The Prophecy

The Prophecy

She saw him in a bar

She was there with her boyfriend

It was a cool Sunday evening

Her boyfriend was shooting pool

She sat right by the window

Keeping one eye on him and the other on the television

There was a football match on

She had ordered fish and chips

Her boyfriend was having a good game

Everything was okay with the world

Then he came in

He was casually dressed in a black trouser and striped white shirt

He looked familiar

He walked in without any fanfare

Dropped his car keys on the table and ordered himself a drink

He looked up

She had been staring at him

Their eyes locked

She looked away

He looked at the television screen

She looked at him again

He looked at her

Their eyes locked again

She didn’t look away this time…

There was something about the guy!

He took the challenge with maturity

He looked right back at her for a moment and looked away

Her boyfriend made a great shot

He skipped towards her like he had solved all the problems in the world

He touched her cheek through the window

She became self-conscious

She didn’t know why but she didn’t want to be with her boyfriend at that moment any longer

But she wanted to be in that bar

Only she wanted to be in that bar with the new guy

There was something about the guy

She looked at his finger

There was no ring

She knew that really didn’t mean anything

But then…

She told her boyfriend there was an emergency

She had to go

He looked disappointed

Why now?

She apologized

They had been dating for a year

He was a great guy

He was honest, jovial and childlike

She liked him a lot

He was fun to be with!

He walked her to the car park

She got in her car and drove off

Once he walked back into the bar

She parked by the road side and plotted her next move

She didn’t know what she was doing

She was 24, had only been in one relationship and yet…

She waited there thinking how foolish she was for acting on a whim

It was totally out of character

She sat in her car for thirty minutes

He came out

She saw him walk to his car and drive out of the bar’s compound

She followed him

He drove slowly, like somebody lost in thought or somebody in no hurry

She overtook him and blared her horn

He saw her,

She waved

She overtook him and indicated her intention to park to the right

He took the cue and indicated too

She parked and stayed in her car

She had done all the hard work

The next move should be his

She watched him through her rearview mirror

He alighted and walked briskly to her car

She motioned for him to turn to the passenger side

He did

She wound down

She: I am sorry, I believe we might have met or we ought to meet

He: I felt exactly that way but you were with somebody

She: Not anymore

He: Can we go somewhere and talk?

She drove a few kilometers to a park

She didn’t know why but a bar wouldn’t be ideal

It was a pivotal moment

She knew this instinctively

He drove right behind her

They got to the park

She alighted

He alighted

They talked

He was into local textile manufacturing

He came to Lagos to spend some time alone

He was single, 28, never married and not in a relationship

She believed him

She told him about herself and promised him she had never ever pulled a stunt like that before

They exchanged numbers

He drove behind her to her parent’s house

She waved him goodbye

As she stepped into her house

She felt warm all over, slightly giddy

Her mother was in the kitchen

“You just met your husband” said her mother


She: Mum, what do you mean?

Her mother: You are glowing, glowing from within

She: I met a great guy mum, I have a good feeling about it but It might just be friendship

Her mother laughed and said ‘Wait for me right here”

Her mother went upstairs

They live in a duplex inside an estate in Lagos

She went into the kitchen, her mother had left a boiling pot of rice on the fire

Her mother returned and handed her a diary

Her mother: Read this aloud

She: On the – of – 2017, when your daughter, so and so, is 24 she will go to a strange place for the first time and meet her husband under very extraordinary circumstances.

Her mother: Look at the date I received that prophecy!

She: - of – 2007!

Her mother: You were 14 at the time, we went for evening service at such and such church. You know I am not the type of Christian who goes from pastor to pastor looking for special prayers. That evening was special, the spirit of God moved mightily. As the service closed, a young lady approached me and gave me a note. She said she received this message from the Holy Spirit

I didn’t know her from Adam

Apparently she was a student at the time and was away in school when I joined the church

We had just moved into this estate and you were in the boarding school

There was no way she would have known about you

I thanked her and wrote the prophecy down in my diary

As you know the test of every prophecy lies in its fulfilment. If it comes to pass, it is from God!

If it doesn’t then the Lord has not spoken!

My duty in this was to prepare you for the future

I had prayed often that the Lord will watch over his word to perform it

When I woke up this morning, I suddenly had this assurance that before the end of today we would be having this conversation

When you told me you were going out to meet with a friend, I thought you’d be coming back home with a ring on your finger

She was shocked to the marrow

That night as she laid on her bed she was too excited to sleep

Everything came at her too fast, too soon

In the morning she dressed up and rushed out of the house at 6am in order to meet up with the staff bus

As she came out of the gate, she saw him

“I have been waiting here for a while, I couldn’t sleep” he said

He drove her to work

She bit her lips hard not tell him about the prophecy

She didn’t want him to feel weird or compelled to do anything he didn’t want to do!

He found an ideal office space and opened the branch of his office very close to hers

He was posted to the office as the branch manager

One year later, they were married



PS: There are people out there using prophesies to destroy and manipulate others

Their judgment is at hand

Be wise so as not to be carried away by such agents of darkness!

You know them!

When they speak forth anything contrary to the word of God about your life, reject it immediately

Their words are powerless without your consent

There are prophecies from the Lord

They build, the edify, they encourage and they never fail

When you have such prophecies

Respond to them in faith

His word will never fall to the ground