Casting Pearls (Without A Saviour 3)

Casting Pearls (Without A Saviour 3)

I remember the first day I stated 
categorically during a Sunday School 
class that once a person is saved, he 
or she has received ETERNAL LIFE 
and therefore cannot be unsaved again; 
therefore such is forever saved... 
The Parish mummy walked up to the 
microphone and said to me...
"You will go to hell and you will take 
all those who believe in your gospel 
with you" 
It was not a nice day at all 
It felt as if I was undressed in public 
and made to dance to the popular 
"I will never bedwet again chant" 
She didn't support her judgment 
with scriptures 
She said what she had to say and 
the whole church went silent. 
I took the castigation in stride 
The Parish pastor decided to mitigate 
the obvious frayed feelings between 
me and the Parish mummy 
He called us into the office 
The parish mummy said 
I have zeal without knowledge and 
she was not going to allow a heretic 
confuse her with the wrong gospel 
She refused to listen 
The following week, a deacon in the 
church who was believed to be 
measured was asked to research 
the topic 
Salvation and teach at digging deep 
I was at the service and so was the 
parish mummy
The church was divided 
Some youths were with me because 
i have been teaching them the gospel 
and its spiritual reality for many months 
but the older ones were with the parish 
The Deacon got on the altar and 
presented his teaching based on 
John 3:16, passages in Acts and
The opposite argument chose two 
scriptures, "Work out your salvation 
with fear and trembling" and 
"Hebrews 10: 37 37For, “In just a 
little while, He who is coming will 
come and will not delay. 
38But My righteous one will live 
by faith; and if he shrinks back,
I will take no pleasure in him.” 
39But we are not of those who 
shrink back and are destroyed, but 
of those who have faith and 
preserve their souls..." 
The time came for questions and 
contributions I decided i wouldn't 
say a word 
The speaker had destroyed the 
arguments posed by the performance 
to be saved preachers Apostle Paul 
worked out his salvation in the desert 
of Arabia, Galatians 1:17 
*This was very important for every 
believer, to take time to study and 
get what it means to be saved (It has 
nothing to do with perform to earn 
heaven doctrine)
The second scripture was countered 
by what the book of Hebrews stood for. 
It was addressing the Jews 
The Jews had a religion they were 
practising before Christ came 
Those who shrink back are those 
who go back to Judaism after having 
met the Lord. 
Gentiles don't have the luxury
of going back to Judaism 
It is possible for the hunger to wane 
and zeal to fade but Eternal life is a 
gift God gave those who believed in 
Jesus, it cannot be taken away 
because you made a mistake or had 
a moment of weakness. 
If it can be taken back, it will no longer 
be a gift
The argument was poised on a knife's 
edge The pastor cannot rule in favour 
of one or the other 
The Parish mummy asked for the 
microphone and said, such a doctrine 
would encourage believers to sin and 
not obey the law. 
One of the youths stood up and 
said "This was what you teach
at home and preach ma, that it is 
important to keep the aw to please 
God and yet I know a young lady 
who was practically begging to 
sleep with me weeks ago. 
This was what she believed too. 
I believe i have been saved and 
must live my life to please God; 
this was why I didn't sleep with her. 
I would have slept with her if it 
was several months ago because 
I always saw myself as trying but 
not able to attain holiness so I 
usually just throw in the towel and 
fall into guilt and depression after 
doing the deed but this time I didn't 
even feel the urge to comply. 
The gospel that changed my life was 
the gospel that placed me in right 
standing with God rather than the 
one that said I have to strive to be 
in right standing with God! 
Parish mummy turned to the boy and 
said "Because you didn't fall this time, 
you boast and shake like a peacock, 
will we hear anything if you did it?" 
She didn't get it Parish pastor diplomatically 
closed the service 
As we were leaving the church, the young 
man walked up to me and said "The young 
lady is her daughter, that girl can sleep 
with anything and nobody knows because
she was always leading prayer meetings 
and acting all born again at home. 
Read through the New Testament yourself, 
you will be shocked at the reality that will 
hit you 
A believer has been translated out of 
darkness into God's marvelous light He 
or she cannot be untranslated
Question: How do we then reconcile Heb. 6:4? 
"For it is impossible to bring back to 
repentance those who were once 
enlightened—those who have experienced 
the good things of heaven and shared in 
the Holy Spirit" 
We were also warned "let he that thinketh 
he stands take heed...
Answer:  Those he was referring to here 
were those who became Christians and 
then went back to Judaism despite 
benefitting from all the goodness and 
reality of the Holy Spirit.
(The Book of Hebrews was primarily 
addressed to the JEWS)
Most of those believers call backsliders 
dont do this, they just lose their zeal and 
are discouraged due to one circumstance
or the other
The chief cause of Backsliding is the 
hemming in of believers within the church
as if they are prisoners and the ministers
are the prison wardens
Remember The man sleeping with his 
Father's wife? Apostle Paul said in 
1 Corinthians 5: 4When you are gathered 
in the name of our Lord Jesus and I am 
with you in spirit, along with the power 
of the Lord Jesus, 5 hand this man over 
to Satan for the destruction of the flesh, 
so that his spirit may be saved on the 
day of the Lord. 
That was the judgment
His punishment ends in this realm
Being born again is a spiritual reality, not 
some mental agreement with
God to please so that He will take you 
to Heaven
Those of us who are in Christ are already 
ambassadors of Christ
An ambassador's home country is 
where He represents
So if you are an Ambassador of Christ, 
where is your home country?

Where Do You Carry It

I met someone, he said "I am a Christian 
but i do not carry it on my head" I looked 
at him and said, "So where do you carry it?" 
He shrugged and said "What is the big deal 
in being a Christian?" I didn't have the 
words so i held his hand intently for about 
a minute or two
It was awkward but i needed him to 
become aware of a reality that is beyond 
words that we have in Christ, suddenly 
he started panting and breathing heavily. 
He didn't understand what was happening... 
I held on to his hands firmly 
Suddenly he began to pray in tongues on 
top of his voice 
We were standing right in the parking lot 
of Ikeja Mall 
He cried his eyes out and fell on his knees 
(I took pictures) 
He was speaking in tongues on and on 
and on 
Within two weeks, he was carrying 
Jesus like a placard on his forehead 
He was healing the sick and preaching
the gospel with reckless abandon 
He is a preacher on social media today 
Without the Holy Spirit, Christianity is 
just a religion 
The reason many are so cold and unable 
to walk steadily in Christ is because of 
their disconnect with the Holy Spirit 
*(Even many tongue talkers!)


It's an effort in futility trying to explain the 
things of The Spirit to a man unregenerated; 
he just can NEVER understand it no matter 
how much you try. 
Spiritual things transcend educational 
qualifications, social status or literary exposure
The unspiritual self, just as it is by nature, 
can’t receive the gifts of God’s Spirit. 
There’s no capacity for them. 
They seem like so much silliness. 
Spirit can be known only by spirit—
God’s Spirit and our spirits in open 
Spiritually alive, we have access to 
everything God’s Spirit is doing, and 
can’t be judged by unspiritual critics. 
Isaiah’s question, “Is there anyone 
around who knows God’s Spirit, 
anyone who knows what he is doing?” 
has been answered: Christ knows, 
and we have Christ’s Spirit.     
1 Corinthians 2:14-16 MSG Sometimes, 
you need not answer a fool; other times, 
you have to answer a fool. "Do not answer 
a fool according to his folly, Lest you 
also be like him. Answer a fool according 
to his folly, Lest he be wise in his 
own eyes. Prov 26:4-5 NKJV
In all, NEVER cast your Pearl before 
a swine; they know not the value. 
“Don’t be flip with the sacred. 
Banter and silliness give no honor to God. 
Don’t reduce holy mysteries to slogans. 
In trying to be relevant, you’re only
 being cute and inviting sacrilege" 
Matthew 7:6 MSG

Bamidele Eyitayo