Desperate Tears

Desperate Tears

She had never been in lack of admirers. She has always gotten that second look from every guy she comes in contact with. She is beautiful and she knows it. She was also well trained, her mother invested heavily to ensure she is an asset to herself and humanity

As she transited from a teenager to a young woman, her admirers grew. If there is one thing she is sure of it is that she will marry at 25. She will pick and choose whomever she desire to marry at her own time. The stars are simply aligned for her that way

As soon as she graduated at 24, the admirers disappeared! She didn’t understand it. One day she was the toast of her estate, the object of envy of her friends, the one whose toasters park exotic cars all over the estate to the chagrin of neighbours the next she is a nobody

She thought it was a phase. She got a job, lived her life and socialized as she should. Nothing!

25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 32....

She began to worry!

Some of her single friends told her not to let it weigh her down but

She is a girl who desires to get married and have a family

Her father told her to relax, good things come to those who wait. Her mother was more concerned about the whole matter. All her friends are married and her younger sister is already engaged. This is not societal pressure, nobody is telling her 'Go and bring us your husband'

This is about fulfillment. This is what she wanted. This has always been her end game. The looks, the education, the focus, the good job, the virtue had always pointed to this conclusion. A happy home where she will be the wife, mother and belle! She felt lonely and sad

The day she clocked 34 she decided enough is enough. She got into her car and drove from Lagos to Osun state. One of her friends told her about a prayer mountain where God answers prayers. It is time to go and settle the matter once and for all

She had arranged to go on this trip with that friend. They got to their destination and started climbing the steps to the summit of the mountain. 400 steps! By the time she climbed the first 50 she busted into tears.

She wailed and wailed uncontrollably. Why me?

Her friend and other troubled souls tried to placate her but she couldn’t stop. The sheer weight of the years of loneliness, frustration, pain, crashed on her. One hour later, her friend gave her the phone. Please speak with my elder brother, he says he will like a word with you‏

She took the phone, barely controlling her sobs. His voice was like a balm, they talked and talked. He is located in the UK. Single. Hardworking entrepreneur. He called his sister to inform her he will be arriving home in 2 weeks only to be briefed on what is happening

She didn’t go up that mountain. She went to her car and they drove back to Lagos. Two weeks later she met him. The voice like a balm. He is handsome, responsible, hardworking, caring, two years older than her.


They married in 2007 and her friend married 6 months later