The Example

The Example

The Example


His elder sister told him about the job

One of her friend’s brother in-law was returning home from South Africa

According to her sister’s friend

The man was a very anointed man of God

He planned to establish a ministry in the country

The man had asked her to recruit a personal assistant for him

The personal assistant must be fluent in spoken and written English

He must also be a Spirit filled Christian

Her sister believed he ticked all the boxes

The man arrived as promised

He went for the interview

He got the job

The man’s company was affiliated to a sister company

The other company was publishing a magazine which they distribute free of charge all over the state

The magazine’s lifeblood was advertisement from churches and corporate organizations

The man put him to good use

He worked for both companies

As an editor for the magazine and as a Personal assistant to the man

The man organizes periodic seminars

He helped to put things in place for the success of such seminars

He was preparing himself for a future in ministry

Pouring water on the hands of a bigger man of God

The man came into the country with some equipment

This was the P. A.’s first eye brow raising moment

The man would buy sermons of other preachers and make the P. A. dub them with his equipment

After dubbing them, he would put his own name stickers on the CD

The P. A. Supplies such to some clients of the man all over the state

The month ended

The man refused to pay him salary

He didn’t want to ask

He had a letter of employment and the amount due him was stated

He had worked as personal assistant, editor, Audio CD dubber and cheque collector from advertisers

The stipend the man was supposed to pay him would barely be enough for his transportation

The man didn’t even deem it fit to call him and explain to him why he wasn’t getting paid

The second month came, so did the seventh

He would have quit

But he didn’t want to sit at home idle

His elder sister who got him the job kept giving him the transport fare

Towards the end of the seventh month

A letter of invitation came inviting the man to come and minister at a crusade

The man told the personal assistant to note the dates

On the D-day, as they were heading towards the revival venue

The man asked the personal assistant “What is the theme of the revival again?”

“All mine is thine” replied the P.A

“Oh, where can that be found in the Bible?”

The P. A. told him

The man nodded and said “I was just testing you, you were really paying attention”

They got to the revival venue

The P. A. went to get the jacket, Bible and jotter of the man

As they approached the crowd

A sudden sharp dark fire hit the P.A in the left eye

He started praying in tongues

The man just walked on

He didn’t even know his P.A was under attack

The P.A handed over the jacket and other things to one of the ushers

He fell on his knees and prayed earnestly for almost 30 minutes

The cloud lifted!


“Holy Spirit, what happened?” He asked

“You work with a man who speaks of spiritual realities alien to the kingdom, he thought the demonstration of my power lies in fighting spiritual battles with demonic forces. It does not. I have called you to spread the good news, not warfare news! You needed to learn this lesson so as not to evolve in that direction in your walk with me”

He understood!

He resigned the very next day

Of what advantage was working with the man for him?

He was offering nothing of value either in cash or in kind

The man took it badly

“How can you leave just like that?”


“You were under spiritual training and tutelage and you abandoned your post like Demas”

“How can you put the love of money ahead of the deep lessons you are getting from me”

“You Christians of nowadays, you are so shallow!”

“Go if you want to go but remember if you lack deep roots, the winds will blow you away”

The P. A. couldn’t believe all the things the man was saying

Some people think being a man of God entitles them to enslaving other destinies

He that Christ had set free can no longer be under bondage to anyone!

They parted ways

The P. A. got another job

A secular job

He walked with the Holy Spirit steadily and grew

Two years later, his boss told him about a man who needed media backing for a television show

The man didn’t have the cash to pay but the P.A. should check the man out and find out if he is someone the company can sponsor financially!

The P. A. got there

The man and his team had been rehearsing for the opportunity for a while

Immediately he saw the P.A. his heart sank

He knew he would never get the sponsorship

He didn’t get it

The P. A. went back to his office and kept mum

He didn’t say yes or no about the project

His boss didn’t also ask about it

The matter just faded

Months later the P. A. changed jobs again

He was employed as the project manager for a big firm

The company was organizing a tourism event in which 200 people will travel by road to Europe

The company had been doing the tour for many years

It was a United Nations backed project

Many people applied to be part of the tour with ulterior motive

Most of the time half of the 200 crew members disappear into thin air once the tour hits the United Kingdom

The P.A. was employed to manage the project and see to it that only creditable people will be sponsored on the tour

Applications poured in

Interviews commenced

At the final interview stage, the P. A. personally decided to vet the final 200

Halfway through the process

The man and his team of ten came in

Immediately he saw the P. A. his countenance fell

He knew he would not be going anywhere with his team

After the second encounter he reached out to the P.A.

“Remember you are like a younger brother to me, we serve the same God! We shouldn’t be in each other’s way”

The P. A. didn’t say a word!

Two years later the P.A was invited as a guest minister in a church

He honored the invitation

He saw the man also on the altar

He had been invited in one capacity or the other

The man was invited to speak first!

The P.A. sat there looking at him

The man’s lips quivered

His knees wobbled

Right there on the altar

He fell on his knees

The course of their life’s journeys had taken ten years

In that ten years

The P. A. had steadily risen and increased on every side

The man had steadily decreased

The man repented of his sins, apologized to the P.A. before the church and apologized for all the questionable schemes he had been putting together which the P. A. had thwarted at every turn without a word of insult, offence, accusation or disrespect to him

He had learnt kingdom lifestyle from the P. A.

The P. A. still didn’t say a word

The P. A. ministered that day on the theme: Duality (Hypocrisy and the Kingdom mandate)

The whole church was torn to bits by the Holy Spirit

Many kingdom citizens understood the kingdom and its principles for the first time!

Two years later, the man and the P.A worked together on new projects

The man worked with kingdom ethics

The P. A. was impressed

They went on to do many other projects together

Their relationship was totally restored!


Ps: Be a good example

Remember you are the epistle the world is reading

You are the light of the world

You are the salt of the earth

Always remember…

Integrity is as weighty as gold