The Seed of Love

The Seed of Love

You cannot plant every seed on every sand

You cannot plant some plants together on the same field

Soils can either make your plant thrive or wither 

Some plants can help other plants grow while they make other plants wither 

Remember what you expect to harvest depends on your choices 

Try to choose right 

Love is a seed, People are the soil 

Be watchful where you plant your love 

The soil wouldn’t say to the farmer, don’t plant this seed in me 

The farmer must be the one to decide what seed fits 

Some people are meant to thrive with you in friendship, but they will make terrible lovers

It is not all friends that you fall in love with 

Some people can make you thrive in love for a while like a cocoa tree planted in a flower pot 

At first the tree and the pot are friends, helping each other grow but as the days go by the cocoa tree will outgrow the pot 

If it is not transplanted to the soil, the tree roots will break the pot and destroy it 

It is just its nature, you can’t blame the tree 

There are destinies meant to be greater than yours 

If you dream so small and the other is dreaming so big, it is best to let it be

If the pot deprives the cocoa of nourishment, it will wither and die 

If the pot gives the cocoa tree nourishment, the cocoa tree will grow and destroy it 

They are a wrong fit 

Always remember this 

A woman wants a husband to share a flat with and grow old together with 

The husband wants to conquer the world 

The cocoa tree cannot fulfil its potential in a pot, it is meant for much more

A bread seller once got caught in the frame of a camera 

She was married with children

Her picture created a sensation so great it took her to the halls of fame

How would her husband cope with it all? 

She had attained a height he could never understand 

Perhaps it was good fortune for her but it was a whole new reality for him 

He was a non-literate poor man married to a diva

That moment in the frame changed everything 

She rose like a meteor

He wilted into the background 

Should she refuse the call of destiny and stick with him or accept the call of destiny and lose him? 

She made her choice 

The road to glory is littered with the skeletons of decision 

If she refused the fame, regret would follow 

If she accepted the fame, change would follow 

The cocoa tree just wouldn't fit into the pot once it has been transplanted 

Not all fishes can thrive in the sea, some are meant for small ponds 

Sometimes the plant and the soil fit in the beginning but time and life happen to them 

The pot breaks or the plant refuses to thrive 

Such is life! 

A man and a woman start life in love in a country, then one travels abroad and distance becomes the enemy 

There are many reasons love fail 

Sometimes it was never really there 

Sometimes it was there only in a small dose 

Sometimes it just isn't enough 

The ideal is for the right plant to be planted on the right soil 

Both the soil and the plant benefit

This is my prayer for all my young ones 

That you are planted in the right place and that you thrive together