In Time

In Time


He started a bit later than others

It wasn’t by design

Life’s balls are sometimes curved

Jobless, homeless and hungry

Heaven’s windows shut to him

He sought solace in the company of a boli seller

Like the prophet under a Juniper tree

Word in, word out

Boli seller says to him

You need to see a sister in my church

He saw the sister, the sister saw him

The heart merged but the head did not

He does not have a job!

He does not have a house!

He does not have, have, have, have


She has everything

A career, a house, cars, savings, status, everything

What would it cost you to help him?

She made some calls

He got a job

He came around to say thank you

He: What about –

She: I cannot, we cannot be -


He kept the job, started rising

Once in a while he will send a text

An old friend is celebrating 40th birthday

He was there, all cuddly and dandy

Acting ‘boyfriend’ to her friend

Her eyes turned green


She: We need to see

He came

She: What was that I saw you doing at the party?

He: I don’t understand

She: Are you dating so and so?

He: We are still praying about it

She: Ok

He left

Next day, she called

Are you home?

He was

She cooked fantastic soup, got to his house in the morning

He was shocked

She played it cool

If he is good enough for her friend to pray about

She has decided to become ‘Unsilly’

She simply stated her case

‘I have the right of first refusal’ and I am not refusing

She had always been his choice

Time and life pushed him away

But now he is home

Her friend called him

The light has turned green

But she was late by a few hours

He had found his own green