The young man in jeans and T-Shirt got home after the 100L break

It was a very trying semester

He went to school without any hope

He didn’t even know he would survive the semester

For starters, he didn’t have the acceptance fee

He was in school for two weeks before his mother came to school to give him the money

The church had come through for him

The church treasurer, a prominent educationist heard his mother’s sob story about her son gaining admission but having no dime to pay for the acceptance fee

He had some money in foreign currency sent to their church by another church for missions

The church treasurer gave the money to the young man in Jeans and T-Shirt's mother

"Change this money

I believe it should cover the acceptance fee"

It did

He was able to pay for his acceptance fee and collect his letter of admission

The main school fees was still a struggle!

His mother talked to him

"Are you sure you want to come to this school

The school fees was a hundred times of the acceptance fee

Only the rich could afford to go to the school he was admitted to

And there was no student loan or any provision for such"

He told his mother the rules were simple

"Trust God or trust in the arm of the flesh"

The latter was all he was riding upon

Within two weeks, help came

The accetance fee was 25k

The main school fees was 250k

Someone paid it anonymously


God really wanted me to be here!” He believed

The other problem was the issue of feeding

He had nothing save a bucket of custard and some milk

That was all he ate for three weeks

A cousin noticed that he didn’t go to the cafeteria like the rest of them

“Why are you not coming to the cafeteria’ his cousin asked

“I have no money”, he explained

His cousin bought him his first plate of rice in the cafeteria

It was a very challenging situation

But he was in school

He was studying his dream course

He was going to make something of his life

He had only two shirts

One blue and one pink and a black trouser

This guaranteed that he washed everyday

Towards the end of the session, the pink shirt got thorn

He cried like a baby


How would he manage with only one shirt?

But he did

Somehow he would wash the shirt at night and it would be dry in the morning

He didn’t know people were paying attention

All he knew was that he had joy unspeakable within

The session ended

His results were excellent!

Why not?

He was a square student

Library, class, room and fellowship were all he knew

During the break

His elder sister got married

The brother in-law came in from the USA


He gave the young man in Jeans and T-shirt a whole travel bag full of clothes

Not ordinary clothes but designer clothes

Denim shirts, designer trainers, jeans and so on

The young man in Jeans and T-shirt was extraordinarily glad

God had come through for him

200L began

The young man in Jeans and T-shirt had been praying for long

God! Help me! I don’t want to be delayed as regarding my school fees

Two weeks before resumption

Help came

Another anonymous source from outside the country


Now he had clothes, his school fees had been paid but there was one other thing

He needed pocket money

He was a skeleton by the time he finished the first session

Could God please turn the tide?

God did!

His brother-in-law reached out to him

Gave him and his younger brother (he was also a student in their school) some money

The young man in Jeans and T-shirt was happy

Now they will see the real him on campus

They will know he was not as weird as condition made him to portray

School resumed

The young man in Jeans and T-shirt was full of confidence

“I am going to make a bold statement on that campus! I will make everybody see that the circumstances of a man could be turned around by the power of the Holy Ghost!”

He got to school

A porter came to carry his bag!

For the very first time, he strutted into the hostel like a cockerel

He had arrived!

They got to his room

The porter was supposed to be paid a certain amount

He paid the porter and told the porter to keep the balance like a good “big” boy

As the porter was leaving he heard the Holy Spirit say “Give that travel bag to the porter boy!”


He listened again

The Holy Spirit said “Give that travel bag to the porter boy now”

He ran after the porter boy

He had suddenly regained his humility

“Please come sir” he said

The porter boy followed him

“Sir, he said (Addressing the Holy Spirit), am I to give it to him with the clothes or without the clothes”

The Holy Spirit said “Give it to him as it is”


He carried the travel bag and gave it to the porter boy!

The porter boy looked at him

He: When you get home, lift up your hands and give praise to the Holy Spirit!”

The porter boy was not a Christian, he said “ Jesus is really the God of all the earth”

“Why did you say that?” he asked the porter boy

“One of my friends had a bet with me yesterday that Jesus is not real! I told him Jesus is real because I have seen him at work on this campus!

Then my friend said “I will accept Jesus is real if one of the students give you a travel bag full of all his clothes tomorrow when the students resume, but if nobody gave you such a gift then you will have to accept Jesus is not real"

It was a foolish bet but I jokingly accepted the bet and now I don’t know what to think!


He didn’t expect that!

He led the porter boy to Christ and told him the travel bag would be the evidence of his testimony to his friends and family members when they asked him why he became a believer

The boy left with the bag

He got on his bed and wept like a baby

He was happy and sad at the same time

Another soul won, praise the Lord!

But the Holy Spirit had just ruined his session

Now all he had was the clothe he was wearing

His younger brother arrived on campus and came straight to his room

“The Holy Spirit said I should give you this!”

His younger brother dropped some provisions and a shirt

Another brother came to his room and gave him some cooked food. He said “As I was buying this in the cafeteria the Holy Spirit said I should bring them to you”

Moinmoin! (bean puddling)


The Holy Spirit didn’t try at all!

The session started

He had two shirts (Again)

One white long sleeved shirt and one brown checkered shirt

He had only one black "phatpham" trousers

The one he was wearing when he was instructed to give up his travel bag!

He didn’t understand why the Holy Spirit asked him to do what he did!


The Holy Spirit could have saved the porter boy by any other means!

Classes started

He chinned up and held his head high

He was a fellowship leader and his fellowship was waxing strong

Towards the end of the semester, he received a phone call

The lady at the other end of the call was his classmate

They agreed to meet in the fellowship hall

He got their earlier than the lady

He had assumed the lady had some spiritual problem that needed to be tackled and he was ready

The lady arrived

They sat opposite each other

The lady said “Bro so and so, I came to deliver the message of the Holy Spirit to you! I came to tell you as a daughter of Zion that you are embarrassing the church! Why do you wear only two shirts and one trouser? We all see the anointing of God on your life but in the female hostel they have nicknamed you Mr. Goat!

A goat does not change its clothes

We know what you would wear every day of the week!

Anytime we try to witness to the unbelievers, we were laughed at!

Some say they don’t want to serve a God who could only afford to give his children two shirts and one trouser!

The lady talked on and on


He didn’t know when he started crying!

It was as if the lady was taking a horsewhip to his back!

“You have a younger brother on campus, he dresses well and shows forth the glory of God! We used to think it was because you came from a poor background that you wore only two shirts, the pink and the blue last session but to wear a white shirt and a checkered brown shirt this year is simply abominable!

The Holy Spirit is not happy that you are disgracing his church!

"Change sir

Change today or the Holy spirit will judge you himself!"

The lady delivered her message and left

He wept.

The lady had just told him the hostel “gossip” about him, not the mind of the Holy Spirit! He knew that and yet he was engulfed by despondency

The Holy spirit said to him, “why were you crying? Why were you despondent?”

He couldn’t answer

“I am your glory and the lifter up of your head”

“You will always have more than enough of everything, however expensive they are and all that bless you shall be blessed, don’t worry, I am the oil on your head and your instructor! Don’t ever forget that!”

He stopped crying

It wasn’t easy to be the object of derision for all the ladies on campus

It wasn’t easy to be a laughing stock

But he was a student

Under the tutelage of the greatest teacher since creation

What shall man do unto him

He shook it off

One month later, the lady came back

Lady: I am sorry brother so and so, I have misspoken. since the day I dared to talk to you that way, I have felt the finger of God in my life in a strange way. Nothing is working!

Please forgive me and pray for me sir!

He never took offence against her, yet he embraced and forgave her

He prayed for her

They graduated

People started moving forward with their lives

She couldn’t

No job, no relationship, no direction in life

Everything was just stagnant

She reached out again

Please help me

The Holy Spirit said “Tell her to forgive herself, she is operating under a cover of guilt and condemnation. Her own spirit is at war with her realities”

He told her as much

She forgave herself, moved on from her past mistake

Things turned around drastically

Within a year, she got a job abroad and got married before she resumed at her station

Few months later

Her husband joined her

They have two children

We must learn never to say “God sayeth when we or the people around us were the ones saying”



PS: This event happened in 2006

Let us try not to say the holy Spirit has spoken through us when it was just our flesh

Let us not pander to the opinion of the world

Let us always remember that Jesus commanded us not to judge another person ‘s servant because to his own master he rises or he falls!

May the Lord help us all to conform to his words and grow thereby