He: I love you and I will like to marry you

She: WOW! Where did that come from? You are my friend, my best friend and you probably know too much about me than I am comfortable with. You know I love you but not in that way, you are my friend and this will kill our friendship

A month later she introduced her man to him.

She: He is the one and I plan to marry him

He: OK

They were posted for NYSC in different states

He saw her text, she had been dumped  by the one!

He jumped on the next bus, spent weeks with her. Helped her heal

NYSC sanctioned him

He waited a few months

Will you marry me now?

She: OK but let us date first

Two years later

Will you marry me now?

She: Let me talk to my pastor

He waited, six months later he lost us job

She: I am sorry, my pastor said if something terrible happened, I should take it as a signHe was devastated. Just like that? A girl her family and hers were already discussing clothes and cakes pending the go ahead of the pastor which was supposed to be a formality

He: This is a bit too convenient. I lose my job and now we can't get married?

She: Sorry, It was an omen


She calls

She: Hi, I was praying and I saw a revelation I think we need to pray about your career

He: OK

She: I know you're busy but let us fast for 3 days, we will break at 6pm after praying together. This is very important

He: OK

She: I will call you tomorrow by 6 for prayers

Day 1, she prayed. 1 hour long. Just as she was ringing off she said 'I love you'

Day 2. Same thing

Day 3. She prayed, said "I love you"

He didn't respond

She why don't you ever respond?

He: I don't know what to say

She: See, the same way I had this revelation,I had another one

He: Really?

She: Yes. I was vividly told by God that you are the one. Isn't God just wonderful?

He: I don't understand

She: If you believe in the prayer and fasting we just had, it shouldn't be hard for you to get that God talks to me. You are my husband. I love you

He: OK, I will talk to my pastor

She: I dont understand

He: Are we not supposed to test every spirit?

She: The word of God is always yes and Amen

That day he met an old friend and his sister. He told them the whole story.

They laughed

A year later, he married his friend's sister