She started hearing voices when at 300 Level

The voices were not native to her

But she could understand them clearly

Incantations, invocations, the surreal

She was a Christian

Deeply rooted in the Word

Deeply involved in the campus fellowship

At first she ignored it

But it grew worse

She couldn’t sleep

She couldn’t pray

She was running mad

She told her mother!

She told her Father!

They prayed

Went for deliverance services

Nothing worked

She ended up in a psychiatric hospital

The doctors said the voices were in her head, they diagnosed her case as Schizophrenia

She was only 27!

But the doctors were wrong, she really heard them

Chanting, singing dirges, speaking the deep language of demonic realm

She deferred her admission

Gotcommitted into the hospital

The drugs broke her

She would be flat all day, but once the drug begins to wear off, she would go hyper!

Sometimes she would pluck her own hair off her head!

It was that bad!

After some months, she got better (Said the doctors)

She was discharged

But life was never the same again

She had had a brush with insanity

It made her question reality all the time

She got a job

Tried to live a normal life

But she could only move in a triangular pattern

Work, home, church, work, home, church

She had been on course to marry a medical doctor

When she had the challenge, he ran

Who would marry a mad girl? Even if she was the queen of Sheba!

Suitors came calling

She fended them off

It was easier to deal with her issues alone

To be in a relationship would complicate things unnecessarily

That was her story, a beauty with the beast within, waiting to unleash!

She went marketing one day

She stood at the gate of an estate hoping to meet prospects

There was a small hold up

She watched the cars

Then she saw him

A guy in Jeans and T-shirt

Waiting for the traffic to clear

She looked intently at him

He saw her

Beckoned her to come closer

She did

He: How can I help you

She: I am selling properties, I am a marketer

He told her to hop in

She did

He drove her into the estate

Parked before her office

They started talking

She didn’t know why

Her tongue went loose

She told him, a total stranger the truth about her condition

“The voices are back and I am drowning” she cried

He put his fore fingers, of the left hand and the right hand into her ears

Kabashed in words and in songs

He spoke to the voices

In Jesus name, I command you foul spirit of Schizophrenia

Leave this daughter of Zion and never return

The spirit resisted!

He insisted

Get out!

They were beside the main road, in an estate!

What audacity!

She fell into him

He opened the car door and lifted her unto the front passenger seat

She wriggled and turned and started sneezing

She sneezed and sneezed

Suddenly, she was free

The beast died!

In all of fifteen minutes

She didn’t believe it

“They always come back” She said

“Not this time” He assured

It’s been two years! The voices never came back

She was free indeed

PS: This event happened in 2016

The lady is still single, afraid the voices may return

He told her to launch into the deep

There is a bountiful harvest ahead

She should never be a slave to fear

She is a child of God