My two year old son suddenly started vomiting blood

I didn’t know why

Sometimes he would eat for a whole day and he wouldn’t vomit

At other times he would vomit throughout the day and faint

I rushed him to the hospital over and over again

The devil is cunning

Once we got to the hospital, the symptoms would cease

The doctors would examine him and assure me he would be just fine

My heart was always in my throat

I knew a day would come….

He was my only living child

I had been engaged once before

We did the traditional wedding engagement before I got pregnant

I had been sleeping with my intended long before then

After I got married, all sorts of complications arose

First the pregnancy was diagnosed as ectopic

The doctors recommended an evacuation

Later they said it wasn’t really ectopic

Eventually I had a still birth

It signaled the end of the marriage

I was in the north at the time,

I returned to my parent’s house in the south

When I got home I narrated my ordeal to her mother

My mother wept bitterly

My mother was bent on defying history

I was my mother’s only child

My mother had been pregnant eight times

Yet I was the only surviving child

My mother had a series of still births and miscarriages

That was the pattern in my Father’s family

My father was the only child of his parent

My grandfather was also the only child of his own parent

The cycle had continued for generations

My father at some point impregnated a lady

The lady delivered a baby boy

The boy lived

My Father thought the cycle had been broken

How wrong he was!

The boy died on his tenth birthday

When I was born

My mother thought the cycle had been broken

Because I was a girl

How wrong my mother was

Yet my mother was determined, that in her lifetime her daughter would have more than one child

For two years after that episode

I couldn’t get a suitor

Eventually a man found me

He had great potential but he was short in stature

I said No!

The young man was persistent

He got his parents involved

My mother begged me

“In this world there are two kinds of people: Those who pick and choose and those who are picked and chosen! You are in the second category. If you say no this man, when do you think another man will come knocking?

After much persuasion, I agreed

My mother called for a meeting with his family

They discussed at length

I agreed to marry him

His parents prayed

My parents prayed

Then my mother threw a spanner in the wheel

“We will not go ahead with this wedding unless my daughter gets pregnant”


I was a worker in church!

That was absolutely against the rules

Her mother wouldn’t be persuaded

We went to our church pastor

Pastor said it was not allowed

My mother wouldn’t relent

I begged my man

"Do it for me

Prove to me you love me more than I could ever imagine"

He yielded

I got pregnant

We got married

We got suspended for six months in church

He was a good husband

He bore the embarrassment with pride

Not once did he blame me for pressurizing him into disobedience

We had the child

Two years later, this mysterious ailment came over him

As I feared, it worsened

One day the child vomited blood morning

By the afternoon he was unconscious

By that evening he was in a coma

Doctors told me the child’s esophagus had cut halfway and he had only fifty percent chance of survival

By the second day it had reduced to five percent

I didn’t know who to call

The child was seen as a product of sin by many

Like David and Bathsheba’s first child

I sat in the hospital

Crying hopelessly

I called her pastor, the church started a prayer chain

Brethren rose up in one accord

I called the brother in Jeans and T-Shirt

He was neither a friend nor an acquaintance

I saw him ministering once and knew he had the spirit of God

I was desperate!

“Sir, my son must not die! My son must not die!!!”

He didn’t know who was at the end of the line

It didn’t matter

He fell on his face

“Father, this child must not die!”

He: Are you with your child?

“Yes but he is in a coma” I responded

He: Lay your right hand on his left leg and say Father, I command so and so to catch the breath of God right now and come back to life. I command the total healing of his esophagus right now. Let my son be made whole now in the name of Jesus. I glorify you Father for you have healed my son. For we pray in Jesus name

I did it

My son moved his left leg

I screamed for joy

One hour later my son was awake

That evening, we were discharged!


I called the brother in Jeans and T-shirt and shared the testimony

We rejoiced in the Holy Spirit

Three months later

I got pregnant!


Before the month ended

I had miscarried!

I miscarried four times before the end of that year

The following year, I didn’t even get pregnant at all

My mother got worried

This was the “pattern” she suffered through as a young woman

She didn’t have a mother to help her but she was determined to help her own daughter

My mother went to the custodian of the deities

“Help my daughter”

The custodians gave my mother seven powdery substances

One to be taken with maize pudding (Ogi)

One to be taken with palm oil

One to bathe with

One to use before she had sex with her husband

Another to use after she had sex with her husband

One to bathe with

And the last one to blow into the air while I was stark naked in the middle of the night after making love to my husband

I would practically be opening the door to demons in my home because my mother was desperate

I said I wouldn’t use them

My mother moved in with me and my husband


“You will do as I say or I will kill myself in this house!”

I knew my mother was acting out of love but I had found a better way, though I had used many fertility drugs and so had my husband, I hadn’t been pregnant for a whole year after the last miscarriage

I went on my knees!

I knew I was at fault

I had been taught how to pray!

I was just too lazy to be consistent and I had been robbed over and over for my complacency!

Not anymore

“Lord Jesus! I am in the middle of a storm! Help me!”

Then I remembered what the brother in Jeans and T-Shirt taught me during my son’s health crisis

“Speak to the mountain!

Stop begging and pleading

Just speak to that mountain the name of Jesus

Command a desert to be overrun with water

There shall be a deluge!

Life and death are in the power of the tongue

The tree of life is in the power of the tongue

Stop complaining

Call the victories forth and you shall have them”

I laid my hands on my womb and commanded life

“My womb, receive life in the name of Jesus. Conceive by the power of the Holy Spirit. The word of God becomes life and healing to you in Jesus name”


As I prayed, the dam broke in my spirit

I turned to my mother

“Mummy, can you give us three months? If I am not pregnant by the end of three months, you can give me whatever substance you think could be of help for my conception. I will use it.”

My mother left

I continued to speak life into womb at every opportunity! I started walking like a pregnant woman. I would watch videos of pregnant women over and over again. My hormones sprang to life, my womb heard the word of God and responded!

Three months later I got pregnant!

I knew this time it was for keeps

It turned out exactly so

Nine months later I delivered a set of twin girls


PS: This event happened between 2015 and 2017

She delivered her set of twin on the 9th of November 2018

Family curses and history are of no consequence when you are in Christ

Jesus became curse

Jesus became sin

Jesus became a man of sorrow

So that you can walk in the light of your new identity

You are a child of God