The good, the bad and the Ugly

The good, the bad and the Ugly

Imagine how you will feel
Someone with terminal cancer is standing on the word
Refusing to allow himself be submerged by the waves of affliction
Wave after wave you stand with such a person in faith
Whenever the person was weak in faith, you stood in the gap
Whenever you were weak in the faith, the person encourages you
The two of you grew together in the faith
Even though only one of you was warding off the direct darts of the evil one
It took time, energy, prayer and fasting
Two years of intense prayer and ministrations
Just the two of you
The person became healed
The word works
Praise the Lord!
You were strengthened by the experience
So much so you took on other diseases
Chronic Kidney Disease was your next victim
You stood with the person afflicted
You read and studied the word daily
You purged your heart of all doubt
Within six months
Renal failure was reversed
You were basking in the power of the Holy Spirit
Unbelievers came to you with their challenges
You explain the gospel to them
They got it
They started walking in victory
Speaking in tongues
They became closet believers
Due to circumstances
They couldn’t declare to the world that they are Born Again
But they are and the light was shinning through them in the dark abyss they found themselves
The gospel indeed is life
And then you meet these “Christians”
The type that loves to wallow in misery
His or her problem was lack of a job, a spouse or some other mundane stuff
“I need a job desperately” he says
“I need a wife desperately” he says
“God has never answered my prayers” he says
“God is angry with me” she says
“God doesn’t listen to me” she says
“I believe but I have not seen any change” she says
“God has never been good to me” he says
So you ask them
Are you a believer?
They say “Yes”
Are you full of the Holy Spirit?
They say “Yes”
And you shake your head
You just have to be sorry for them
They are the “mixed multitude” 
They left Egypt with the children of Israel
They saw the miracles, signs and wonders God did through Moses for his people
They decided to cash in on it
The magic was compelling
So they packed their bags and left Egypt with the Israelites
They became “born again”
But they found the experience so disappointing 
Moses didn’t magically transport the people with a flying carpet to the promise land!
“He had the power, why wouldn’t he just use it!”
Why do they have to stress themselves to have faith when Moses had the all-conquering rod?
Couldn’t Moses just point the rod at everything and turn the world to paradise?
They became chief murmurers
They became chief complainers 
They became professional wailers and grumblers
The energy around them is always negative
You spend thirty minutes listening to them on the phone and you get a headache
You spend an hour and you become depressed
Their language is nay, no and woe!
As soon as they start speaking
The Holy Spirit logs off
There are some people you speak with
The Holy Spirit would be leaping in your inside 
For them the effect is opposite
How can anybody who is truly filled with the Holy Spirit be comfortable saying 
“God does not answer prayers”
Didn’t the ‘Holy Spirit come into our lives to bear witness of Jesus?
Can anybody who truly have the Holy Spirit call Jesus accursed?
So how could they speak in tongues when they do not really know the Holy Spirit?
They speak from their heads

They gave the microphone to their carnal nature
They had perfected the art of conforming to the point where they were prepared to do anything for the sake of appearance and to convince people (not God), that they are believers

They forget we have an audience of one
You will hear them talking about how much they have prayed, given, fasted and yet God was still slack in answering their prayers
They would rather talk for many hours about all their troubles and woes to garner sympathy
Than get to know God and drink of the fountain of the living waters
The funny thing is, no matter how much you berate, correct, teach and train them
That default is always their comfort zone 
They must wallow in the mud
They must spread the virus
They are the first to compare themselves others
“So and so” became a believer six years after I gave my life to Christ
She is happily married now with children
And here I am!
Did I make a mistake by not sleeping around before I became a Christian?
All those who were sleeping around when I kept myself had gotten married with children
I am still here
Look at Brother “this and that”, he was still smoking marijuana on the street when I became a believer
I was part of his follow up team
He has since gotten a visa and settled down in America
While I am still languishing here
God has refused to reward the faithful!”
They act like the prodigal son’s brother
They are the entitled one
They forget the parable of the labourers in The Vineyard
They forget that grumblers didn’t get a penny extra
Neither were they offered any sympathy
The owner of vineyard said “I don’t owe you a penny extra, Salvation is a free gift for everybody!”
The mixed multitude are to be pitied
They are the type described in that parable of the feast
Where the invited guests shunned the host
The host decided to bring in the beggars, criminals and prostitutes
He gave them fine clothes and offered them the best food
But one of them just couldn’t bring himself or herself to enjoy the opportunity
He or she was thrown out
Case closed!
Apart from the mixed multitude
There is another set of “believers” in the kingdom
The Bible described them as the “fearful”
Many Christian denominations have built great movements and cathedrals on fear
It seemed it was easier to nurture fear than grow in faith
When you come across any member of such a denomination
The words of their mouth betrayed their lack of the spirit of Christ
When they pray, they see ‘Enemies’ at every turn
They assume they are Christians
They are not!
The Holy Spirit is not a spirit of fear
He is a spirit of power, love and a sound mind 
Why then are people shaking, dancing and going into a frenzy in the name of praying for an enemy to die?
They are afraid
Fear brings torment
Symptoms of torment are shaking, quaking, shivering, and gnashing of teeth 
Such believers do deliverance every three months
Even though they are full of the Holy Spirit
“One can never be too careful” even though the scriptures say be careful for nothing!
When such believers share their testimonies
You want to cry for them
“I almost got hit by a car”
“The enemy made our car summersault seven times but I survived”
“The enemy shot at me in the dream” etc
One close shave after the other
They are always surrounded by demonic activities
This makes them more enemy conscious and fearful
The more they called the enemy into being
The more the enemies come into their realities
They forget that we all frame our realities with the words of our mouth! 
Most of the believers in this category are dreamers
They put so much stock in their dreams that the enemy find it very easy to suggest things to them
Some will wake up from a dream and start crying
“Somebody took something from them in the dream
Their life is over!”
If somebody took something valuable from you in the dream, 
Wake up, laugh
Sleep again, go back to that dream and take your stuff back!
Do you understand the Holy Spirit inside of you is actually a spirit?
A spirit has no form or shape, it can go anywhere, into any realm and do anything!
Do you know how limitless that made you?
The eagle that insists on feeding on corn like a chicken will fall ill and die
Not because an enemy is attacking it
But because it is feeding on the wrong thing
A Christian feeding on sympathy, pity, fear, worry, anxiety, grumbling, complaints and murmuring
Will never walk in victory
Enemy mentality will always put you in bondage
Life is warfare mindset will keep you bound
You have been called to liberty, BE FREE! 

Ps: A young man once called me
His mother was afflicted in her ears and her body
The people who afflicted her did so when she went to the village
She knew what happened
She knew those who did it and why
She had the whole story
I joined my faith with that of her son over the phone
We prayed for her
Her son laid hands on her ears
Her son laid hands on her head
We destroyed the yoke of affliction
She improved
The next morning, the swelling in her ears were gone
Her son continued to pray for her total recovery
Several days later, the ears were emitting pus 
The woman’s son called me
He said “Mummy said she wants you to speak directly into the ears”
I was about to pray
The woman said, I want to tell you the full story, how this affliction came about from the village
I told the woman politely “Mummy, I AM NOT INTERESTED”
I said so because I have only always been interested in only one story
The story of my salvation and empowerment in Christ
Every other reality apart from that is a mirage!
I spoke to the ears over the phone because that was what her faith demanded
The pus dried up, the ears were totally healed and she was totally restored
She called me on January 3, 2019
To bless me and pray for me
From a victim, she had become a blessing, within a few weeks
And I know some “Christians” singing the same song of lamentation 
Over and over again
Year in, year out
If you are one of such “Christians”
Please do what I did at one time in my life
I was born again but I wasn’t seeing the dividends of the new life
So I deliberately “Unborn again” myself
For almost two years, I took a step back
I stopped doing the religious things all together
It is better to be labelled a backslider while you were seeking God
Than to be labelled a good church man when you don’t know who God is
I asked myself what I was doing wrong?
I studied other successful Christians
What was in their minds?
How do they think?
How do they relate with the Holy Spirit?
I took my time, I was on an unhurried journey of self-examination and discovery in Christ
It took me about eighteen months
Then I became born again “Again”
And the brother in Jeans and T-shirt was born!

-    Brother in Jeans and T-Shirt