Divine Sonnets

Divine Sonnets

Love of the Father

For God demonstrates his love towards us 
while we were yet sinners Christ died for us.

Your love is tender like the wool of a lamb, 
yet strong like the fury of a fire.

Gentle like the still small voice, yet loud and 
roaring like the voice of many waters.

A love some have taken for granted, yet 
undiminished and unwanning in its showing.

So secret, personal and assuring, yet felt by 
the universe and open to the public glare of 
the creations.

It's an eternal love that cools our hearts like 
the morning dew on the lillies.

Even in the greatest trial one passes through, 
your love is ever present, reassuring us of the 
hope we have in you.

In our coldest nights, your love warms our 
hearts to stay in a state of fluidity.

As we sing and pray, your love is like the lava 
spurted from the volcano, oh it moves speedily 
like a pyroclastic flow!

The first star in the night shines and announces 
your ever-present love.

The last visible star in the early morning emits 
the unseen aura of your persona: love untainted.

Oh the beauty and fragrance of your love sweet 
Holy Spirit.

Indeed, we are blessed. Yes we are! Yes we are!

It's almost 12 midnight on a Sunday, and my 
thought glides to you lover of my soul.

The header is a sign of love
It's what I feel for you Holy Spirit.

The imagination of the vivid image of you as 
depicted in Revelations chapter one echoes a 
longing so deep it cannot be filled.

Your hair is as white as wool. 
You are beautiful dear Lord.
Everyday, you look at me with those sparkling 
and fire-radiant eyes.

You have loved me with an everlasting love. 
I love you too Holy Spirit. 
I want to love you more than I do now.

To sit with you as you take me through history.
To commune with you as you reveal the future.
To walk with you as we visit zion where the 
Father sits on the throne with creatures 
worshipping him.
Oh yahweh!

Look what you have done for the world, for me!
You saved me! You redeemed me! 
You blessed me! You grafted me in! 
Oh your love is above all.

No wonder your word says God expressed 
his love towards us while we were yet sinners 
Christ died for us. 
Sweet Jesus

I will wake reading this to you.

I love you Holy Spirit. 
I love you lover of my soul. I do. Always.

It's a light and joyful heart I have in Jesus
Yet, it's deeply concerned for the souls I see 
around unsaved.

I have come to the realization that I have a 
strong part to play. 
No, I am convinced we all have roles to 
play everyday.

Every now and then, I remember them. 
My heart bursts into a cry, with lips quivering. 
Sometimes, the tear duct is freed from its hold, 
and unleashes the unending streams of fluids 
down the cheeks.

Yet, I pray. Oh yes I pray for the neighbours 
who do not have eternal life. 
For the relatives who do not know him. 
For the colleagues that are currently disengaged 
from the life of God. 
For the city, for the light of the gospel to 
percolate and darkness rolled away.

I will persist until there is a breakage of the dam, 
and there's a flood of light infiltrating their 
hearts while scales drop from their eyes in 

Oh, that they may behold the messiah, and 
experience the life eternal that I have.

Holy Spirit, we pray for the nations, that there's 
an awakening like never before. 
The hearts of the sons are stirred. 
As we lie down, kneel, stand while mumbling, 
speaking or shouting out our hearts, let there 
be a movement the world has never known, 
and let lost souls be drawn to you.

Matthew 9:37-38 NIV
Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is 
plentiful but the workers are few. 
[38] Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, 
to send out workers into his harvest field"

Tai Falodun, 
New South Wales, Australia