The Visitation

The Visitation

Hypocrisy for him was survival

He was brought up in a Christian setting

He knew all the stories, the talking points and even the mysteries

He knew about the law, grace and the common sense balance

He conveniently gave his life to Christ in 2004

He was in 100Level in the University

His school was a private university owned by a church

The school had serious laws

Any misstep could lead to expulsion

He weighed his options

He had a girlfriend he was having sex with steadily, but she was in a federal university

He smoked cigarettes and drank alcohol in moderation, but he could do without as long as he was in the school

Was the Undergraduate Programme not for four years?

He would cope!

He got admitted

He joined the student’s fellowship

He was made a Sunday school teacher

Within a month, the news of his oratory skills spread abroad

Students would leave other Sunday school classes to join his own

He spoke their language, he understood them

He was good

The fellowship leadership took notice

They elevated him to the position of a bible study teacher

He performed excellently well

Many who were under his teaching went to their hostels with his name on their lips

What a gift he was!

It was all English and a lot of philosophy

He had an innate gift of reading people and speaking to their needs

The gift of the garb

He wasn’t born again at all, but nobody knew this but him

The school had a habit of expelling erring students arbitrarily

He took up the cases of such students

Prevailing on the authorities for reform rather than expel

The school deferred to him in some cases

He became a folk hero on campus

He was also academically astute

He organized tutorials and private “Help” lessons for many students

What was not to like about him?

Yet, when all hands and legs were at rest, he battled the devil for his own soul

Who is this Jesus?

Why force a dead man down the throat of the living?

Yet he persisted in his religious leadership role

Counting the days until he graduated!

Whenever they went on break, he would promptly shed his religious toga

He would rush into the pants of his babe at home and go back to his drinking and smoking ways

It was a wild ride! Alternating between the kingdom he didn’t really know and the world he belonged to

He got to 300 level this way

Enjoying the benefits of both worlds with glee


A rare opportunity came his way

The school started an exchange programme

He was selected unanimously to lead the team

He didn’t have an international passport

He needed to get one

The school gave him a free pass to travel

He called his babe

“Would you be free tomorrow? I am coming to town”

His babe had a class but she rarely saw him because of all the laws of his university

His babe skipped class

He got to her room

He brought out his drumstick

The drum was willing!

They spent two hours together counting white sheep

From there he went to the passport office

It took him four hours but he waited

After leaving the passport office he traveled back to his school

He arrived at the town his school was located in at around 4 PM

Fellowship service would hold that evening for 6 PM

He was not in the mood to lead any fellowship service

He went into the drinking joint at the motor park and started drinking and smoking to while away the time

He was there for almost two hours

By 5:30 PM his phone rang

It was the fellowship coordinator

He picked the call

The person slated to stand in for him and hold his fellowship for that evening had an emergency

How soon could he be available to lead the service?

He looked at his time

He could be on campus in ten minutes

He finished his drink

Rinsed his mouth and washed his hands

He set off for campus

By the time he got there, the campus fellowship service had commenced

Even though the students were neither here nor there during the fellowship service because it was compelled

There was something different about that evening

Hands were raised and eyes were closed in total surrender

He was too inebriated to notice

He planned to say a few words to while away time and dismiss the students

He got on the altar

Everything changed!

He couldn’t explain it

It was as if the service was taken over by powers beyond common sense

A lady who was involved in a fire incident as a two year old and had lost the use of her right hand was the first to scream fearfully

Her right hand which had only three fingers and had been burnt beyond use was suddenly healed

She stretched it forth and two fingers grew back right there and then!


As soon as other students saw her miracle

The fire spread

Many fell under the anointing

Many fell on their knees

Many were in tears

Many were immobile, transfixed

What was happening?

He fell on his knees in dread

The Ananias and Sapphira moment had come

He would be struck dead at any moment!

He didn’t know what happened to the inebriation

His eyes cleared

The God he had preached in motivational speaking and common sense, came into his congregation in power and might

He was caught pants down

The fire was everywhere

They said God cannot behold iniquity! 

If there was ever a sinner in that fellowship service, It was him!

And yet...

He was spared!

The service ended

The students glorified God and left

He couldn’t

He couldn’t even stand up from where he was

The miracles he witnessed that night were stupendous

He was absolutely convicted

He cried until the river ran dry

Much later in the night, he trudged to his hostel

As soon as he slept

He found himself thrown face down before the throne of grace

He vibrated all over for hours

He was like a jelly! Boneless and weakened!

By the time he came to himself many hours later

He had come to a very definite understanding

God is real

Jesus is real

The Holy Spirit is real

The gospel is real!

He had previously spoken in tongues to go along with the flow

Now he spoke out of a river of life flowing out of him

He found himself engulfed in love

He couldn’t condemn anybody, he had forgotten how

His mindset became kingdom above all

His girlfriend left him saying “You have changed”

It was all joy

The course of his life was changed forever

He became a donkey Jesus rides into triumphant welcome into many hearts

He became a harbinger of good tidings and great miracles

He became a life giving spirit, raising the dead and destroying the works of the evil one

He became the man in Jeans and T-Shirt



PS:If you harbor any doubt as to the authenticity of Jesus and the Holy Spirit

If you had all the right scriptures in your head but your heart still wanders the dark alleys of life

If you find yourself easily falling into depression, addiction and demonic oppression

If you find being consistent in your walk with Christ a challenge

If you are doing all sorts of wrong while hiding behind a "Born again" face 

If religion had brought you nothing but frustrations and mistrust

If your life had been stagnant, fruitless and lacking direction

If you speak “Christian, act Christian” but do not know the spirit of Jesus

If you were brought up in a religious home and you were feeling chocked by it all

Open your heart to salvation and eternal joy right now

Just lift up your hands and say

“Come Lord Jesus, fill me with the Holy Spirit, I surrender my life to you”

It is that simple!