The Touch

The Touch

She didn’t tell anybody about her dreams

She was a Christian, born again, tongue talking

The scripture says if any man or woman be in Christ

He or She is a new creation

Old things have passed away and all things have become new

She had been having the dream since she was fifteen

She saw herself in a wedding gown

All her family members there

Cooking and making merry

Awaiting her husband and his relatives to come

She had this particular dream

Scene for scene, word for word for 21 days before her sixteenth birthday

On the day she clocked 16, her parents threw a party for her

Everybody came

Her boyfriend, an 18 year old who also lived in the neighborhood came

The party lingered a little

She saw people off

Her friends and neighbours

Saying her ‘Thank yous”

Then she saw him off

He came in his Father’s car!

Big Boy!

They stole a few minutes together

He kissed her and touched her sensitive places

She tingled and dangled


It was the best birthday gift she received

She got to her room, opened her gifts

Somebody sent her a wedding gown, just like the one she wears in her dream

She couldn’t scream

She stood there transfixed, wondering what she should do with it

Eventually she pushed it back in the box and sealed it

That night as she slept

She saw her husband arrive in the dream

Wearing a shiny white suit

Her father walked her down the aisle

The setting was a sunset evening beside a cool serene river

It felt as if the elves were there and some other ethereal beings

Confetti flew everywhere

She got married

Family and friends cheered them on

As they went into a very cute hut marked ‘Honeymoon’

He made love to her

Slowly and deliberately

She went through all the phases

Apprehension, anxiety, tantalizing experience and fulfilment

It was the best dream she ever had

The very best

She came over and over


She woke up panting! It was so real

Since then the dreams came once every other week

Love making, pregnancy, child delivery, traditional naming ceremony

She didn’t pay it any mind

God was showing her the future! A glorious future

She thanked God for it in church every time she prayed

Her future had been settled by God


She got into the university

Socialized widely but drew her boundaries

She was determined to marry as a virgin

She met her man during her NYSC

He was a radio presenter, with a voice like refined honey

They got married

They were both born again Christians

With the word of God in their bones

Yet her dream persisted

By the time she was thirty, she had five children in the dream and none in reality

By the time she was thirty seven, she had eight children in the dream and none in reality

The doctors said her womb was fine

She had her fallopian tube flushed

Her husband’s low sperm count was boosted

Yet they had no child

Nine years of marriage!

One day she realized her dreams and her realities were not aligning

It seems as if she had another life in the dream

And a parallel life in reality

She had a spirit family! A spirit husband to whom she belonged! Spirit children too!!!

She told her husband, he rubbished it instantly, he quoted Colossians 2:14 having wiped out the [a]handwriting of requirements that was against us, which was contrary to us. And He has taken it out of the way, having nailed it to the cross."

He told her the day she became born again, such a thing ceased to exist!

She understood that in words but her reality was not lining up with the word

One day she prayed fervently, “Holy Spirit, I am tired of my situation, please help me, I want to have a child and I don’t want to be associated with any spirit family henceforth, please set me free in Jesus name, Amen”

She went to work

Two days later she felt very strongly that she should talk to one of the pregnant women in her office, who was a born again Christian, and share her dilemma

She called the sister, “Please when are you coming to the office, I will like to see you”

The sister asked her what the issue was over the phone. She really wasn’t comfortable discussing it over the phone. She didn’t want to be misunderstood!

She dropped the call but the Holy Spirit prompted her to call back

She did!

She told the sister she wanted to sow a seed into her life and would like her to pray along with her that she would also be a mother soon!

The sister prayed and told her she would be in the office within the hour with her husband who was a brother in the Lord!

True to her words she was in her office within the hour. “My husband is in the car” she said

She got into the car and saw this man in T-shirt and jeans!

He: Good evening my sister, are you a born again Christian?

She: Yes

He: When did you give your life to Christ?

She: 1994

He: You are my elder sister in the Lord, I didn’t know the Lord Jesus until September 17, 2007. You shouldn’t be in this situation!

His wife: It is not about how long my love, it is about the anointing.

He shrugged! (He believed every born again Christian is anointed and has every supernatural ability of God in them. If only they will take time and work it out)

He: What did the doctors say?

She: I had an appendicitis operation years ago. The doctors said it is likely the wound got infected and it has affected my fallopian tube. I also did HGS procedure and my husband’s sperm count was boosted. All to no avail

He: I do this all the time. It is simple. I will not ask you to go and pray or do anything. Jesus never did! Wherever Jesus encountered anyone with any form of illness, he simply heals them. That is what will happen here. I will simply heal you.

She laughed within. This T-shirt and Jeans wearing brother is biting more than he can chew! The Holy Spirit directed her to the wife, not to him and she will like to just sow the seed and get back to work!

He: Lay your hands on your womb and say “In Jesus name, my womb hear the word of the Lord, right now receive the divine touch of Jesus, every nerve, cell, tendon, ligament, flesh and bone in my reproductive system, I speak to you now be healed, repaired and restored! My Fallopian tube, my uterus, my cervix, my womb I command you in the name of Jesus be healed”

She did so

Then he raised his two arms to the heavens and prayed in tongues for a few seconds, he laid his right hand on her hand which was still on her tummy and her body caught fire! She started screaming, her phone which was on her laps fell, her "so put together person" started vibrating. She lost control totally.

The brother’s pregnant wife, her pregnant colleague! Eyes previously closed as they prayed, opened her eyes when she heard her screaming. She started kabashing!

He didn’t remove his hands, the fire intensified!

She vomited! LIVE!!!! She felt so embarrassed, what was happening to her?

Then her voice changed, a strange sound came forth. Resistance!!!

The brother’s voice changed too, he said “I am sitting here and you dare to speak? Get out of her, you have met the Lord Jesus today! Get Out in Jesus name!!!

Peace flooded her

Her body continued to tingle

She opened her eyes and started shouting for joy.

She felt so light!

“I am free, I am free! Spirit husband is gone! Spirit children are gone! My body is healed! I am free!”

He shouted Hallelujah and blessed the name of the Lord

She: I will testify soon! You’d be the first person I’d call

He sent his word to her husband too, commanding him to be healed of all infirmities.

The tenth day of the following month, the doctors declared her pregnant

Nine months later, she delivered a set of twins

The End