is neither tenuous nor 


I am secured and saved, not by my 

own will or the desire of my heart 

but by the will of the One who loved me

and gave His life for me 

I kept the vision in my heart 

I needed clarity 

Something was afoot and I have been 

put on notice 

When i got to the PSSBC minister's 

Whatsapp group, I casually mentioned it 

One of my beloved sisters in Ghana 

and another one of my beloved sisters 

in Canada both sent me messages 

saying they saw the same thing! 

So I asked the Lord 

What is this vision all about? 

He led me to a particular Psalm and 

a particular chapter of the Book of 


Then i began to hear a popular 

Hallelujah song 

Later that night, He said you are going 

to see a miracle you have never seen 


As I prayed with the ministers and the 

minstrels before the vigil, i charged them 

not to follow any script but to sing and 

minister to the Lord from their spirits 

It had to be spirit to spirit 

A total mind bypass 

That was the day the dam broke 

A friend of mine and a fellow student 

of the Holy Spirit called to announce 

how God wrote off her debt 


I was excited but I have seen that 

miracle before 

Other testimonies followed 

They were all fantastic but they 

were not the gobsmacking miracle 

I was looking for 

Then the Supernatural came 

We had to set forth two of our colleagues 

who are starting a ministry in Ibadan 

I was determined that as many of our 

colleagues as possible in PSSBC would 


The practical alternative was for us to rent 

a bus 

The other alternative is for us to

use our individual vehicles 

Neither of the alternatives sat well with me 

I decided not to think about the issue until 

after the conference 

The conference was great I have promised 

myself not to try and put into words the 

moves and waves of the Holy Ghost 

If you're not there to be 

a part of it, news of it will do you no good 

It's how we rise 

After the conference, one of my brothers 

from Benin came to see me 

He came to the conference with his wife's 

younger sister (She is based in Lagos) 

and she desired to be filled with the 

Holy Ghost 

I prayed with her and handed her over 

to @TopeOj while I continued to attend

 to my brothers and sisters who came 

from all over the country 

This beloved brother of mine said to me 

"Sir, you need to come to Benin. 

This gospel of love and demonstration of 

power must spread all over the world 

and I want it to happen in Benin too. 

I told him we will look into it.

After he left my office, I had to attend 

to other people and i forgot all about it 

When i got home, I prayed and it came 

to mind I said "Lord, we have to go to 


We have to go to Benin 

We have to be in Kwara this December 

We have invitations within Lagos and 

its environs

Babatunde Amos, one of our brothers got 

married recently in Mowe and I had to 

go and celebrate with him alone 

We have a loving community 

We are Christkinds 

How do we go to all these events as a family? 

Sincerely, I left it at that 

I promise you I didn't think of buying a bus 

It is possible i was nursing the thought in 

my subconscious but I didn't open my 

mouth to say anything relating to buying 

a bus out loud 

It would be a preposterous thing to 

suggest at this time 

We were right in the middle of a conference 

that we organised with a lot of money and we

had another event in Ibadan in a few weeks 

For the Gathering in Abuja, we had literally 

chartered a plane to get as many of us as 

possible to Abuja at the end of the month 

Everyone had given their all and yes, 

so have I 

I do not slack when it comes to getting 

the things of God done 

I remember sleeping off around 2 AM 

after watching Dora The explorer with 

my two-year-old daughter until she 

slept off 

I woke up at 5:30am and yes, I saw a 

bus parked right in my compound 

I saw a Toyota Hiace bus parked right 

beside my car and my wife's car 

I saw it as surely as I can see the 

keyboard in front of me as I typed this 

I woke up restless 

I started pacing all over my room 

I wasn't praying or making any sound 

but I was experiencing that pang of 

expectation it was heavy and crazy 

The next thing I saw was a message 

from one of my sisters in PSSBC 

She had sent me the music video a 

few days before 

The song was about the fact that we 

as believers are getting bigger and 

better every day... 

We have moved... 

Something like that 

I said "Sweet Holy Spirit, i see a bus" 

The Holy Spirit said to me "Birth it" 

Wow! Birth what!

I started praying in tongues at this 


Suddenly the brother from Benin sent 

me a message informing me he was 

on a bus back to Benin and that he 

had given his copy of Lambano to

 someone in the bus as a gift and that 

the person had been engrossed in 

the book throughout the journey

I told him we need a bus and i 

explained why 

He said "How much is the bus?" 

I told him how much it was (I had 

checked online) 

He said okay 

Few minutes later sent some money 

That was it 

Between 10AM and 1PM, the money for 

the bus was complete and i had sent 

my wife's driver to pick it up 

Yes it was a wonder 

It was the kind of wonder that I was 


The type I had never seen before 

I have seen people give vehicle(s) to 


I have seen people give land and properties 

to churches 

I was personally blessed with a car earlier 

this year by the Holy Spirit 

So don't assume i am saying this miracle 

is superior because of the "bus" 


It is superior because of how it came about 


Right in the middle of a conference 

While we had invested so much on 

another meeting 

It just came from within our ranks 

The word of God had come true about 

ushering us into a season of wealth 

The blessing was disguised as a need 

and we all met the need in a hurry 

We placed His kingdom and its 

righteousness first 

That for me was the most satisfying thing 

His people were willing in the days of 

His power