Unfair Advantage

Unfair  Advantage

She became concerned when she saw them together
The lady and her man
Him being a young man who had an eye for her
She knew he did from the moment she met him
All the signs were there!
What they call "Chemistry" was heavy between them
He came to their office one afternoon by mistake
He was supposed to take the elevator to the fifth floor
He stopped at the fourth floor and walked into their office
The front desk officer had gone to the loo at the time
He stood there, staring at the empty seat behind
the front desk
She noticed him from the glass door 
He looked familiar
She was bored and needed to stretch her legs
She left her office and walked up to him
They exchanged pleasantries
He told her he got a letter of offer of employment
with the firm and he had come to resume
She took the letter and smiled
The company used to be on the fourth floor
of the building but they moved to the fifth floor
a week earlier
Her own interior decoration company took over
the fourth floor a few days earlier
She told him the company must have sent the
letter before moving to the next floor
He got it!
As he turned to go, she asked him if they had met
somewhere before
He wasn't so sure
Until she mentioned Olivet Baptist High School, Oyo!
He smiled 
He had attended the secondary school years before
They talked a little and he promised to check her during lunch
He went upstairs!
She returned to her desk and promptly checked through
her system for his picture
She had recently had all the hard copies of her picture
album scanned and saved in her computer
She was sure she saw him somewhere in the year
After a few minutes, she saw him
He had grown quite tall and handsome
But he was a very tiny thing then, she was way taller than him
in their Junior secondary school pictures
He came to her office during break as promised
He told her he was shown his office and introduced
to the other members of staff but he was still
getting familiar with the set-up
She told him to come to her side of the table
She showed him the pictures
The ones they took during the inter-house sport,
valedictory service and the class pictures
He remembered her and started describing how she
was in those days
They had a very warm afternoon
They never really went for lunch
Just sat in her office and got caught up in memories
He was with her for one hour and promised he
would take her to a proper lunch the following day!
The next day, he told her his story
He studied information technology as an undergraduate
and proceeded to the United Kingdom to study
software engineering!
He graduated and was offered a job at a mobile phone
manufacturing company
But he rejected it because his mother got ill and he
had to return home
A month after his return his mother passed on
He was still contemplating his next move when
he got the letter offering him a job at the firm
He had never applied for a job in the company and wondered
how they knew he was available and in the country
He decided to check the company out and fell in love
with the outfit immediately
He took the job!
He was an answer to her prayers!
She was 33 years old and had never ever had a relationship
It was as if a mark was placed on her saying
"Do not show interest"
She had changed her wardrobe several times
She even tried the "online" dating option
Her mother told her it was nothing new
Her mother would say "I was married for your Father,
that was how our people marry! 
When we are ready,
the elders of our family will approach 
eligible bachelors and broker a marriage for us!
When I go to the village I will talk to my people"
But her mother never did until she died!
And she was not conversant with the people
of her mother's village!
Her Father (Also from the same village) as her
mother died when she was seven!
She had her dreams and aspirations!
Why couldn't she get found by her own man like
other women?
She had prayed and fasted
As much as she knows she was a good girl
She lived a very good life and was kind to other people
And yet...
He stirred in her deep-seated passions she
didn't even know she was capable of
She started daydreaming of dates and her wedding
He would make the perfect husband for her
his temperament fits hers totally
She had never dated anybody before but he was
the "one" and she was sure of it!
She just knew!
They were doing the lunch and dinner thing for weeks
Then she went to know his people and 
he came to meet hers!
Immediately after he met her people, everything 
He just went cold!
She couldn't lay her hands on what her people
did wrong!
They were her two siblings, two uncles, three
aunties and some friends
She didn't pull any stunt
He knew she would be inviting them that day
and he encouraged her to do so
They had started talking about serious stuff and
he had started peeping beyond her dress to
see the mystery hiding behind the clothes!
He was very much willing and ready
His parents loved her and she loved them dearly
He loved her too and she loved him
It was an eleven months relationship
her very first and...
Everything just went limp...
She started replaying the event of that day
in her mind
"Did somebody look at him somehow?
Did somebody say something?
Did he see something?"
Her questions later became tears
Silent tears at first and later serious bawling!
What happened?
He was suddenly busy, caught up in work, not picking
calls, not seeing her
If she goes to his office, he was too busy to 
peep and say hi
He stopped coming to hers
She would wait at the carpark every evening so that
they can go home together
He would send her a message that he was 
not driving home! 
The torture went on for two months until she
decided to go to a restaurant for lunch all by herself!
Once she got there, she saw him
His back was turned to her but he knew it was him
He was with a lady
One of the ladies that came to her house the day
he was there
She was not a friend
She was the friend of a friend
That was the first time she met her
And he was with her in a lovey-dovey posture!
Everything in her told her it was not ordinary!
She had been robbed!
She couldn't wait to buy anything
Her tummy was in knots
She cried all the way to the office
It was obvious the other lady was sleeping 
with him already
There was this intimacy they have that was
somehow erotic and uninviting!
She told herself it was over and done with!
She had to take it!
The following Friday, a friend told her about the
Night of Glory, a vigil held by the Holy Spirit!
She didn't want to spend the day at home crying!
After the vigil, the brother in Jeans and T-shirt
spoke with those who attended one by one!
When he got to her, she told him what had
He laughed and laid hands on her!
He said "You are not born again"
She said "Yes sir"
He led her to Christ!
He told her her man will call her the next morning
but if he didn't she should call him!
He said "Just greet him! Don't cry, don't say 
anything, just greet him"
As soon as she left the vigil by 5 AM her man called!
She drove back to the church!
She met the Brother in Jeans and T-shirt as he was
about to drive out of the church
She said "He called, I didn't pick yet"
The Brother in Jeans and T-shirt said "Pick and be nice"
Then he drove off!

PS: There is a fragrance of Christ
Believers who walk in Christ have it
It has the most excellent aroma
It compels people to want to favour us and befriend us
Many of us lose it due to all the unhealthy things
we do that affects our spiritual health!
Unbelievers don't have it!
It is exclusively for believers!
The sister lost her man to a lady who had a fake advantage
she went diabolical with a powder
She used the powder to the introduction and got 
the groom to be!
She used other charms and sex to finish the operation
But she lost out!
This man came begging, the lady was nice and forgiving!
The couple got married yesterday 13th July 2019

Jesus is original unfair advantage and we have him!