His first encounter with "Juju", 
(demonic charms) was as a child! 
His parents had a friend who hails 
from Ayepe, a town in Ogun state. 
His father's friend's mother was 
celebrating her 70th birthday 
It was a big party with foldable 
wooden party chairs, canopies, 
jollof rice, Eba and Egunsi soup, 
slaughtered cows, eulogizing Bishops 
and so on! 
He remembered the event clearly! 
He was about six years old at the time! 
The drink at the occasion was Limca, 
Goldspot, Green Sans Sandy and 
alcoholic drinks! He drank too much
He needed to ease himself 
He found a deserted place behind a 
house and did his thing 
One of the residents of the house saw 
The resident went into the house and 
emerged with a pin which had been
 heavily laced with charms (People said
if that pin was used to touch the pool
of urine, the person who urinated there
would be unable to urinate again
He was going to teach the six-year old 
boy a lesson! 
Someone told someone 
His parents and the friend whose mother 
was celebrating heard 
They ran to the house 
They ran to meet the "lesson teacher" 
They begged him 
He flexed his muscle 
He said he would teach the small boy a 
lesson he would never forget 
People begged and begged
At the end of the day they gave him 
50 naira! 
This was a lot of money in 1986! 
As they drove away from the town, 
His parents told him never to wee-wee 
in public again! 
Evil people are everywhere 
"Evil people willing to use their evil 
powers to destroy anybody!"
Wow! He learned that lesson! 
Till today, he would never urinate in 
a public place
The lesson stayed with him! 
He also remembered Pastors, Reverends 
in the denomination they attended saying 
"Wickedness is real, witches are real, 
keep away from worshippers of demonic 
idols, Jesus is a lamb, keep your eyes on 
Those people will go to hell at the end 
of the day! 
That is their punishment but on this earth, 
they have power!" 
Such nonsense! 
He believed it at the time 
In fact, there was a time he would say 
while praying "Mr Devil, I am not one of 
those binding you! Just let me be! I will never
join those who are insulting you!" 
It was as a result of the impression 
those around him created about the devil! 
There were several other instances, 
until he became a born again Christian!
Even he didnt know the difference until 
he was invited to a naming ceremony in 
Ikirun, Osun state by a classmate while 
he was in the university! 
They were seated under the canopy outside 
when a group of masquerades arrived! 
The masquerades were begging for money 
and making a nuisance of themselves! 
He sat there, silent reading Mario Puzo's 
The Godfather when one of them
touched him on the shoulder! 
The masquerade somersaulted and 
landed on his back screaming in pain! 
The other masquerades ran! 
He didnt know the whole thing was real 
He thought it was a drama being done 
by the masquerades 
Until the masquerade started begging him
"Please sir, set me free! 
Please sir, I am sorry! 
I wanted to test my charmed ring on you sir! 
Just for fun! 
I didn't know you have power 
Please sir 
He laid his hand on the masquerade's head 
and said "I set you free in Jesus name" 
The masquerade was released at once! 
From that time, fetish people kept far 
away from him! 
He remembered going to his village while 
#they were having "Ogiyan festival" 
He just wanted to watch the show those 
people were putting on! 
When he got to their square, the pot of fire 
the young ladies were carrying on their
heads started exploding! 
Some of them got mild burns all over 
their bodies! 
It was a catastrophe! 
Their leader couldn't believe it 
They had done all the sacrifices needed 
to be done Why were things not working 
out according to plan Wow! 
It was His presence that broke the demons
After he left, the show went on! 
This was a village where the Oro cult
once killed a pregnant woman for coming
out during their week and all the Christians
took it as giving unto caesar!
When he moved to Lagos, he would 
hear of demonic houses built by landlords 
said to be using the "glory" of tenants 
He would go out of his way to rent such 
a house! 
After at most a year, the landlord would 
beg him to leave! 
Houses where people died once a year
experienced a case of no death in many 
A fetish white garment pastor had to close 
down his church and move somewhere else
simply because he moved into the compound 
There was this time, his landlady got a man 
reputed to be very fetish to be her caretaker! 
The man came to see him 
As they were talking the man attempted to use
Charms on him! (To get him to pay a disputed 
fee that the landlady wanted to collect illegally)
The way he looked at the man, 
the man respected himself and left his house! 
The man said "I didnt know you are a son 
of the elders" (There is nothing like son of
the elders, he is a Son of God through Christ
Witches run when they see him 
Unclean spirit leave those they were tormenting 
Sometimes he didn't even have to talk or touch!
Being a believer is not a small thing! 
It is not a weakness! 
It is being full of God! 
When he was in the university 
He had an encounter with a young lady 
They call her queen! 
Since the day she was born, she had 
never cut her hair! 
Her family was royal and she was their priestess
She had a lot of people in bondage 
Her father prostrated to greet her 
When she blesses her father, 
he succeeded in his political endeavours! 
When she is upset, her father falters
This lady told him she would fight him 
to the finish for preaching that demons 
have no power and that all power belong
to believers through the Lord Jesus and
the Holy Spirit! 
The lady boasted of all the destinies that
dare to challenge her and how she swallowed
them all
He took some sand, in public, and threw it 
at this lady! This lady ran mad! Mad! Mad!
After three days, the lady's people asked 
him to pray for her 
He did and hetold them to cut her hair! 
They told him once her hair is cut she 
would no longer qualify to be a priestess!
 He told them she had to cut it! 
Today she is a born again Christian, married
to a pastor, works in a bank and 
lives a very glorious life
You have the power that overcomes the world 
You cannot be a victim 
You cannot be charmed 
You cannot be afflicted 
Your name cannot be taken to a coven
 or any altar for evil 
You are not ordinary 
Open your eyes and see! 
You are nobody's father's mate when 
it comes to the things of the spirit! 
You have been placed above all! 
Stop fretting that somebody is doing juju 
Stop running up and down because of 
Stop being scared of demonic powers 
If only you will walk in the light! 
If only you will work with the Holy Spirit! 
If only you will see
He that is from above is above all! 
Idols are nothing to you! 
All the magic of Egypt was nothing 
to Moses 
The antics of Molech was nothing to 
Dagon fell and lost its head and hands 
before the Ark of covenant 
Jesus made an open show of the devil 
and demons in HELL 
You win!

PS: He will be ministering at New Heritage 
Baptist Church Somolu from the 18-20th 
January 2020! 
If you are a believer and believe you 
are being afflicted or there is a demonic 
pattern in your life! Please come! 
There will be a fellowship of His Kind! 
You must not miss it!