Marriage is beautiful, yes I know because

 both my spiritual and biological parents have 
beautiful marriages. 
ALL my married friends and my sister, 
married correct and God-fearing men 
and women.
Now if you do not want to be affected by 
societal and family pressure in the waiting period, 
you have to have a picture of the marriage you want. 
You must have a goal, a focus, a reason why you 
desire marriage. 
I desire marriage for the purpose of having a divine 
partner we can synergize in the expansion of God's 
Of all the reasons people get married, 
generational, transgenerational and global impact 
for Jesus by my marriage and by my offspring is my 
number one reason. 
So 3 years ago I began to write to him in this journal 
"Dear Future Husband". 
I tell you the moments I write in this journal are deep 
and characterized by the aroma of God's 
presence and inexplicable Joy.
It is not just writing gibberish for fun or to pass time. 
I speak into the life, destiny, assignment 
and future of my king. 
I mould him with the words here. 
I write the kind of husband he is and the kind of 
father he is. I realize that my words have power. 
He might not be seeing it now, but I tell you his spirit 
is catching it and conforming. 

The content of this journal are too intimate and
 deeply prophetic, can't be shared with anyone, 
not even fiance, but husband alone. 
This becomes his property moments to our 
supernatural marriage ceremony.

This is not an attempt to show off, i have written
 here for 3 years straight and no human being knows 
about it, but last night as i wanted to write i felt a 
prompting in my spirit to share this and encourage 
maybe just one princess in waiting.

Stop fussing about the wait, God controls your 
While you wait for your king speak prophetically 
over him.
Carve the kind of home you both will build, the 
children you will have, etc with your words by 
scriptural revelation.
Don't just wait, speak while you wait. 
Own your single days with Joy and enjoy intimacy 
with the Holy Spirit, you won't relive these days, 
it is a time of thorough preparation.
                                                                   - Sharonee Ajao
Nothing is more frustrating than setting and 
achieving goals that have nothing to do with 
your destiny.
While everybody congratulates you for your 
"success", you feel empty and miserable on the 
inside because your spirit which is the real you 
knows that you are out of alignment with God's 
plan for your life.
The world is full of "successful people" who are 
miserable and highly frustrated because they are 
simply running a race that God did not set before 
                                                                 - Taiwo Akinyemi


There is that moment when you freeze inside. 
You want to take risks but in the moment you 
fear God won't back you up.
But do not fear. God has no orphans, only sons 
and daughters.
You will be wonderfully surprised to see the 
Lord working with you confirming the word with 
signs following.                                                  
This confidence in your standing as an ambassador 
will mature with imagination and practice
                                                                            -Frank Hanks


When the Holy Spirit comes upon me I am so amazed 
at what happens.
I was walking back to my hotel tonight and passed 
by a street where there were many bars with young 
women outside luring men in to drink and ultimately 
into sexual encounters.
A young woman grabbed my arm and then another 
grabbed my other arm. It was clear they wanted me 
to go in, but they were also openly telling me what 
they offered sexually. I noticed very young people 
there in front of the shop who was witnessing all 
this "adult" language.

I said to the girls in a very animated way...
"I am pretty sure kidnapping is against the 
law in the Philippines." "Let me go, you can't just 
drag me off like this", They paused and all these 
young people began to laugh because of my objection.

I had fun presenting my boundaries to them, 
but the Holy Spirit made sure I didn't judge them 
or make them feel bad.
They kept trying for a while, but then they finally 
asked me some questions that gave me a chance 
to take charge.
I told them I have superpowers and demonstrated 
a stupid trick I do to entertain children. They all 
thought that was very funny. 
So I told one of the young teens to put her hand out 
with palms down and I put mine underneath hers 
telling her not to touch my hands. "Now you are 
going to feel my superpowers"
"Let me know when you feel something? Right away 
the Holy Spirit touched her and she knew something 
was happening.
What is that?, she asked. "I told you I have superpowers". 
"Now, who here has any pain in your body or any injuries?"

One of the young women had level 10 pain in her hands 
most days. So I said, I know you have that pain, but God 
wants to do way more for you. as soon as I laid hands on 
her a demon began to manifest and suddenly she felt 
uneasy. I said it's ok Jesus wants to fix that.

"I command that spirit of fear to leave your body" and I 
began breaking trauma from events in her childhood.
The young people sat spellbound as the Holy Spirit did 
what he does best. This girl had many spirits that we 
cast out and she also had two holes in her heart. 
Once one thing was fixed she began to describe even 
more issues like shortness of breath and poor energy 
 Lastly, this girl wanted to have children but was told 
she never could because of her health issues. And of 
course the hand problem was fixed and she got a new 

Halfway through this deliverance, I preached Jesus to 
the crowd of about 9 people and they all willingly from 
the heart received him. It was beautiful. I told this 
young Lady, "I believe you are the reason God sent 
me down this street tonight. You really needed him. 
As I looked around it was apparent that everyone 
agreed with that statement as the young woman 
began to cry.
All the young people were so happy as I explained 
to them that Jesus said the Kingdom of God is inside 
of us. That kingdom is filled with righteousness, peace, 
and joy in the Holy Spirit. 
Each of you now has the Kingdom inside of you. 
Right inside you, the Holy Spirit has deposited the 
Love of God into your hearts.
Now I am going to prove to you that each of you 
has power. 
Every one of you can heal the sick and 
cast out demons from peoples body.
Right then I said which one of you has pain in this 
part of your back?
The man who had been standing by witnessing the 
whole event said:"How is it that you know...this is 
me you are talking about."
I said we have been given superpowers by the Holy Spirit. 
When I feel a sudden pain like this, I am pretty sure it is 
Jesus pointing out a problem someone else has. 
It is called a word of knowledge. Suddenly you just 
know some fact about a person that you have no way 
of knowing unless God reveals it to you. 
So I grabbed two of the teenagers standing by who 
laid hands on the man's back and commanded the 
pain and stiffness to go from the back. in short order 
he was able to touch his toes after a whole year.
Thank you Jesus! Wow the Holy Spirit continues to 
shock me at the oddest of moments. 
God reveals his son in me that I might preach him.

                                 - FRANK HANK


A lady came to me with two months old pregnancy, 
she said “Help me convince my husband not to let us 
abort this baby, we have only one boy and he says he 
doesn’t want another child due to finances. 
The young man was a keyboardist in church. 
His wife was a member of the choir. 
I called him, what did I hear? He didn’t stammer! 
He didn’t shake! He said “How will we be coming to church? 
Two children on a motorcycle? I don’t have a car. 
I earn #45,000.00 as a keyboardist and I am repaying a 
loan of 300k which I collected in church for house rent! 
I cannot afford a baby now!
I said “what if I tell you that within the next seven 
months, you will be working at a better place, your 
loan would have been forgiven and you will have another 
stream of income?”
He said “I will keep the baby”
He got a job as the choir director of a bigger Parish the 
following month, our parish forgave the loan because he
 conducted himself very impressively, he even got a new 
keyboardist for us before he left! At the new church, the 
pastor learnt where he was coming was a bit far,
And gave him a Honda Accord Car! 
He registered the car with Uber this  became
another stream of income!
We did the naming ceremony of the baby a few months
later in his house. 
When he saw me, he hugged me and 
started crying! I was very embarrassed but I got it.
                                                      - The Brother in Jeans and T-shirt