He had always been faithful to his babe

He never wavered

For four years, she had been his pillar

His firm hold to reality in a world where he found himself continually sinking

She had been faithful too

Dependable and indeed indomitable

He loved her more than anything

He got a job

New staff members were required to undergo training

He met loads of new people

One was a lady everybody considered a snob

He didn’t get that impression

Like him, many others wear a certain face in public

Masking their challenges

Crying within while laughing to the world

The training was superb

Training concluded, the organization threw a party

He approached the lady

He: Dance with me

She was surprised, people usually left her alone

She was used to being ignored

She didn’t mind

She was shy

Many mistook her shyness as pride

There was nothing she could do about people’s assumptions

But this guy saw through her

She danced with him

She had a lot of fun


Dance over, she came to herself!

What did I do? What have I done?

She liked the one who saw through her veil

She wanted him to hold her and make her feel like a woman

But she knew he was taken

He told her as much

So she retreated into her shell

Started snubbing him

He didn’t get it

Here was a girl who came alive minutes ago while they were dancing

Suddenly she was giving him the freeze!

He left the party

When he got home he sent her a Whatsapp message

What happened! How have I offended you?

She told him the blunt truth

"I came alive in your arms, I wanted you to make love to me

But I know you were involved and decided it is better not to initiate something I would regret"

He replied her wahtsapp message with "Hmm".

The conversation died there

He understood it

He moved on

Months later, his babe saw the Whatsapp chat

She: A lady propositioned you that she wanted to make love to you, and you didn’t rebuke her! All you said was Hmm. Why are men like this? You are cheating on me!

He: No love, I never encouraged her in any way, I couldn’t control what she felt but I didn’t act on the information

She would have none of it

To her he should have done more! Tell the girl off! Insult the girl! Do anything but respond with a docile “Hmm”. 

"Hmm' sounded like a tacit encouragement, an "I am thinking about it sort of response", thinking of cheating, is cheating!

He doesn’t know how else to convince her, that she is the sunlight in his darkness, his only source of joy

He reached out to a friend

Please I love my babe

I don’t know how else to handle this

She is mad with me

She wouldn’t even listen to anything I say

I love her, I have never strayed and I don’t intend to

Is she not supposed to take my words and actions for the past four years into consideration?


He: So what do I do?

His Friend: Go and meet her, hold her (She might resist at first) hold her tighter. Tell her the truth! Let her see in your eyes what she meant to you. The eyes is the window of the soul, she will believe and make sure you keep your promise to be faithful to her forever.


PS: He did it. It worked. The relationship is waxing stronger. wedding bells may be ringing soon!