The room was littered with all sorts of junks

Palm fronds, calabashes, coconuts, white kegs of water, a bowl, a plate, a television set on the floor,  a big mattress laid in the center of the room and on this mattress laid the pale dying woman. She was in her early thirties, but she looked much older!

They know virtually nothing about her

A nine year old girl simply came to their church on a Saturday morning and asked to see the pastor. The Pastor was not available but members of the prayer team were there.

They spoke with the nine year old.

‘’Please come and save my mummy from the devil” was all she said

The pastor’s daughter recognized the little girl.

The Pastor’s daughter was the children church’s teacher.

The 9 year old girl attended their children’s church once in a while.

They set out.

Two of the prayer team members and the Pastor’s daughter.

Death lurked somewhere in the room.

Her husband welcomed them.

He told them about her condition.

Her kidneys had failed two years before and they had spent all they had on dialysis.

The calabashes, palm fronds and all sorts littering the room were a testament of how far and wide He had traversed looking for help. He had been to local herbalists, churches, spiritualists, diviners and enchanters.

Would they please pray for her?

They did.

They joined hands and called on Jesus to touch her.

They prayed in tongues passionately.

When they got tired of praying, they shared a short exhortation on Faith and on the healing power of Jesus.

Then they left.

The following day as they worshipped in church, the guest minister prophesied that God is giving people new kidneys, livers, internal organs and repairing defective ones. That word of wisdom was so timely and apt, they worshipped God by faith for coming through.

After service, the two prayer team leaders rushed to the woman’s house.

She must have been healed by now.

They found the door firmly shut.

A neighbor told them she had died that afternoon, the ambulance carrying her corpse just left a few minutes ago.

The news broke them!

How could God let this happen?

They never saw the young girl again.

They were told her father relocated to another state right after his wife died, where he had decided to start all over again.

Seven months later, a lady came to their church for the first time. She registered immediately and became seriously committed to the work of God.

After a few weeks she approached the pastor, please I need a letter of reference to so and so hospital, I was told they have a dialysis machine members of the mission can access for treatment.

The Pastor was shocked!

The lady also had a Chronic Kidney Condition.

The two brothers from the prayer team were called to join their faith with that of the pastor and trust God for the Sister’s healing.

They did. They Fasted. They prayed. They worshipped.

The sister commenced dialysis.

Three months later.

The sister died.

Everything became fuzzy.

Why didn’t God come through?

The Pastor said ‘God does whatever he pleases, he sits in the heavens and directs the affairs of men, who can question him?’

One of the young men in the prayer team didn’t agree with the pastor. He knew they were the ones at fault. There was something they didn’t do right in both cases.

He went online!

Found Tom Laud, Pete Cabrera Jnr and Todd White on Youtube.

Watched their documentaries for weeks.

He listened to Andrew Wommack! Hours upon hours of free message download on www.awmi.net

It took him months to renew his mind.

They brought a woman to their church, she had cancer of the intestine. She had previously been operated on twice while abroad, but the cancer had back for a third time.

She had booked her flight to a foreign country where the operation would be done and for which she has paid thousands of dollars. She came to meet the pastor to agree with her that she would return alive because the doctors said she had a very slim chance of surviving.

The pastor called the young man.

Pastor: As I was praying, I was led to invite you to come and pray for this daughter of Zion.

He boldly walked up to the woman and laid his hands on her head!

He: You foul spirit of cancer, I command you in Jesus name to leave this daughter of Zion alone. I command your bone, tissue, ligament, blood vessels, marrow, organs and every other part of your body that had hitherto accommodated the cancer, to expel it in Jesus name! I command your body to repair every damaged tissue and replace every part of your body that has been destroyed, cut away or infected by the cancer in Jesus name! I give you glory Father for you have heard us and in your name, every knee must bow and every tongue confesses that Jesus is Lord!

He watched the woman… No reaction

He told her to lay her hands on her tummy, he laid his hands on her hands and repeated the same prayer!

No fanfare, no religiosity, no showboating!

He asked the woman, how are you feeling?

The woman said I can feel something moving in my tummy.

He kabashed, singing in a language the heavens celebrate!

He prayed the prayer again!

The woman started reeling, squealing, staggering about like a drunk!

He watched her keenly, giving glory to God!

She shouted “My tummy is on fire”

Goosepimples covered everybody!

The Pastor fell on his knees, his wife and daughter fell on their knees,” What were they witnessing?”

The woman started jumping, leaping and praising God!

Something had changed!

She: Please I will like to go to the hospital and see my doctor

Young man: You are healed by the Word of God, not by the words or the test of the doctor. You are fine but if you have to go please go ahead, you will see the confirmation of God’s work!

She left.

The scan revealed her to be cancer free! The most astonishing fact of all was the fact that, the scan revealed all the scars of her previous surgeries were totally gone! The parts of her intestine previously cut off through surgery were back in her!


The young man came to understand it was not a chance thing! The power of attorney Jesus gave us all is real, potent and incredibly active.

He raises the dead today!


PS: This event happened in 2009

The woman never went abroad for any surgery

She is celebrating her 70th birthday today (06/10/2018)

She is still cancer free.

Speak to the mountain, it will remove and be cast into the sea!