Love Story

His gaze was upon me while I was 
roaming the valley of the dead
My tattered clothes, weary facial 
expression, thirsty soul all opened to him
My skin covered with hideous spots -- 
a spotted Hyena would laugh at the 
Jolts of pain coursed through me
My boil-covered soles grazed upon 
the gravels in pain
The pus reeked of stench of death 
and pain intertwined.

I was lost, tired, and hopeless.
Yet, He kept looking at me
Definitely out of my league
He appeared to be a prince, or king? 
I wondered
A royalty.

He walked up to me, and introduced 
himself as the elder
His eyes were glistening 
His texture of his hair was different
The whitest thing I had ever seen
He had on his head a mind-blowing 
crown encrusted with stones
At each degree of the tilt of his head, 
a different colour reflected
It was an array of gemstones -- 
Pigeon blood ruby, lapis lazuli, sapphire, 
rose quartz, peridot, tourmaline etc
Oh boy, he is rich!
What a revelation of a man!

He told me he wanted me
He told me he loved me
Surely, he must be kidding. So I thought.

I was positive those eyes could actually see
No one would have proposed to someone 
like me
I wouldn't have proposed to someone like 
myself too! 
A stinking and lost person I was.

Yet, his eyes carried the universe
It showed a depth I knew couldn't 
be filled
His bronze skin reflected the stars in 
the heavenlies
Everything seemed to bow to him

Who are you, elder?

I had been neglected by people who 
didn't measure up to a percent of the elder
People I could have sworn were perfect
If they were devil themselves, 
I'd throw the long spoon in the ocean

This was too good to be true
There on his white horse he was seated, 
waiting for an answer from me
I couldn't deny the love in his eyes
So, I agreed to date him

For he proposed to me-- a bent knee by 
human standard gave way and was replaced 
by his death on the cross
Oh, he paid the bride price!

The symbol of the engagement not a ring, 
but eternal life imparted to my spirit.

A marriage not cut short by the limitation of 
the human life, but one which endures for 

Oh, my lover moved heaven and 
earth to get to me
I have been made special from the outset 
of the relationship.
I remember where you pulled me from, 
my lover
And absolutely nothing can separate me 
your love
Thank you bread of life
I love you always.

Romans 5:8 NIV
8 But God demonstrates his own love 
for us in this: While we were still sinners, 
Christ died for us.

Just come as you are, the master loves 
you immeasurably.