The Flint

The Flint

A Terrible Mistake The Church Made In 
The Past Must Not Be Repeated!

A few years ago, some Satanists, sorcerers, 
witches and occultists got born again.
And instead of the pastors and leaders of the 
various assemblies they were attending to 
properly disciple them,
they asked them to share their experiences
in the occult and their 
encounters with satan as public 
Before long, the attention/focus of the Believers
 shifted from Christ to satan, demons, sorcery, 
witchcraft and divination.
Many teachings were produced and many 
books were published, those teachings and books 
became very popular 
as the Believers were busy learning about satan, 
demons and the occult instead of Christ.
As a result, many Believers become satan-conscious,
fearful, confused and depressed.
And many were deceived and began to teach error.
Jesus said that when the Holy Spirit comes, 
He will testify of Him (John 15:26) and 
glorify Him (John 16:13-14), 
not satan and demons.
The Holy Spirit searches the deep things of God 
and reveals Christ, not satan.
1 Corinthians 2:10.
Jesus Christ doesn't want His Church to 
listen to any teaching on "the depths of Satan".
Revelation 2:24-25.
If you used to be a satanist, sorcerer, witch,
occultist but you're now born again.
Don't make your experiences in the occult 
and your encounters with satan a message 
for the church.
Those are not the message for The Church.
Sit down and learn Christ, then you will have 
the real message for the Church.


I have set my face like a Flint
I look to One and live
I look to the one who was lifted up
I look to the One who drew me to Himself
My eyes are set on the author and finisher
I look to Christ! - GSW

Man is a being created to learn... 
If you are not learning God you are learning 
something else.. 
Every man on earth is a learner
 Never you look at a man and say 
he did not go to school.. 
Every man is designed to learn and document 
School or no school, everyone 
on earth is learning...
You and I are set apart to learn our Glory and 
Priesthood... Christ in us!  - Samuel Onuora

This was 2003, I was working as a Grade 6 
school teacher during those days while 
preparing to go back to my schooling 
in the university. This particular day, I was 
reading an old book I saw in the 
library of that school TO HEAL THE SICK By 
Charles And Frances Hunter. 
(That wasn't the complete title of the book 
but that's the title I could see.
 It was later I saw a newer edition 
I only read chapter one and two and I couldn't 
wait to close from work, get out and look for 
someone to get healed. 
Charles and Frances Hunter made healing 
so simple and the reality just 
starred at me in the face.
Then I remembered that Freda (one of the 
pupils in my class then, now a practicing 
lawyer) was a stammerer. 
I called her to me and said out loud while 
laying my hands on her "henceforth you 
will no longer stammer in Jesus name!' then 
I added "what is your name?" 
She answered without stuttering. I went on 
talking with her and she was responding 
without hindrances in her speech. 
She had been healed. 
Friends, we have been commissioned to heal 
the sick, cast out demons and correct medical 
anomalies in Jesus name.
Pls get busy.
Seeing the book again in my library just 
brought back old memories. Nostalgia.
And in case you are scared to minister to 
the sick, please get that book and perhaps 
it'll encourage you to begin doing your job.

A New Heart can only do Right

"It is for freedom...
that Christ set you free."
All things are lawful for you.
God has taken all the external restraints off.
This is the great fear of all religious people.
"So you are saying
that we can just do whatever we want?"
Yes!  Absolutely.
It will reveal what you believe about Father.
This is actually a good thing. 
He isn't interested in behaviour 
enforced by external rules and 
but heart transformation...
by the power of the Holy Spirit...
and the new birth...
and the first step is being real
No masks.
No pretending.
No conforming.
God can do such amazing things... 
when you are just yourself before Him.
As you discover...
the treasure He has placed inside you...
that you are one spirit with Deity,
that you are the branch....
and it is His life you live.
Then your desires will change...
from the inside out...
to match who you really are in Him...
and you will do whatever you want...
and you will be right in the creamy center...
of His perfect will.
As Augustine of Hippo so wisely said,
"Love God...
and do as you please." 
Or as Paul proclaimed to the Philippians,
"For it is God who works in you
both to will
and to do
His good pleasure."  
So live free of sin.
Live free of law.
Live free of the fear of man.
Live free...
because it is for freedom...
that Christ has set you free...
and whom the Son sets free...
is free indeed!  

     ~ Ty Cobb