Two in a Pod

Two in a Pod

Seeking redress 

So a lady sent me a message today 
The message contains the picture of 
another lady who she alleged was 
snatching her husband, the full names 
of the alleged husband snatcher and 
a request that i help her deal with the 
This is witchcraft! 
It is more Christlike to let the man get 
snatched than to solicit for evil to befall 
the husband snatcher 
The husband snatcher is of more value 
to God than your marriage 
Marriages are temporal 
Jesus Christ said "There are no marriages 
in heaven" 
But the human spirit is eternal! 
One human soul will outlive
every human institution and kingdom! 
According to C. S. Lewis "Man was 
made for eternity while the things 
man-made will one day be rolled away" 
We have our priorities wrong most 
of the time! 
While I condemn husband snatching, 
wife snatching, cheating and all forms
of ungodliness! 
Appealing to the demonic to gain 
an advantage over the mundane was 
a foolish decision! 
The devil does not give free gifts and 
once he is invited into a home, he 
takes it over! 
I have dealt with cases of madness 
which had its root cause in 
"husband snatching" nothing justifies 
doing such evil to a fellow human being 
just so that you can keep a man who 
obviously doesn't want to be kept! 
You have the option of praying to God, 
speaking with your man or woman, 
changing your character or 
appealing to friends and family! 
You can also let go and bless him 
or her and the "snatcher" 
We have hard options that we can 
embrace and come out better 
than we can ever imagine 
What if it was the husband snatcher 
sending the wife's picture everywhere 
hoping someone will afflict her so 
that she can take over the wife's home?
Involving spiritualists and prophets 
in issues like this speaks of a heart 
that is far from Christ and totally carnal! 
Apostle Paul said "Why do you not 
rather take wrong? 
Why do you not suffer yourselves 
to be defrauded?" 
I believe this option to be Christlike! 
Not cursing or stooping as low as 
engaging demonic agents in the 
name of keeping your home! 
If you have to use demonic influence 
to keep your husband or partner, 
it cannot be called love! 
That is manipulation 
That is witchcraft 
It is not Christlike 
Please let us do better! 
Thank you!

Stitches and Time

I got a phone call from the administrative 
secretary of my former office 
He said he wanted to inform me that 
auditors came to the office two weeks ago 
and this time around, they didn’t just 
do the financial audit, they did the 
administrative audit too! 
He said as a consequence of the 
exercise, one of my former colleagues
 who was the assistant Administrative 
Officer has been given a letter to 
proceed on compulsory leave 
to get his certificate! 
It seems all he had in his file since 2011 
was “To Whom It May Concern” 
The admin officer wanted to let
me know what had happened was 
not out of bad blood 
(He and the young man had never really 
gotten along in the office) 
He said it was as a result of the audit 
and he wanted to make that clear! 
I called the young man! 
What happened! 
He said he was a victim of fake 
admission racket and didn’t know 
his admission was fake until after 
he had graduated and his name 
was not posted on the NYSC list! 
He said he went home to tell his 
father what had happened 
His plan was to get some money, 
move to Dubai and play football! 
His father told him he needed a 
job to raise some money before 
traveling to Dubai! 
They went to a Pastor who was 
from their town, he happened to be the 
provincial pastor and employed 
the young man after they sold him 
the sob story! 
The provincial pastor demanded that 
he face his job and prove his worth
He got the employment in 2011 
A few weeks after they employed him, 
the office also employed a young 
man with SSCE as the facility officer! 
The facility officer gained admission 
to Lagos State Polythecnic as a 
Part-Time student! 
He finished his HND in 2018 
This young man didn’t do
anything about getting educated or 
making right the wrong of the past! 
The only notable thing he did was 
get married in 2017 
The pastor that employed him 
retired in 2017 
The Administrative officer that he 
worked with who knew his story 
got transferred 
He didn’t see the handwriting
on the wall! 
He sat there until he was caught 
with his hand in the pot of soup! 
Truth be told, this young man is 
He is extremely reliable as an 
administrator and proficient in the 
use of Microsoft word, excel, etc 
His writing skill was also top-notch 
and he gets things done without 
making excuses! 
Why he slept off at the wheel of 
his career goals I will never know! 
He could have gotten a degree 
from the National Open University or 
any other school just to keep his job 
or increase his prospect of getting 
another job! 
Thankfully his wife has a job but for 
how long will she be able to bear 
the responsibility of the family? 
Ironically, the guy employed as 
facility officer has been promoted to 
his position because he has 
acquired all the required qualifications 
for the job while this guy sat on his

Ps: Tick-Tock says the clock
What you have to do, do quick!