God's Design

God's Design

She: Men do not truly appreciate what women go through during pregnancy

The body becomes big and bloated, her hormones go into an overdrive, she sacrifices her beauty to bear his children

No woman should have to go through that sacrifice for any man just to bear him children

Him: I agree. Why don’t we shelve the baby thing completely?

I am fine without children

All I want is to be with you

She: Nooo! I want children. It has always been my dream to have two children and you cannot talk me out of it

Him: I feel we should keep your body intact so that you don’t have to change in any way

I mean, why go through such a sacrifice when you can just enjoy a baby girl life of ease as my wife

She: No. (Gets angry) Why are you doing this? I asked you if you wanted children and you said you did

Suddenly, now you are trying to wriggle your way out of it

Don’t give me a reason to break up with you

The children thing is a deal breaker for me

Him: I am sorry. How many children do you want again?

She: It is not how many children I want, it is how many children do we want?

I love you and I want children of my own!”

I hear conversations like the one above constantly

It is a modern day toxic feminism theme which tries to magnify natural roles played by a gender and denigrate the natural role played by the other gender just for the sake of making an argument out of nothing

The family as a unit makes babies and nurtures them naturally

No gender’s sacrifice is greater than that of the other in the process

Children play a vital role in helping many ladies secure their place in their husband’s life as “wife” regardless of the religion or culture of the couple

Children also play a vital role in helping many men find fulfilment in life

While the man may not be the one carrying the baby in his body, he is surely the one carrying the baby and the mother on his mind

It is true that there are some irresponsible men and ladies out there who would not provide or appreciate their partners for the sacrifices both sides must make to build a home

Such folks are not in the majority

For most men, a pregnant wife means more work so as to make more money

They pray and worry constantly

Some men would gladly carry the pregnancy if they are given the opportunity but God in His infinite wisdom gave the privilege to the women folk so that while they do this, their man would be able to do the more required to provide, protect and pamper

The desire to have children is shared by both genders with ladies especially sold on the reality of bearing children as a validation of their motherhood

We should not then make it seem as if the burden is borne by one and not the other

A pregnant wife is usually a double pregnancy for the husband

He carries her and the infant in her everywhere he goes!