Seeing Eyes

Seeing Eyes

Seeing Eyes

He got his job through the Holy Spirit 
He was seated at home having his daily 
fellowship with the Holy Spirit when 
his eyes suddenly opened and he saw 
a vision 
He saw a building, tall and majestic 
He saw people walking in and out of 
the office 
All the people he saw were formally 
Some had briefcases while others had 
folders and large envelopes
There was a lot of activities around the office
it was like a brokerage firm on WALL Street
but it was located in an area he knew very well
in Lagos
He saw himself walk into the office, but it
felt like routine
The security men at the gate greeted 
him warmly
They knew him
He saw himself walk into the office 
The other staff members acknowledged 
A nod here and a smile there
He felt very much at home
When he got to the main door of the office, 
he placed his  thumb on the biometrics
The door swung open
He turned to the right and saw a lady
The lady said "Welcome sir and handed 
him a file"
He walked past the lady to a door
He saw his name boldly written on that door
He also saw the title "Manager, Health and 
Safety Department"
He walked
into his office
He saw his briefcase, some personal 
effects and a picture of himself and his 
wife on the table
It was his office
His office was prestigious and also had 
a very wonderful view of the lagoon
The vision lasted for about ten minutes, 
he tried to push it further to see
beyond what had been revealed but 
somehow the light flickered out sharply
He had been searching for a job for 
two years
The firm he worked with until he got 
married suddenly folded up due to 
He had done everything in his power 
to get another job
At a point he just
decided Solomon's method of casting 
his bread upon many waters was making 
him anxious and agitated.
He decided to shift his focus from the 
"Job" to the Helper of the Helpless
He was sure the Holy Spirit will come 
through for him
So he stopped dropping applications 
everywhere and 
focussed on his relationship with the 
Holy Spirit
"Where would you have me serve?
What would you have me do?
How do i fit into your plans today?
Those became his daily prayers
He had met the Holy Spirit while he 
was in the university and they had 
done a lot of things together as
he matured
It was through the Holy Spirit that 
he met his wife
He went to school for his final clearance 
before NYSC when he saw her
She was walking out of the school library
He had spent five years in the school 
studying Petroleum engineering and 
he could swear he had never seen
her before
She saw him and waved
He waved back and waited
She said "Hi, my name is so and so, 
we met during your convocation 
I came to eat rice at your stand. 
I came with your cousin XYZ"
He couldn't recollect her but it was 
true that his cousin XYZ brought some 
friends to his convocation party
They talked from the library all the 
way to the faculty and administrative 
He bought her lunch and somehow 
found himself reluctant to part with her
They talked about a lot of things he 
couldn't remember
Mostly campus stuff and how things
were changing
She was in 300 level, studying economics
She had a huge crush on him
He smelled it immediately and was 
drawn in by it
She spent the whole day with him
When he was done for the day and was 
about to return home, she followed him 
to the school's main gate
Just as he
was about to bid her goodbye
The Holy Spirit said to him, you will 
marry her on the 27th of June 20xx!
Four years away
He turned around and told her to 
write down the date
He said he would discuss something 
about the date with her later
He left
Before he got home, she had sent 
him a message saying "That is the 
date of our wedding, isn't it?"
He simply replied "Yes"
They got married that very day
The two families chose the date 
without any form of influence from 
The wedding went smoothly and so 
did their marriage
The only step he had taken outside
of the Holy Spirit was the job he lost
His church pastor recommended him 
for the job 
He didn't pray about it
He saw it as an opportunity to be 
taken heads on especially because 
he didn't want to disappoint his pastor 
by saying no or second-guessing him
His fingers inevitably got
His wife was very supportive
They had to cut their expenses and 
hold off some of their immediate plans 
so that they can spread her income as 
wide as possible to meet their needs
He kept himself busy by working with 
the teenagers and young adults in 
the church
He also started
learning how to play the saxophone
He was a little concerned about the 
silence of the Holy Spirit on the job 
issue but he had learned how to rest 
A sheep does not dictate to its shepherd
Until that day the vision came to him...
It was so unexpected and so vivid he 
woke up still
smelling the scent of his wooden 
office desk
He saw the vision at about 4 AM
He got on his feet and prayed for an 
hour afterward
He prayed until he got out of the bathroom
He dressed in the exact same suit he 
saw himself wearing in the vision
He told his wife he needed to drive to
the Island
He needed to check something out
His wife was dressed too but would be 
leaving for work later because the 
bank where she worked was located 
very close to the house
She hugged and blessed him
He got in his car, opened the gate 
and started reversing out of the 
It was still very dark outside
He didn't see a Toyota Sequoia speeding 
down the street
All he heard was a screech and the 
next thing was his car spinning into 
the road

It was a minor accident
He got down
The driver of the big jeep got down
He examined himself
His wife rushed out
of the house
The driver of the Jeep started begging
He apparently fell asleep behind the wheel
It was clear that the Jeep was guilty
It veered off the road completely, climbed 
the kerb off the road and hit his small 
car while backing out of the driveway
He didn't know why he was 
Perhaps it was as a result of the shock 
of being so closed to death or being 
scared witless
He just wanted to sit down and breathe
Neighbours started putting on their lights 
and some even came out to see what 
was going on
The Backdoor of the Jeep opened 
A "big" man emerged
The man walked towards him, looked 
at the jeep and said "I am sorry for this 
but i have a meeting that I must not 
fail to attend by 8am! 
We were hurrying off to the meeting 
when this happened. 
I will leave my driver here to stay 
with you until our insurance people 
get here. I 
have called them
I will drive myself to the meeting
I apologize for the inconvenience 
this will cause you today but I promise 
you that we will take care of the bill 
for the repair or replacement of your car!
Can i have your card, please?
His wife was in a better frame of mind
She exchanged cards with the big man
He said to the Big man "Please take your 
driver with you, sir, I believe you"
The big man walked back to him & shook his hand
"You won't regret this sir," The big man said
The big man and his driver left
An hour later he was in a BRT to the Island
When he got to the office complex that
he saw in the vision
He adjusted his jacket and walked in
The security men by the gate asked
him to fill a form
The company is an oil servicing company
While he waited at the security office, he
saw a lot of petroleum-related magazines,
publications and journals
He looked into the compound of the
He couldn't believe his sight
He was looking right at Sequoia that
hit his car four hours before
The dent on the vehicle was visible
from the left side where he was
He took out the card given to his wife
and filled out the name of the man
and his position as the one he wanted
to see
One of the security men led him to the
front desk officer
Another security guy posted at the front
desk office took him to the elevator
Another one rode the elevator with
him and led him straight to the MD's
As soon as he got to the reception of
the MD's office, the receptionist jumped
to her feet and said "Follow me sir"
He was ushered into the conference
He saw the MD and his team on one side
and the Italian Contingent on the other
They had been waiting for the Health
and safety manager for some minutes
It was an investment meeting and
there was a column for him to sign
The MD smiled and asked the members
of the meeting to excuse him
The MD led him into another ante-room
and said "I told so and so to send me
a certified guy from their division, are
you Mr. So and so?"
He said No
He gave the MD the card and explained
that he was looking for a job and
found it odd that they had met
earlier that morning
The MD looked at him and said
"What did you study?
He said engineering
The MD said do you have any
certification in Safety Engineering
He said yes!
The MD said "You have the job"
They walked back into the office
The MD introduced him as the
new Health and Safety Manager
He shook hands and signed the
They had lunch after the meeting
He got to know his colleagues
and the MD personally showed 
him to his office
It was exactly what he saw in the
The view, the furniture, everything
He also got an official car and a
salary almost twenty times what he
was earning before
When he got home around 9pm
that day
His car which was damaged in the
morning, had been replaced
His wife confirmed that she was
eight weeks pregnant and he came
home bearing the news of a 
brand new job that was woven
out of vision into reality!
The bright lights shinning upon
his household from heaven was
almost blinding!
He worked in the company for
six years before starting a firm
of his own
His firm started in 2018 and is
making headway in the oil and gas

PS: The hearing ear, and the 
seeing eye, the LORD hath made 
even both of them.
There are gifts that help us as we
journey through life with the Holy
Such gifts and their manifestation
keeps our courses steady in shaky
periods and moments of doubt
Many of us would want to have
such a gift but we do not nourish
our relationship with the Holy
You must know the giver before you
can use the gift effectively

GSW's notes: We are not supposed
to be walking aimlessly through
We have a guide, an instructor, a 
teacher and a leader whose duty
is to lead us all the days of our
Many of us are impatient and we do
our will and then complain when
things dont work out
A hymn composer penned the following
"Lord, lead me up
the mountain side,
I dare not climb
without my Guide;
And, heaven gained,
I'll gaze around,
With grateful heart
from higher ground.

Lord, lift my up
and let me stand,
By faith,
on heaven's tableland;
Where love, and joy,
and light abound,
Lord, plant my feet
on higher ground."

Let us stop making moves without
the leading of the Holy Spirit
That way we save ourselves from
wrong turns and a waste of time
and energy

It is time to deepen your walk with
the Holy Spirit