The King and I

The King and I

A love so disproportionate. 
A king in love with His subject?
The weak enchanting the One 
whose presence commands 
constellations and planets
How often does a strong and 
mighty one seek out the broken 
and lost, for love?
Why pay a huge ransom for a 
love that could be unrequited?

This is the story of the Messiah 
and His love object.

My lover is a King, a peerless king
I, a nobody, now in charge of myriads 
of angels eagerly waiting my instructions
My crown and scepter is fitting. 
On the throne sits I, with the King of 
kings ruling over principalities

In your captivating gaze, wisdoms of 
the ages unfolds
I am lost in You, my Lover my Only
Voice so irresistible, calling me into 
Voice full of majesty, commanding 
my surrender.

Two merged into one and now I am You
In Your embrace, things fall into place
I find a sanctuary within Your arms
Your fragrance does inexplicable things 
to my sensors. 

I will dwell here forever
Drinking from this endless stream of love
Drunk in love, brimming with Your seed,
 the fruit of righteousness
Birthing forth light, making disciples of men

All You want from me is my devotion.
Your kiss lingered, my being shuddered. 
In this climax, we will be forever
Take all of me my Love, though I have 
nothing to give
I will take hold of Your love, my King 
and never let go

I caught myself smiling, thinking about 
the time spent in the embrace of the 
Holy Spirit.
First, it was the merging of the Spirit, 
then the soul and now the body.
He lives in and with me. He will never 
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