10 Years A Slave

10 Years A Slave


His first contact with the fake pastor was in 2008
He just graduated from the university and was 
working with a Christian magazine publishing outfit 
somewhere in Lagos
The publishing firm’s magazine was called Ekklesia
Its modus operandi was simple
Solicit adverts and other contents from churches, 
publish such and distribute to the public for free
It was a unique way of spreading the gospel 
The publisher had partners and sponsors
The publisher was a born again Christian 
A kingdom minded man
He was employed as an editorial staff straight 
out of the university
It was his first real job
He wrote for the magazine
He also functioned as a pseudo marketer sometimes
Collecting Cheques from sponsors and partners at 
the end of every month to keep the magazine afloat
There was a man who also published his own magazine
The man sold his land and car to kick off the publication
It was a children’s magazine and it flopped!
It was a terrible idea 
Magazines generally don’t sell in the country
A children’s magazine targeted at Christian 
churches was a very poor investment 
The man didn’t sell a copy out of the 2000 
copies he published 
He didn’t know what to do
He had invested all he had in the publication
Just then he met a lady who told him her 
experience about this demonic pastor
The story had a lot of plausibilities
Of course, it was one-sided and he couldn’t get
Anybody to corroborate it
But it exposed the inner workings of the 
so-called Pastor’s dark powers
He published the story and it sold
Within three days, he sold over 800,000 copies
The publication was a cheap tabloid
He made about 50 Naira profit on each copy
He suddenly came into some money
He was able to pay his rent and buy 
another car that week!
The following Sunday, a friend of his who 
attends the church of the demonic pastor 
called and said “All the papers you were 
selling were bought by members of the 
pastor’s church! 
The pastor told his members to buy at least 
a copy of the tabloid each!
During the service, the pastor told his members 
to put the tabloid on the floor, step on it 
and shout Fire! Seven times!!!
They did it!
The next morning while the tabloid publisher 
was at home, he received a call that his
 printing press was on fire! He rushed immediately 
to his office! 
By the time he got there, everything had burnt down!
He wept his eyes out!
He had collected a loan and sold his properties 
to set up the business
When he got home, he parked his car on the street
As he was about to climb the stairs, he heard 
a commotion on the street.
"Fire!" screamed the tailor
"Fire!!" Screamed the mallam
"Fire!!!" Screamed the passers-by
He ran to the street and saw his car on fire, 
the engine was burning furiously
The bonnet was covered with smoke
People on the street were running Helter-skelter  
to extinguish the fire
It was like watching a zombie movie
Everything was in slow motion
Someone ran to him and snatched the car 
keys from his hand
After a few minutes, they were able to open 
the bonnet
They poured sand, water, and detergent-filled 
water on the car's engine
The fire fought back
Eventually, someone got a fire extinguisher 
to do the job
But by then the car was done for!
Everything blurred afterward
His head became heavy
He collapsed!
He woke up in the hospital 
He could see but everything was blurred
The doctor explained to him that he had high 
blood pressure and his entire system was 
He spent a week in the hospital
By the time he was discharged, he met 
another disaster at home
There had been a fire outbreak at his 
flat during the week
The neighbours salvaged what they could 
but he had taken a bad hit 
It dawned on him that the series of events 
around him couldn’t have been natural 
It felt as if the whole of Hell was unleashed on him
He ran to his church 
Explained his predicament to his pastor
His pastor prayed and counseled him
“Son, go and apologize to this pastor, 
that is the wise thing to do”
He didn’t think so!
The pastor raped a 17-year-old girl
The girl told him the story
He did a little investigation and found it to be
true that the pastor carried the girl to a 
hotel and was with her for two hours
The girl’s mother told him she approached 
the pastor the previous Sunday for help 
regarding the WAEC form fee for the girl
The pastor called her on Tuesday to 
send the girl over
Neither of them had any idea the Pastor was 
going to take advantage of her
The pastor raped her and gave her twenty thousand 
She wanted to keep it to herself but it was driving 
her crazy
She decided to talk to somebody who could 
expose the pastor
She did and the story was published
How then was he supposed to be the one to 
apologize to the wicked pastor?
Why would God be on the side of the wicked?
He left his pastor’s office that day feeling very 
depressed from
He knew the Calamities befalling Him were 
He needed the attacks to stop!
He needed to gather the pieces of his life 
and start all over
He had lost everything 
But his dreams were of death, doom, darkness, '
and horror
He could barely walk upright and his sight was
 growing increasingly poor 
Someone told him to visit the publishing firm of 
the Christian magazine and meet with the publisher
When he got to the publisher, he told the whole story 
The publisher and his staff members listened 
with rapt attention
When he was done, the publisher didn’t pray with him
He just sympathized and encouraged him to take heart
Immediately the man took his leave 
The publisher told his staff never to allow the man 
into his establishment again
The publisher said the man was under a strange 
spell and anybody who tried to help the man shall 
be affected by the spell!
Two days later they heard the news at the office
The man had died!
He was killed by a hit and run driver
The publisher came into the office whistling 
He called a meeting and told the entire staff to learn 
from the misfortune of the man
He said the man wrote a nasty piece about a ”man of God”
The man of God reported the case to God
And God acted swiftly!
Didn't the Bible say ”Touch not my anointed and 
do my prophet no harm?”
The publisher spoke on and on!
He listened half-heartedly 
He hated it when people attribute demonic 
stuff to God 
God would never do that!
Although he was a young believer at the time 
and was still getting to know the Holy Spirit, 
he knew God wouldn't do that!
That's not God’s way!
Obliterate a man for publishing a story about 
a Pastor? 
No way!
He tried to explain this to the publisher
But the publisher wouldn't listen
Claiming ”anointing” is different from ”anointing”!
He was unhappy with how the issue went 
but he held his peace!

He was in his office when the lady and her 
mother walked in
They wanted to see him
The lady was pregnant and  looked frail and dying
Her mother looked weary and worn
He asked them how he could assist them
The lady told her story
Her father died when she was five
She was the last of six children
Life was hell!
When she was 17, she wanted to write WAEC
But there was no money 
Her mother approached a pastor for help
The pastor raped her
Since then she had been pregnant 
10 whole years 
They had been everywhere
They had even gone to the pastor who raped 
her to beg for forgiveness
The pastor told the security guards to throw 
them out of his church
Doctors and specialists were clueless 
about her case
She really needed to be free!
He never met her
He never met her mother
Their pictures were not even in the tabloid
But he knew the story
He asked them if they were the ones in the tabloid
They said YES!
He too them what he heard when he was 
working with the Christian magazine
They told him the late tabloid publisher 
was their neighbour 
He told her to stand to her feet!
She did!
He held her two hands and asked the angels 
of the gospel to get to work
They did!
He spoke in tongues as he held her hands
Her body began to tremble 
It took an hour 
She fell into labor 
The church had a maternity center close by
She was rushed there
She delivered a healthy baby girl!
The next day he went to visit them 
He blessed them and the baby
He told them they shouldn't be afraid 
No spell or enchantment will be able 
to touch them again!

Ps: The demonic pastor is still very much alive
He is not a man of God
He is totally demonic in his manifestations
The ignorant throng to him looking for help 
Many die after meeting him or leaving his church 
He had attained a demigod status with some people
But his days are numbered!

The lady, her mother, and daughter are very fine 
The baby is one year old today!
There is nothing God cannot do!