The Devourer

The Devourer

I came here the other day and announced that I gifted this guy a car for him to use for Uber. 

I bought the car from someone he introduced to me from whom he wanted to buy the car for hire purchase. 

I paid the seller 2M and gave this guy the keys. He collected the keys, drove away and said thank you.

Three weeks later, he called me to tell me he had been offered 1M by someone who wanted to buy the car.

He said he got a job and didn’t need the car anymore but wanted to inform me before selling the car.

I said, “The car is yours, what do you want to do?” He said, “I will sell it because I need to pay house rent but if you will be willing to buy it back, I will sell it to you for 2M.” 

I thought about it and told him to bring me the car, I paid him 2M for it I gave the car to another friend who wanted to do Uber to care for his family! 

Two days ago, this guy called me asking for 1M to pay his rent.

I said, “I paid you 2M for the car I bought for you in November to settle your rent and now you’re telling me the rent is due and I should now cough out another 1 million Naira! What are you saying because it doesn’t make sense to me.”

He said, “Life happened and the 2 million is gone. I really need your help now to pay my rent. You can loan me the money or employ me to be your PA but I am desperate and can commit suicide if you don’t help me.” 

I kept quiet, then he went for the jugular. He said, “Take care of my son pls, let his mother know I really tried my best to measure up but I just couldn’t do it and my friend whom I depend on has refused to help me.” 

I said Okay and blocked him.

I have known this guy since we were in SS1. This is his life. Crisis after crisis. Bail out after bail out.

I had always been giving him whatever he said he needed on the spur of the moment but no more.

I remember buying a car and putting my Camry up for sale. He came to my house, saw the Camry was up for sale and said he wanted to buy it. I said okay. A few minutes later we were standing in front of the Ikeja mall, another friend of his joined us and this guy, right in my face said, “I just bought a car, a Camry from this dude. I paid him 1 million and now I am broke!” What? The other friend congratulated him and gave him some money to “maintain” until he recovered from the Purchase. 

Afterwards I said, “Why do you lie like that?” He said “I didn’t lie, that’s a fib, get your game hat on.” 

I just nodded. That is the same guy who was throwing suicide threat at me two years later. 

This morning he called several times and I joyfully blocked him!