Reading The Logos Out Loud

Reading The Logos Out Loud

Last year, a young lady reached 
out to me and wrote, "Sir,
I need someone to talk to. 
Can I talk to you ? Or is 
there anyone you could direct 
me to sir?"

I responded in the affirmative that 
she could talk to me so she goes 
ahead to send 3 voice notes of 
about 10mins altogether.

The details:
Every night, something always 
comes to press her down terribly
whenever she gets into bed and
It had been on for months

She had a daily night visitation 
from a personality who would 
come sleep beside her on the 
bed - it wasn't in her dreams; 
It was in reality -

she knew when he came in, 
could feel him beside her but 
NEVER saw him

She had prayed, fasted and 
gone on some mountain; the day 
she was ending a 3 day prayer 
and fast, this personality showed up 
and this time, attempted to strangle 
her to death.

She was tired and about ending it 
all because no one had been able 
to help her; Pastors, Prophets, 
G.Os etc.

As I listened to all the VNs, I smiled 
and I told her so too.

We arranged to meet after service 
on Sunday so we could have a one on one.
Sunday came and we got to talk

What did I tell her?
1.    A Believer can never be demon 
2. A Believer who is oppressed is ignorant
3. Read the bible out loud for 30 mins and
 pray in tongues thereafter for 30mins daily

Did I pray for her? No!
Why? There was nothing to pray about  -

She was a tongue-talking Believer who 
simply lacked understanding of her true 

Her testimony is attached hereunder

Now why have I written all these?

There's something Supernatural about 
reading God's word out loud for your 
ears to hear; It reconditions your spirit 
and also your physical atmosphere.

God's word has inherent power 
and ability to cause changes and 
produce results.

Get His word into your spirit and 
speak it our by faith then watch 
your life take the shape of your 
words - His words

- Pastor Eyitayo Bamidele