The Victim

The Victim

The Victim


One of his tribesmen invited him over to the city

The prospect of making money was high as long as he was willing to work

His people were renowned for some menial tasks in the city

Providing informal security (gate man) for the rich

Digging wells, sewages, clearing wastes, scavenging, cobbling, mending torn clothes and so on

He arrived in the evening, said his prayers and slept

The next day he was taken to the house he would be guarding

The mansion had an outpost by the gate where he would be living while working

He would open and shut the gate, clear the compound, wash the cars, be a security man and could be sent on errand by his boss and his wife

The salary was good

His boss and his wife were disciplined people.

 They both worked in another part of the city. The boss left for work very early in the morning while the wife left at 10am everyday

Weekends were a bit different because sometimes they entertained visitors at home and at other times they went out

He settled in quickly

By the time their children arrived from school for the Christmas holidays, he had been working with them for two months

He was introduced to them.

They were all very well brought up and polite.

His boss had two sons and two daughters, all in their twenties.

One day, his boss was informed that there would be fuel scarcity

He ordered him to pack 10 kegs into one of their trucks and follow his driver to buy some fuel at the petrol station.

By the time they returned, his boss had gone out with another car

The driver closed for the day and left.

He carried the kegs to their designated places and went into his outpost to have his bath.

He was in the bathroom when she came in.

His boss’s last child, the favourite daughter.

She didn’t need to say anything, he knew what she wanted.

She had been giving him the eye for a few days

There was even a day she called him to come and see a video on her phone.

When he saw it he shouted “Astagafurulai”

She laughed and called him village boy.

She was wearing a kaftan, he was in the bathroom in his tiny cubicle. He didn’t lock the door.

It was not a level playing field.

She took his hand and placed it on her breasts.

The hook, line and sinker got to him

He took the bait.

She was wild

She grabbed him until he squealed

He slapped her.

She smiled

She charged at him again

He stepped out of the bathroom and grabbed her by the waist, locking her hands behind her.

He started rubbing against her

She liked it

His dog heard the whistle but it was already in the rabbit’s hole.

It was deeply in the hole when her father caught them.

Her Father forgot something at home.

Her Father didn’t press the horn.

Her Father walked in through the pedestrian gate next to his door.

Her Father heard her screaming wildly, peeped into his outpost and saw his daughter, hands locked behind her getting serviced from the rear.

Her Father screamed

He dropped her, she fell, hit her head, she burst into tears

Just like that

He started shaking

The entire household came out

What happened?

Her Father: “He was raping my daughter!”

All the signs supported it.

She had a vivid slap mark on her face, a bruise on his forehead, tears, emotion, she was a woman and she was the daughter of the boss!

She did not deny it

She sat in a corner, tucked her head in between her knees and cried like a victim.

Her father called the estate security immediately

Estate security invited the police

He was taken away

The test they did for her at the hospital was consistent with rape

His community people came to check him in jail but they had to be careful not to appear to be supporting a rapist.

They could all lose their jobs and be ejected from the estate entirely.

From the local police cell he was taken to court.

The judge remanded him in prison until a court date was set for his hearing.

She returned to school.

Nine months later.

One of her friends invited her to a Bible study session on campus

She went.

She gave her life to Christ.

She called her father, told him the truth and how sorry she was

Her father did the needful

Months after his dog outran the sound of the whistle, he was released

He stayed in the city, scavenging dump sites for a living


The End