Be Grounded

Be Grounded

I have heard, seen and had encounters so vivid,
 but were contrary to the form of sound words I
 have heard and learnt, they were all trashed 
and never mentioned, or given any thought. 
Telling those tales would have passed me off 
as being very spiritual, but I would have also 
given room to deceptions, delusions and 
consequently, experiences that I have 
successfully forbidden, resisted and 
disavowed for years.
Some things can never happen to me, 
and to those in my sphere of influence. 
Good things happen to people connected to me. 
Life happens well through favourable circumstances. 
I dwell in lights that no darkness can comprehend, 
my folks cannot tell you any tale of demonic or 
satanic oppression. 
The truth they continue to hear affirms and 
enforces their liberty and dominion over 
devils and demons. 
They are taught and trained to resist the devil, 
and stay within the protective walls of scriptural 
Truth, is our shield and buckler, the word has 
given us rest, and there is no evil of current.
1Kings 5:4: 
"But now the LORD my God hath given me 
rest on every side, so that there is neither 
adversary nor evil occurrent."
Psalm 91:4: 
"He shall cover thee with his feathers, and 
under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth 
shall be thy shield and buckler."
Sensationalism and the  spectacular drives 
every deceptuon, and delusion. 
That's the bait the deciever uses to lure the 
It is why  many spin masters pretend to be 
who, and what they are not. 
God forbid we check out stories and testimonies, 
if they add up, even when slips, and gaffes, 
appear in the script of the deciever, we would 
rather invoke "walking in love," "judge not," 
and other such scriptural and spiritual proviso 
as a latitude to the deciever.  
Lies can only thrive for as long as we chose to 
believe them. 
Simply turn on the light on them, and boom, 
they unravel and go bust. 
Liars get more and more emboldened because 
we fail to reprove and even investigate claims 
and testimonies.
Believing everything and everyone as it relates 
to miracles, manifestations and demonstrations 
will in the long term hurt your believing and 
make you doubt miracles, sign and wonders 
when the chips are down.
Prove if the claims are so! 
Don't allow your believing make you gullible.
Listen to your Spirit man, and never allow 
anything overide your inner wintness, 
not even a validation by people you know 
and trust, they could and can be wrong about 
people and stuffs.
Don't ever allow your spirituall capacity and 
capabilities to become eclipsed by that of 
others that may appear stronger and bigger. 
Keep working and walking on those paths and 
part that you are seeing results in/with, grow 
in it, grow in your understanding and 
expression of it. 
It is in you already.
Overiding your inner witness is actually 
walking in disobedience, away from what's 
right to that which seemeth good.
Soundness of heart and soundness of mind 
must never be compromised when dealing 
with spirituals. 
As Papa Hagin would say, "if it runs you the 
wrong way, it ain't right, and ain't going to be 
right later"
Wondering and amazement, isn't the same 
thing with doubting the authenticity of ministries 
people put forth as manifestations and 
demonstrations of the Spirit.
A common rule is the profit rule. 
What is the profit and who is profiting from this? 
If the answer is no, it ain't the move of the Spirit.
Whatever doesn't sit well with you, no matter 
how spectacular, or who is involved, shouldn't 
be received or entertained. 
Your inner witness is always 100% right, always!
We aren't engaging at any level of our spiritual 
and faith walk for victory, we have the victory 
We engage to manifest and give full, complete 
and total expression to our victory.
Truth comes with power to save. 
Lies come with very strong delusions. 
When you refuse and reject the truth, you 
have signed up for lies, and will become 
full of delusions.
Why do you think people keep flocking to 
false prophets, despite their scams being 
exposed with video evidence? 
Strong delusion!
A prophetic culture void of scrutiny lures us 
into a world where we are simply participating 
in someone's ambition and illusions. 
So often we rally behind "The Lord told me..." 
only to learn that it was nothing but personal 
Prophetic evaluation is not a sign of doubt it is a
sign of maturity that insulates the saints against 
spiritual manipulation in the name of prophetic 
1 Corinthians 14:29 
Let two or three people prophesy, and let the 
others evaluate what is said.
Many years ago I stood in for the worship leader 
who was running late. An intercessor who claimed 
to be prophetic told me how God is going to 
cause an explosion in my music ministry. 
I had no music ministry,I was just standing in 
for someone. 

The problem, when we judge after the flesh 
good or bad we prophesy to the default position 
of someone and not necessarily to their 
dominant grace/calling. 
This was the mistake Samuel made when he 
entered the house of Jesse. 
The spirit immediately said to him 
"Man speak to the outward appearance not God". 
Many of us tend to read what is happening externally 
and try to give a prophetic picture for things that 
are insignificant and short lived.

- Brandon Bailey
The desire to know God translates naturally 
to spending time in scriptures and in prayers, 
never in the pursuits of encounters, and experiences.
Stick with the word at the expense of spirit 
encounters, never to spirit encounters at the 
expense of the word.
We teach the word, not our experiences and encounters. 
The word will birth every experience and encounter 
God intends for us to have. 
Encounters and experiences must be subject to 
scriptures and not vice versa. 
When your encounters and experiences begin 
to contradict the word, you have switched on 
to a wrong channel, turn it off.
It is wise to acknowledge men as gifted, sincere 
and good, but never as infallible as far as 
experiences and encounters are concerned.
I have seen men that meant well, give wrong word, 
prophecy and see false vision because thy were 
so pressured to act.
Experiences are great, encounters are wonderful, 
but never with any prejudice to the truth is scriptures.
Avoid like plague, any man that seeks to run your 
life for you under the guise of any spiritual office, 
calling, or gift.
You are always responsible and in charge. 
We are helpers of your faith, we don't and shouldn't 
dominate your faith life, liberty of choice and free will.
Like Papa Hagin would say, " never act on any 
directive or instruction that is Supernaturally 
given, if it isn't a confirmation of something God 
has spoken to you about already, and they are 
speaking for confirmation or exhortation"
There are dreams, visions, and encounters that 
you create all by yourself, and for your self.
 Do not confuse them for the one God gives.

Jeremiah 29:8:
"8 For thus saith the LORD of hosts, the God of Israel; 
Let not your prophets and your diviners, that be in 
the midst of you, deceive you, neither hearken to 
your dreams which ye cause to be dreamed."
Don't pressure yourself into seeing visions and 
having spirit encounters, that's giving room and 
place to satan to deceive you.
Just as those who want to be rich fall into hurtful 
lusts and temptations, so also those who want to 
see spirits, and have spirit encounters will fall 
into satan's deception and delusions.
Lies can be heard, felt, seen, and encountered. 
That's it is paranormal doesn't mean it's  the truth, 
or that it is God.
In over thirty years, the most difficult task 
I have undertaken is helping believers to come 
out of delusions, and deceptions they have 
confused into believing, and accepting as 
being of God, most times religious psychosis 
often go undetected.
I can't rehash stories here of lives wasted by 
delusions, and deceptions that began as 
spiritual encounters, angelic visitations and 
experiences which violated foundational and 
fundamental scriptural truth.
I have noticed that people that believe the lies 
about satan become subject to their beliefs 
and have every kind of trajedy their delusion 
can accommodate. 
Those that believe blood sucking demons cause 
accidents become more prone to all sorts of 
road accidents. 
I hate to tell you of teal avoidable tragedies 
people bring upon themselves through receiving 
and believing lies about satanic / demonic 
Keep your mind sound with scriptures. 
Refuse and reject any and every information 
that arrogates power over your life and 
family to the devil, that's the greatest 
lie ever told!
When you read occultic nonsense in pursuing 
knowledge of the operation of devils and 
demons, the lies you read will seep into your 
vocabulary and experience.
How come you are the one always encountering 
so-called satanic strongmen set over families 
and cities every time? 
That's the lie you have been feeding on, believed,
 and is now experiencing. 
Your tales are hair spinning and mind-boggling, 
truth is, you are full of baloney. 
Now you are exalting your experiences over and
 beyond scriptures, you are having more and 
more very bizarre experiences, truth is, you
 need help to recover and become of sound mind.

I place greater value on men that understand and
 flow in the things and gifts of the SPIRIT, than 
talebearers of portals, dimensions and all the
We are not seekers of experiences, our walk in 
the Spirit and our walk of faith will always birth 
supernatural experiences, while we stick 
with scriptures.
The believer can never be defeated by the 
devil/demons. He can only be deceived! 

Stop fighting for victory, and resist every lie 
of the devil, to keep yourself from being deceived
and becoming of an unsound mind.
A sound heart and mind, is the best state a 
believer must be in.
I will request that preachers avoid that phrase, 
"in the spirit realm", it numbs our hearers and 
has been unscrupulously used to advanced lies 
and unsubstantiated hocus pocus about satan, 
demons, and witchcraft.

Austine Oviawe