I was a pastor preaching and 
teaching the law of Moses for 16 years before 
I discovered the GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST. 
When I discovered the GOSPEL, 
I was still afraid to preach it because of what 
my mentors in the law, fellow pastor friends, 
other believers and my own children in the 
faith were going to say. 
The first day I attempted to preach the 
gospel in a big meeting I was hosted as a 
guest speaker with the title 
"Atmosphere of grace and glory ", a young minister 
from that meeting met me in my hotel room 
and told me I preached heresy. 
My God! 
For many weeks I was sad! 
Then a facebook pastor friend who preaches 
the grace gospel hosted me in Portharcourt city . 
For the first time I preached the gospel with 
so much freedom, zeal and passion and 
I felt for the first time what I never felt in my 
entire life of preachings and teachings. 
Ask me what it was? 
I felt peace like a river! 
Then my mentors began to descend on me 
one after the other. 
One told me you preach and writes like 
you wrote the Bible. 
I was blocked and disowned. 
Another called me on the phone and said,
 Pastor Dan, what is the meaning of all the 
nonsense you have gone into now? 
I tried to explain, no way! 
I traveled 9 hours on the road to visit him 
in the city of ABUJA to discuss this he 
sent me out of his house in the presence 
of his wife, children and other visitors as 
a heretic. 
I lost all my mentors! 
I started loosing my pastor friends who started 
telling one another 
I had join a group of heretic preachers of grace
 giving people license to sin. 
Then sons in the faith started their own drama.
 Some called on phone. 
Others visited. 
And the question is same; pastor what happened? 
You never started like this! 
We remembered what you taught us then! 
They quoted my own former message of law 
I tried to explain and some told me to my face, 
we don't believe this new revelation. 
Others were calm and never said a word. 
Then some other few nodded their heads in 
agreement and said this is the truth. 
Then, my senior pastor in Ibadan and his wife 
returned from a six months military course 
and called me and told me, pastor Dan, 
the church is really growing with this message 
you are preaching but we don't believe it at all.
 God did not call us to preach this kind of message 
they continued. 
We like you as a vibrant young minister, 
We love you boldness in preaching, 
And we admire your versed knowledge of the Word, 
but we are afraid, you are going to corrupt the church 
was what they said. 
Then they presented two options and asked me 
to choose one. 
The options are; 1.Change your message and 
compromise with us and maintain your house 
and remain a pastor with our ministry or 
2.Continue with your grace message and vacate 
the pastoral quarter and we bid you bye! 
I told them I choose the second option; 
to vacate the pastoral apartment and leave 
the ministry. 
I left! 
Then boom, an international door opened 
that same year. 
It was a blast! I grew wings like an eagle and 
soar in freedom like a bird let loosed from the 
Today, I am not ashamed of the GOSPEL OF CHRIST, 
for it is the power of God unto salvation to 
everyone that believe. 
So many ministers have discovered what 
the true New Testament message is, but 
they are afraid to preach it with boldness. 
They are still mixing law and grace! 
Be free in Jesus name 


Prophets in a cave 
Obadiah hid one hundred prophets in a cave
while Prophet Elijah locked up the heaven!
Obadiah fed 100 prophets while God fed
Elijah through ravens and a widow
Some prophets depend on a man for sustenance
Elijah depended solely on God
The law depends on misguided men to
When put to the test, it fails
The gospel rides upon the wings of the
Holy Spirit
By itself, it is the power of God unto
Choose your stand wisely! 
The Pastor that told me to my face that 
I am taking people to hell for preaching 
Grace as against works of he law, went 
into hiding during the Corona Virus pandemic! 
The Law was not strong enough a defence! 
I stood upon the authority of the name of 
Jesus and healed the sick! 
I rescued the perishing and cared for the dying 
I supplied the needy bread and water 
I was on the frontline 
Grace lifted me 
Love lifted me 
The Spirit of Jesus was at work in me 
No wonder the Bible called what they preach 
"Dead Works" 
Only the gospel of Jesus can indeed destroy 
the works of the evil one! Glory be to God - GSW 


Doing the Gospel 

I woke up in a funny mood today, 
some Christians around me were chatting on 
They belong to a group that I also belong to 
The conversation went from encouraging 
to a farce in two minutes 
One actually wrote “There are only a few 
John G. Lakes in the world” and taunted the 
other one that there is a quarantine center in 
Yaba where those who claim to be “Christians” 
can actually go to test their “Christianess” 
In a church worker’s group! 
Oh my God! 
These guys claimed to be sound and often 
engage in all sorts of arguments to support 
their claim and yet, they were practically 
rubbishing the claims of the scripture about 
who they are and who we are in Christ. 
You never know a believer until it is time 
to put our faith to work! 
While many are praying day daily for the plague 
to die, these ones were trading doubt and unbelief 
No wonder Jesus wondered aloud if he would 
meet faith on earth upon his return! 
Talk is indeed cheap 
These are guys that will fight you to the death 
if you dare claim that salvation and righteousness 
are free gifts 
These are the “perform”to earn “Heaven” hardliners 
and fanatics 
Their arguments were against fellow believers 
and harmless humans! 
When the opportunity came through Corona Virus 
for them to rid the world of this evil, they started 
mocking the same gospel they claimed they 
believe in without a second thought! 
No wonder many Christians are like sheep 
without a shepherd! 
The thing they defend as belief was mere 
mental assent and agreement. 
The gospel is not real to them in any way! 
They can’t do the gospel they claimed saved 
They can only regurgitate stale arguments and 
throw words in the air! 
Empty barrels! 
I have prayed for many “Suspected” Corona Virus 
victims in the last two weeks! 
Both on the phone or physically! 
I know many people will jump on this and start 
trying to say all sorts! 
I have not made any claims I cannot prove 
I am not here to please you or your world! 
I have only one audience! 
I please the Holy Spirit everyday! 
If you or your loved one come to me in a 
time of distress, I cannot turn my back on you! 
The gospel that saved me demand that 
I rescue the perishing and care for the dying! 
If all you can do is pray, do so 
If you can send relief to those who are holed up 
somewhere now without any means of sustenance, 
do so! 
Join us as we intercede every night, 
Declare a fast and declare the word 
The one thing you must not do as a believer 
is hide in a cave and wait for the evil to pass! 
It is at such a time as this that we know who 
the true believers are 
It is at such a time like this that we release 
hope, faith and love to the world through 
the Holy Ghost 
This is not the time to cry “repent” or 
claim “God did this” 
This is a time to be a solution 
This is a time to be Christ to the world!