The Bloodhound

The Bloodhound
The Bloodhound

It started when she was twelve
A few weeks before the day it started
She had sen her first period
Even though her mother took time to explain 
to her what would happen
Even though she had learned about it in theory 
in school
It took her by surprise!
It happened on a Saturday
She went to grind pepper for her mother 
around noon  
The woman grinding the pepper called her 
attention to it
Her skirt was "wet" at the back!
It was the day she knew what it means to be 
She felt all eyes were on her
She didn't know what to do
Somehow she walked home without spilling 
the pepper
When she got home, she told her mother
Her mother prepared a hot bath and gave her a 
sanitary pad
Her mother told her she had become a woman
She must henceforth be conscious of that
She could get pregnant if she messed around 
with boys
She must pay attention to her cycle and prepare 
for it every month
She must not treat her period as a sickness
It is normal and something to look forward to with joy
Because without it, she would never become a mother!
She got it!
A few days later, her cycle was over
She was sleeping in her room around 1 AM when 
she felt a hand
roaming all over her body!
It was a dream!
She was actually seeing the man that she was with
His face was not so clear but he was making 
her tingle all over
He didn't take off her clothes
She was naked and willing and he took her
When she woke up she was shivering all over
She has had sex in her locked room with a 
strange person
She was relieved and troubled
At least she was sure it wasn't physical but the 
way her own 
body reacted to the dream was troubling
She didn't tell anybody, she just went back to sleep
That was the beginning of the visits and the dreams
Sometimes she would have only the dream
Sometimes she would have the visit without a dream
It didn't matter if she wore panties, tight, leggings, 
and bars of iron
She would have sexual encounters and sometimes 
orgies in the dream several times a month!
SHe fasted and prayed, she wanted it to stop!
It was not pleasurable!
It was psychologically devastating and made her fearful
But she couldn't bring herself to tell anybody!
She wanted to but she didn't even know how to say it
or what to say!
When she completed her junior high school
Her Father was transferred to another state 
and her mother
decided she would relocate with him
It would mean either pulling the four children 
out of school
or enrolling them in the boarding house
Their school had boarding house facilities and her
parent chose the latter
She resumed the next school term in the 
boarding house 
She assumed the change of environment will 
make things better
It didn't!
Things only got worse!
Seeing so many naked bodies in the bathroom,
 dressing up and talking "dirty" was too much 
of a reflection
of her lustful and erotic sexual encounters
She was very quiet by nature and keeps to herself
But somehow a predator noticed her
The predator was a year her senior, she 
was a tomboy
and a very domineering personality
One night, she was having one of her dreams 
when she felt
a hand slide into panties and right inside her
She could have sworn it was one of those visits
But when she opened her eyes, there was a 
physical body
on the bed beside her, licking her all over and 
setting her 
fourteen years old body on fire
They became an item after then
"Bloke and babe"!
The Bloke and babe relationship was common in 
their school!
Not rampant but very common and considered normal
For those who are inclined towards it, it was quite 
easy to initiate, consummate and maintain!
For those who are not inclined towards it
A simple "NO" is sufficient to keep the hunter at bay
For them, it was all a bit of fun and adventure
Of course it was a special bond between friends
Seeing each other's nakedness and exploring each 
other's sexuality
Blokes do the hunting, babes do the caring
Their relationships are always monogamous
If a bloke and babe fell out, neither would choose
another partner unless one was a senior and graduated
There was no club and there was no law
It just was as it was!
Her bloke her she had watched her for a while
She noticed that she was restless in her sleep and was 
always constantly touching herself in her sleep
That was the cue she took to try her luck to see if they 
could be together!
She loved the relationship! 
It didn't take the dreams away but the visitations reduced
Sometimes she would have been spent with her
adventures with her bloke and the visitor would arrive
to meet a tired unresponsive body!
After a while, the visitation stopped altogether
She felt she had found the solution
Her body was longing for sex and her subconscious 
imagined it all!
When she started having a real physical intimate
The imagined "faceless and bodyless" visitor
 faded away
Her worst fears had been banished
She starting doing better than average in her 
academic work
The fear she had nursed for over two years lifted
She was okay after all!
Just hypersexual by nature and as expected nature 
had provided her a solution!
She discussed her dreams and visitation 
with her bloke
Her bloke confirmed her theory, she said 
"The body wants what it wants and would get 
it either way"
The relationship ended badly
Her bloke was flung out of a bus on the way back for
her final year!
She died instantly!
The relationship lasted for one year!
It was devastating!
The fear resumed and almost immediately, the 
visitation followed it
She never recovered!
She barely paid attention in school and her result 
showed it
She didn't repeat any class but she failed her final 
examinations woefully
After three attempts, she finally gained admission 
into the University to study Zoology
She was an average student, almost like a shadow
Her life was seriously complicated and frightful 
She had prayed seriously for divine intervention
She had met with several pastors, priests and 
other spiritualists
Nobody seemed to know how to help her
"Keep praying, trust in God" was the best she got
Some gave her Bible passages to read
Some gave her religious stuff to put in her room
Perfumes, holy water, crosses, candles, incense to 
ward off evil spirits,
oil to rub her body and powder for her face
Her mother really tried
She didn't speak up until her boyfriend died mysteriously
She met him when she was in her third year
She was living off campus at the time
He was a fresh student and two years younger than her
He got his letter of admission quite late and resumed 
months after the other students
He couldn't get a room in the male hostel
He rented the room next to hers
She cozied up to him immediately
They were having sex within a week
He went to the mango plantation close to their 
school with 
some friends about two months later
He climbed a mango tree with ant infested branches
He fell down as the branch he was standing on 
gave way
and died!
It was bizarre and comical!
By the time she spoke up, she was told her two
elder sisters had the same challenge!
It had always been in the family
Her mother was the only one who got "married' out of 
her own siblings
Even then, her mother was not her Father's first wife
She was the mistress who moved in under 
suspicious circumstances
after her Father's first and main wife died 
without a child!
After her service year, she heard of a pastor
An anointed man of God who has a very powerful 
deliverance ministry
She went for one of his services and booked 
an appointment
They met and she told him her story
He said she needed deliverance from the 
powers of darkness
He gave her an address to come to for the 
She went to the address
He laid hands on her, she started manifesting
He told her the demons were too strong
They were unclean spirits and do not bow to anyone not 
dressed like them
He told her demons are always naked and therefore 
they have to 
take off their clothes for the demons to listen
She quickly did and begged him to please take his 
clothes off too
She desperately wanted to be free
 He told her the demons could attack whosoever 
set her free
He wouldn't want to be their victim
She begged him on her knees with tears streaming 
down her face
The visitor had grown so powerful that sometimes 
when she is 
asleep in her own room, she would hear someone 
open the locked door
from outside, walk into the room, lie down beside 
her and make love to her while she was awake 
and conscious!
She would hold her breathe and cry
Sometimes she would scream in protest
Sometimes she would shout "Leave me alone! 
Leave me alone"
He would leave but only to return again and again 
until she was too emptionally drained to fight !
She was told she had to become Born Again 
She did!
She was told she had to speak in tongues
She did!
But her reality remained unchanged!
The pastor took off his clothes and the dance 
started all over
He laid hands and spoke in tongues
But this time she didn't manifest
Unlike the first time when she felt something 
moving inside her
Her eyes were on his erection
It had been such a long time
Of course, he wanted to sleep with her
Of course, he played a trick on her
Of course, she knew he was married with children
But her path might be like her mother's
A mistress, then a wife!
She became his mistress that day
He gave her a job in the church bookshop as a salesgirl
His legal way of paying her bills
She didn’t mind being his side chick
It was better than being tortured by a spirit
The pastor also had a level of power
He didn’t turn up dead like the others 
The dreams became less frequent and 
the visitor stopped coming totally
She was finally living for somebody
After a year, she decided it was time to get pregnant 
for the pastor
He might end up leaving her 
He had told her he couldn’t marry a second wife 
because of his ministry 
She just felt it would be priceless for her to have 
her own children
She was 27 years old by this time!
But she couldn’t conceive!
The affair went on for six years
One day the pastor’s wife fell ill, she was diagnosed 
with a rare form of cancer
They flew her abroad for treatment
The pastor went to a neighboring country for a ministration 
The housemaid wanted to prepare lunch for the children
She lit a match not knowing the gas was leaking
Everything went “Kaboom”
The housemaid and The pastor’s children died
The pastor sacked her from the bookshop the following day
He blamed her for the tragedy
Told her it was her spirit husband that ruined him!
She slipped into depression afterwards 
The visitor returned followed by the dreams
She was 33 years old, depressed and desolate
She joined a multi-level marketing business
Started peddling Korean health products
She invested herself in it and started turning 
profits within a year
She was able to pay her rent and stay alive
One of her supervisors took interest in her
She needed the company even though she knew 
he was not someone she wanted to be with 
They made love about two months after he asked 
her out on a date
It was a quiet evening and it was okay
Two weeks later he chatted her up again
They met at his apartment and had sex for the 
second time
He called her the next morning and said 
“Are you possessed?”
She didn’t know how to answer him
He said “The first time we had sex, that night 
I had a dream in which I saw a pack of mad 
dogs attacking me! They tore at me and 
wounded me seriously! 
I woke up with marks all over my neck, hands 
and legs. I thought it was just a bad dream until 
I met with you again and yesternight I got 
seriously whipped in my dream! 
The marks are all over my body and I am in 
serious pain. 
What are you not telling me?”
She didn’t know what to say
She just kept quiet!
Two days later she called the Brother in Jeans 
and T-shirt 
They met at his office
She told him her story
He apologized on behalf of the pastor that 
abused her
Many pastors need help and our prayers
It is so easy to lose one’s way in this messed 
up world
He led her to Christ and invited the Holy Spirit
 into her life
He laid hands on her
The drama started!
Her legs failed her
She stumbled and swayed 
She was there for one hour thirty minutes vomiting 
all sorts
By 1:30pm she was totally free!
She knew it!
She felt light, peace, alive and full of joy
He told her she had to keep up with her fellowship 
with the Holy Spirit
This is not a “return to your vomit” freedom! 
You must consciously walk in the light
By praying in the spirit for at least one hour
Everyday and studying the scriptures
You must not return to your old habits
You must strive to walk in freedom 
And if at any point you slip or make a mistake
Don’t wallow in guilt and shame
Walk boldly to the throne of grace and obtain forgiveness
Let nothing keep you away from your fellowship with God!
A week to her 38th birthday, 
26 years after she had the first demonic visit
She was set free!

Ps: Getting free of demonic bondage is the easy part 
Deliberate and conscious effort to stay free
Is the key to being free
Run away from churches praying “Die” prayers 
Run away from churches “paddling demonic 
afflictions by casting demons out in one breath 
and invoking curses and unleashing demons in 
another breath!
Once you are free, find believers who pray in the 
spirit and study the word
Join them!
If you have dreams and visitations like before, 
(This will be a test of your conviction) laugh it off 
and declare that you belong to the Holy Spirit and 
can never be dragged back into a cesspool of darkness!
Don’t underestimate demons by becoming complacent
Pray without ceasing

Enjoy your new reality in Christ, Daughter of Zion, 
long have you drank from the rivers of affliction!
Drink now from the river of life!
This event happened on 12th July 2019