Running Ahead?

Running Ahead?

After I finished my NYSC, I got 
a job with a multinational company 
and had to be on training for 
4months. The training required different 
learnings including On-the-Job Training 
(OJT) with two departments (one on the 
field and another in the office). 
It looked exciting at the beginning 
and I was like YES! I’m in for this 
(initial gra gra was doing me)

After two or three trips with one 
Of the technical experts on the field, 
I got tired and said to myself that 
I wasn’t made for this 
I was in a BRT to Ikorodu on 
one of the field trips and I quietly 
told my Abba that I couldn’t do the job.

I moved to start OJT in the other 
department and it seemed way better 
than the fieldwork (who no like 
better thing ), we were on 
different morning and night shifts and 
I had off days. So I told my Abba 
to allow me to stay in this department 
since it was better (to me) than 
the other one where I had to 
be on the field. He immediately 
told me, No and I was heartbroken
How will something be this good 
and you’re telling me No

I told him to see, that this department 
was better than the field and I 
was listing some advantages it 
had over the other fieldwork. 
He didn’t even argue with me, 
he just went quiet, I also kept 
quiet and didn’t argue further.

After the training, I went back 
to Abba and said the training 
has ended. I needed to leave 
this place because I couldn’t just 
imagine myself on the field
He didn’t say anything (as per He 
already told me what to do, 
so I decided to kukuma complete the 
training process.

The exam came, I sat for it and aced it. 
Then it was time for deployment - 
the time we had all waited for 
(and my heart was doing kikum kikum).

The training tutor came to announce to 
us that there was an opening in two 
departments within the company 
(different from the ones where I had 
the OJT) and they needed us to fill 
that space 
How could this be??? It has never 
happened before.

Unknowingly to me, the one who sits 
on the throne and controls the entire 
affairs of the universe went ahead 
of me to create a space for me 
within the organization. It was then 
it dawned on me and I understood 
why He asked me to wait till 
the end of the training.

I was miraculously deployed to 
one of the departments (I used 
miraculous because Abba did something 
here again) and my career path was 
formed from that department.

Lesson from this is: Be sure you’re 
where God wants you to be per time, 
don’t run ahead of him.

Don’t get worked up if things 
aren’t going the way you thought 
it would go, go back to the one 
that asked you to be there 
In the first place and get directions 
or more instructions from him.

While you’re at it, be patient 
with yourself, with people, and trust 
God in the process. 
Hebrews 10:23 (NLT).