The Warzone

The Warzone

The war caught him unawares

He didn't know what he did or how he offended her

He just found himself in the middle of a war zone

Without a shred of warning

It was raining heavily that night when he got home

He knocked and knocked

She was inside

But she refused to open the door

After knock and shouting her name for so long

He dashed back into the rain, ran to his car and retrieve his set of keys

Curiously, she didn't bolt the door at the back

She locked it with a key and removed the key from the keyhole

His key opened the door easily

He didn't get it

Habitually, they always fastened the bolt behind the door whenever they were at home

Then they lock the door and leave the keys in the keyhole

It is only if they were not at home that they lock the door only with the key

He found her inside

Seated on the sofa, humming a dirge

Do you want to say you didn't hear me howling your name?

She lifted up her head slowly, looked at him and continued humming

He was angry

Whatever he might have done, she shouldn't disrespect him like this

She shouldn't lock him out in the rain

How can she treat him like this?

That night she slept in the guest room

He had been married to her for six years

He was conversant with her mood swings

Something must be biting her at the moment

He kept his distance

He went to work

He returned home

Her wardrobe was empty

She had officially moved to the guestroom

He went to the guestroom

He: Sweetheart, Is everything fine?

She: If you dare call me sweetheart again, this floor will be taller than you

He backtracked, it was obvious everything was not fine

He got to his room and sent her a message via Whatsapp.

'I'm sorry'

She blocked him!

He couldn't concentrate at the office

What is fingering my wife in the head for God's sake?

She is a good, godly woman

Why is she behaving like this?

What did he do?

He started reflecting on his actions over the past week

Where, when and how did he offend her?

He couldn't recall

The war went on for a month

She did not let up

He tried reaching out

She wouldn't listen

She blocked him on every social media platform

He didn't dare talk to anybody lest she embarrass the person

He decided to fight back

She was reveling in her offensive role

Time to push back

He took a week off at the office

Packed his bags and traveled

He didn't tell her where he was going

Who he was with or when he would be back

Nobody called him for the first three days

His younger brother called

'Bro, your wife is looking for you'

He smiled

I will call her, Thanks

He didn't call

Holiday over he went home

As soon as he got home, his wife picked her bag and left

She didn't say a word

Two hours later

She returned with their Pastor

Pastor: What is the problem?

His wife: Infidelity, I cannot take it, he will have to kill me. I wont accept it

Pastor: Infidelity, how?

She: He cannot deny it. I saw him with my two eyes when he carried that lady

I was driving out of the estate and he was driving in

He picked her right on the pedestrian's walkway at 6:15pm and didn't return to this house until 9.30pm

I will not take it!

He looked at his wife.

He: So that was why you locked me outside my own house for almost an hour

That was why you moved into the guest room and decided to make my life miserable

She: See, i am not that type of woman. I will not tolerate any man cheating on me, I wont take it!

He: Pastor, the woman I picked at the gate that day was your wife. She was walking into the estate, I saw her as I was driving by and I gave her a ride. We got to your house only to discover one of your sons had Asthma attack. I helped rush him to the hospital that night

He: Pastor, you came to meet all of us in the hospital around 9pm. I got home in that heavy rain only to discover myself in a war zone. She didn't even give me the room to explain myself

Pastor: That was about six weeks ago

He: Yes sir

Pastor: My Sister, is the war over now?

She: Thank you sir. I am no longer angry but he has not explained where he went for one week.

Pastor: Please, let us forget about this issue all together.

Pastor left

She: One day I will catch you red handed

He: You will always catch me loving you. I love you, only you!


The End