She didn't know what to do.

How could she have been so foolish?

She had never seen herself as that type of woman.

Constantly daydreaming about him.

Calling his number over and over.

Waiting anxiously for his call.

Pinning, longing, with raging hormones.

She knew it was wrong.

She knew!

He was married.

Happily married with children.

He was eleven years older than her.

He didn't even know who she was.

She heard him speak once.

He spoke as if he was in her soul.

His reasoning, candor, expressions, delivery.

Everything stirred strange chords within her.

She fell in love.

How could this be?

She was in no way desperate for a husband.

She was not even thinking of a relationship.

At just 27.

She had loftier plans than settling down at the moment.

But he was stuck in her subconscious.

She reached out.

Sent him a mail.

"Hello sir, I am so and so"

He replied!

He was so cordial, open.

She asked him for counsel on her career.

He gave it.

His counsel worked.

She dug herself deeper into him.

She told him what she wanted.

Sir, I will like to be your protégé, be my mentor.

He agreed.

The dance of the macabre.

Of course he knew her disguised motive.

She told herself at first it was harmless.

She was a girl with loads of common sense.

But the more they interacted.

The more her hormones sizzled.

Sometimes his voice on the phone made her wet.

Just like that.

Eventually she told him.

'This is what your voice does to me'

He ran!

He stopped picking her calls.

He blocked her on the social media platforms.

He stopped responding to her emails.

She didn't get it.

Was he not supposed to be the matured one?

Couldn't he have handled the situation with discretion?

Men are such cry babies.

She didn't ask for anything!

After two weeks, her raging hormones simmered.

She had been reading their previous chats and email messages over and over.

She deleted everything.

She also blocked him on every social media platform.

She was angry.

She had only told him her feelings.

She didn't ask him to reciprocate!

She went to town.

Made her hair.

Took herself out.

Stopped mopping.

Her day was good.

He was just a chicken.

She came out of the mall.

He parked, right in front of her.

She saw him, her legs started shaking.

She got in his car.

He drove to a hotel.

She followed him sheepishly into a room.

Not one word was exchanged.

He sang Kumbaya and she sang Hakuna Matata.

It was great.

He was still there as she dressed up, watching her.

He didn't say a word.

She left.

That night as she slept.

She saw a beautiful woman holding a man in a chain.

She saw herself in a chain,

Following them.

From that month, she stopped seeing her period.

Doctors failed.

After a year, she cried out.

Her mother followed her to his house.

The woman she saw in her dream welcomed them.

She was his wife.

They begged.

The woman denied.

Now they have come to pastor, seeking prayers.


The End